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Tesco Waterfilm Plasters

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Brand: Tesco / Dosage Form: Plasters / Type: Plasters

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2013 13:00
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      A decent waterproof plaster!

      These plasters are from Tesco and can be found priced at £1 which is a decent enough price. They have less in them then the standard fabric plasters which have 40 for a pound, whereas this box only has 16.

      However I found these really useful to use as they are waterproof and come with a waterfilm. I found the waterfilm to be of good quality and it stuck to the skin well. It reminded me a bit of clingfilm, it's light and there's hardly any weight to it so unlike some of the fabric plasters, I found once this was placed on then you could easily forget about it and not notice it was there.

      I used one of these plasters yesterday on my leg as I had cut it and I could tell the difference between the fabric plasters which feel more tighter on your skin. I left the plaster on whilst I went for a shower and I found the plaster was waterproof and did not cause any irritation to the cut. Removing the plaster is effortless and painfree as well.

      The packaging is pretty basic and is the same as the above picture, it states it is waterproof, smooth and durable and has a low allergy adhesive. I would have no problem buying these again and recommending them. Although the fabric plasters are good, I would prefer using these over bigger cuts.

      The only thing I can state as a disadvantage of the product is the sizes of the plaster.. it would be better if they came packaged in a bigger quantity so they could have more assorted sizes as there are only 2 sizes in the box which would mainly be for larger cuts and are not really ideal for a small cut on the finger.

      There are 10 plasters which are 38mm x 72mm and 6 plasters which are 50mm x 72mm.
      I think due to the sizing of these plasters the box has lasted me longer as I have not used them as frequently as the smaller sized fabric plasters.

      The back of the box states that the transparent backing of the plaster is waterproof yet breatheable to aid the natural healing process and that it offers a low allergy latex free adhesive to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction.

      I give the product 4/5 stars. If it came in a bigger box size with smaller sizes then it would have got a full 5 stars from me.

      (review may also be on ciao)


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        13.02.2013 13:39
        Very helpful



        fine for the price

        ~Tesco Waterfilm Plasters~

        Tesco offer quite a wide range of branded and store branded plasters and other first aid products. This review discusses my use of the Waterfilm Plasters.

        These plasters are presented in a simple cardboard box with all the important product information present. There are 16 plasters per box and they are in two different sizes. There are ten plasters measuring 38 x 72mm and the remaining six plasters measure 50 x 72mm.

        Tesco market these plasters as being 'ultra thin and discreet'. They are designed to be waterproof but also allow the wound to breathe and heal naturally. The pad within the plaster is non stick and the surrounding adhesive is made of low allergy latex which helps reduce the risk of reaction.


        These plasters are available in Tesco supermarkets and from www.tesco.com. A 16pk is currently priced at £1.00.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I can't say that I pay too much attention when buying plasters. I do like to have a box in my medicine cupboard just in case they are needed. I bought these waterfilm plasters from my local Tesco store last year. If I had been paying attention, I would have realised that they were big plasters and possibly too big for small first aid jobs. They are fairly priced but I found myself buying a box of assorted plasters as well.

        Each plaster is individually packaged within a paper wrap which is fairly easy to remove. The plasters are large and much too big to cover tiny cuts for example after getting an injection or something or in an area which is quite small. There isn't a massive different in terms of shape or size of the two different plasters. They both carry the same purpose. The thin backing on each plaster is easy to remove and reveals a thin, quite flimsy plaster which is mainly clear and features a little soft textured pad in the middle. It is important to fix this plaster into place quite quickly as the thin adhesive part starts to curl in on itself very easily.

        The plaster wraps around a finger or toe securely. These plasters are also ideal for using on other parts of your body. I have mainly used them for covering my cut heels whilst breaking in new shoes/trainers and for covering a cut on my finger or around my nail area. They are practical for this purpose. They stick well to skin and don't irritate. The clear backing allows them to blend in with your skin but obviously the pad is still visible.

        Being quite thin, these plasters aren't as cushioning as some others I have tried. They aren't uncomfortable to wear at all but aren't very padded for additional comfort. They do remain stuck to my skin and the wound underneath is protected and kept clean and free from infection. It is always important to ensure you clean the wound before applying the plasters and to change the plaster regularly. I find that these plasters remain in place whilst showering or doing the dishes and offer a nice level of protection to the covered wound.


        Removing these plasters from my skin is a simple and relatively pain free process. I find these plasters to be quite useful for protecting and covering various cuts. I do prefer a better selection of sizes but these plasters are of a good quality and well priced.

        Thanks for reading :)


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