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Tattoo Aftercare Balm

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  • Looks after your tattoo
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    6 Reviews
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      16.10.2014 00:31
      Very helpful


      • "Looks after your tattoo"
      • "Compact size"


      • Price

      Nifty little pocket size balm to look after your new tattoo!

      The tattoo aftercare balm is a very specific product, obviously you will only ever use this when you've had a tattoo done so not an everyday product.
      I purchased this from the place I had my tattoo done and they sold it for £5 which isn't cheap for just a little tub. But I think at the time I just bought whichever product they recommended and had in the shop, cause having put all that trust into someone to tattoo you, you trust them to recommend a good aftercare product. So I purchased it thee and then. If you are more organised you could buy it beforehand from eBay for example, where it will be just over £3. Other people will tell you to forget about expensive aftercare products and simply pick up a cheap alternative from a supermarket, such as vaseline or a bepanthen cream.

      The tattoo aftercare balm is a thick and sticky paste or cream if you'd like. It will keep your tattoo and skin around it hydrated, aid healing and prevent scaring. It is important you look after your tattoo when it is fresh and it is after all a healing wound. At the beginning I put the balm on and covered the tattoo in cling film so it would not rub against clothes, but whenever I could I would just keep a thin layer of the balm on it and have the tattoo out in the air to heal better and quicker. I don't have very big tattoos so they healed very fast and easily. When you have bigger ones done they might need more care and more specialist products but for little tattoos this balm did the job fine and it is easy to carry around in your handbag too.


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      24.08.2010 15:48
      Very helpful



      A Great All Round Product,

      I have always quite fancied a tattoo but I waited until I was 34 to get one, It was a present from my husband for our anniversary, I know that I sound strange but I had told him what I had wanted and he designed the tattoo and booked my appointment on our anniversary when we were having a day and a night to ourselves.

      I had the tattoo applied on my lower back and afterwards the tattooist placed Clingfilm? Over the tattoo to protect it, she was wonderful with me as I had told her it was my first time and she ran through all the aftercare treatments and do's and don'ts. She applied some of the balm straightaway and I decided to purchase some then and there.

      My tattooist told me that people used to be advised to apply savlon or some kind of antiseptic to protect that tattoo but the general opinion now is that that is not the best thing to use and this balm will not only protect the tattoo as its healing but will also keep the colour of the tattoo and will refresh it.

      The balm comes in an opaque tub with a grey screw off lid, the tub holds 20g of product inside, when you open it it looks like a dense lip balm and you only need a tiny amount to cover the tattoo depending on the size.

      The product is 100 natural and was approx £4.50.

      ======= How To Use =======

      Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and using your finger apply enough balm to completely cover the tattoo, my tattooist recommended using it 3 times a day for the first 10 ten days to aid the healing process and to protect the skin.

      After your tattoo has healed you can use it as and when you need to and if unlike me your tattoo is on show you can use it to give the tattoo a lovely shine and make the colours more vibrant.

      ======== How It Worked ========

      I followed all the instructions for caring for me tattoo but I do think that the balm played a big part in that as it kept the skin clean and protect while it was healing and I had no scab on the tattoo at all and I believe that scabbing can occur quite often with tattoos.

      My skin never showed any sign of being irritated and even the common itching was very slight and did go away after an application of the balm.

      ======= My Conclusion =======

      I personally think that the balm is a must if you are having a tattoo as it will protect and keep the skin clean and help your bodies own natural healing process.

      It is now 9 months since I had my tattoo and touch wood I have never had any problems with it my skin healed beautifully and I still use my balm just to keep the skin soft and to prolong the life of the colour in my tattoo.

      Even if you have had your tattoo a while I would still recommend getting the balm to protect and prolong the tattoo as 9 months down the road and I still have plenty left in the tub but I will get more when it does run out.

      The cost of the tub is very little to help the healing process and to protect the tattoo for a long time afterwards.

      ======= After Care ======

      If you go to a good tattooist (please research them carefully, the really good ones don't mind!) they will talk you through all aspects of getting your tattoo from helping you choose, talking you through the procedure and the all important aftercare.

      Most will give you sheet with all the do's and don't and these should include the following,

      Do not soak your tattoo for 2-3 weeks so unless its on your arm and you can keep it out of the bath then just stick to showers. The reason for this is that the skin may become infected and can stop the tattoo healing and can make it fade and may mean that your tattoo needs to be redone.

      Only wash with an antibacterial soap or ointment as anything else will irritate the skin and again could interfere with the healing process.

      When you need to dry the area only pat the skin dry never rub the skin.

      My tattooist did warn be that some scabbing is normal and is nothing to worry about but if your scab is quite large and it's not healing go back and ask them to check it, again most respected tattooist will be more than happy to check it for me.

      Do not scratch or pick at the scab and you will find that as you come to the end of the healing process you skin may start to itch, again this is normal just try to ignore it or apply some balm to smooth the skin.

      This review will also appear on Ciao under my alias abbs75


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        27.02.2010 20:42
        Very helpful



        Use it if you want to help heal your tattoo quicker

        This is the most used tattoo cream on the market. It is sold at pretty much every tattoo shop in the uk.

        You are told to use it 2-4 times a day after getting a tattoo to help soothe the skin and to help moisturise and maintain it. This helps with healing the tattoo after it has been done and helps lock in the colour of it.

        It comes in a handy little tub with a screw on top so it fits easily into your pocket which means you can take it anywhere with you, so when your tattoo looks like its getting a bit dry just apply some more.

        I like the smell of it too, it smells a bit like aloe vera.

        After the tattoo has healed you can still use it daily as an excellent skin nourishing ointment. You can also use it on older ink work to replenish and vitalise the skin.

        I also like that the ingredients come from organic based materials originating from sustainable or cultivated crops.

        It has the following ingredients:

        Tea Tree
        Sunflower Oil
        Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
        Vitamin E

        I have a few tattoos and this seems to be the best aftercare treatment for them. I would strongly advise anyone who is getting a tattoo to buy this product and apply it after your tattooing.


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        16.07.2009 11:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Don't buy it, buy some Bepanthen instead

        Ah tattoo creams, it's all just snake oil when it comes down to it.

        This is probably the widest used tattoo after care I have seen sold, it's claimed to keep colour in your tattoo and aid the healing process. In my experience all it does is lengthen the healing process and can sometimes cause huge chunks of ink to come out of your new tattoo.

        To heal a tattoo correctly what you want is some light scabbing, this means that it will heal progressively and in it's own time, keeping ink in and meaning you don't need to go back and sit through it all again.

        This cream (and others like it) are oil like and coat the tattooed area, which is not a good thing at all. Covering an area that is trying to heal means you're allowing germs to build up under the barrier of the cream, also as it's a "wet" cream it softens the scab causing it to come off too soon (sometimes bringing ink with it) and then it rescabs as it's not healed and thus doubles the healing time.

        The reason people think this cream works is that it contains tea tree oil which reduces the itch of the tattoo as it heals, it does nothing more than that.

        If you want your tattoo to heal well and stay looking good here's some steps to it.

        1) an hour after having your tattoo remove the cover
        2) wash 2 or 3 times a day in warm (not hot) clean water and pat dry
        3) the day after you had your tattoo apply some Bepanthen nappy rash cream to your tattoo. Do this after it's washed and apply a very small amount
        4) apply cream twice a day until all scan has come off (without picking it)


        So save your money and buy some Bepanthen from boots for £3.


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          19.06.2009 16:53
          1 Comment



          A must for anyone getting a tattoo

          This product was recommended to my by the tattoo artist who did my first tattoo. In the past people tended to use vaseline to cover the tattoo whilst it heals but i would definitely recommend the Tattoo Aftercare Balm instead. It soothes any discomfort, speeds up the healing of the tattoo and stops a scab forming. The tattoo aftercare balm is reallyeasy to use. All you have to do is rub a small amount of the balm on to tattoo and surrounding area. I was old to apply it twice a day or more if the tattoo dries out. I found that i was applying it alot more than twice a day, maybe its because it smells so nice! All of my mates with tattoos have also used the Tattoo Aftercare Balm and all of them would recommend it. If you are going to get a tattoo make sure you buy this product.


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            06.01.2009 21:06
            Very helpful




            As anyone who has a tattoo knows, the aftercare is critical in order to preserve the tattoo and ensure that it heals as well as it can. I was first tattooed over 10 years ago and was advised by my tattooist to use savlon or a similar antiseptic cream on my tattoo until the scab had completely gone and the skin was healed. I did this, and did so on my subsequent tattoos aswell and can't say that I had any problems. However when I got my last tattoo (with a different tattooist) she recommended that I use Tattoo Aftercare Balm instead. I took her advice and the difference was astounding. I asked dooyoo to add it so I could review it as I don't think its a well known product but its one which everyone who gets a tattoo should know about!!

            ++THE PRODUCT++
            Tattoo aftercare balm is a 100% natural product, similar in consistency to Vicks vapo-rub. It's smooth and oily and although it appears a yellow colour in the tub, it actually rubs on clear. It comes in a clear 20g tub with a grey screw-on lid, which is similar to a lip balm tub. Due to its small size its easy to slip in your bag/pocket so you can take it with you to apply when needed. It has a fresh lavendar scent which doesn't linger too long on the skin, although the effect of the balm lasts for a while.

            It can be used on a tattoo while it is being done, and therefore can be applied as soon as the tattoo is finished. It can also be applied to old tattoos to help improve the appearance and make colours brighter.

            Although there is not a use-by date that I can see on the tub, the recommended shelf life is 2 years due to the all natural ingredients.

            Sunflower oil, olive oil, beeswax, calendula, lavender, vitamin E, niaouli, tea tree

            The oils contain vitamin E and soothe dry skin. Calendula reduces inflammation, whereas beeswax is a natural antibiotic which soothes and softens skin. The lavendar soothes, while the tea tree and niaouli are natural antiseptics. Extra vitamin E is then added because it is a natural antioxidant that promotes skin healing, plus it slows down the oxidation process which helps the balm last longer.

            The balm contains no parabens, preservatives, alcohol, petroleum or lanolin. It is not tested on animals and the company is approved by the Humane Cosmetics Standard. All ingredients are from organic based materials and sustainable crops.

            I simply rub the balm with my finger then apply to my tattoo. The first application is the most difficult - I really had to rub at the balm - but for subsequent applications the balm rubs easily onto my finger.

            My last tattoo was a large koi carp on my arm for which I had to undergo three sittings. My tattooist applied a thick layer of the balm as soon as she finished each session, and I applied it about 4 times a day for the next week. Only a very light film is needed as it works so well. After the first week I used it once a day for another couple of weeks until the skin was completely healed.

            I now use it once or twice a week on all my tattoos, to keep them bright.

            ++DOES IT WORK?++
            Yes! I had much less scabbing with my last tattoo, despite the fact it was a lot more intricate than my others. Usually the scabs are thick and itchy but by using the balm, the scab was a lot thinner and less dry and flaked off itself which reduced the urge to pick at it. There was also barely any itching. Any time it did get itchy or the scab felt a bit dry I just applied some more balm. Problem solved! An application of balm would last 3-4 hours on average.

            My tattoo was healed within a week, although I applied the balm once or twice a day for a few more weeks to prevent the skin getting dry.

            I also used it on a tattoo I've had for about ten years, just to see if the colour would improve. Its hard to say if the balm has really brightened the colours - I think its a case of its improved the skin condition which has in turn made the tattoo seem brighter. Either way, it looks better than it did so I am continuing to apply it on a weekly basis.

            ++HOW LONG DOES A TUB LAST?++
            My first tub lasted about 6 months, bearing in mind I had 3 tattoo sittings in that time so was using it a LOT. I've had my latest tub for about 2 months and its not even a quarter done so I expect it to last at least a year, although that will depend on how many (if any!) tattoos I get in the near future.

            It all depends on how many tattoos you have and whether you're using it for maintenance only or to treat new tattoos but you only need a really small amount so a tub should last a while.

            A 20g tub costs £4.25 which I think is very reasonable and well worth the price. You can get it from some tattooists, on ebay or at www.tattooaftercare.co.uk

            If you're considering getting a tattoo or already have old tattoos that need brightening up, then I highly recommend this product.


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            For healing the skin naturally after a tattoo.

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