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Uni-Wipe Pre-Injection Swabs

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Brand: Uni-Wipe

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2013 19:20
      Very helpful



      A functional 70% isopropyl alcohol swab with a very strong scent.

      About a year ago I switched from the pill to a natural form of birth control called Sympto-Thermal Method or Fertility Awareness Method. One aspect of this method is charting my basal body temperature every morning, which obviously means I need to clean my thermometer every day. The leaflet in one of my thermometers recommended using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. I find the easiest way to do this is with individually wrapped alcohol swabs (often called pre-injection swabs in this country). This review will focus on the Uhs (Universal Hospital Supplies) Alcotip Swabs.

      ===Look, Feel & Smell===
      These 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs come in a small cardboard box containing 100 individually wrapped swabs. Each white packet with simple blue lettering measures 5cm x 5cm and is foil lined to ensure the wipe stays moist. They are easy to rip open without damaging the wipe. The wipe itself is white and measures about 6cm x 3.5cm (folded in half to fit inside the packet). According to their website, the swabs are made from a non-woven fabric, but they feel almost like a cross between paper and fabric, similar to some face wipes I have used. They are soft, flexible, and slightly textured like a fine net which helps clean all the nooks and crannies on my thermometer. My only real objection to these wipes is the smell. I know they are going to smell like alcohol, but of all the brands I've used these have the strongest smell, perhaps because these are very heavily saturated. They are wetter than the other wipes I have used, not quite dripping but very close to doing so. I'm very scent sensitive, but even my husband commented on how bad they smell, which he has not done with any other brand.

      As the name pre-injection swab suggests, these wipes can be used to clean skin prior to an injection. Or they are frequently used, as I do, to sterilise things such as thermometers. They are quite small, so you wouldn't want to attempt to clean anything too big, but they should be sufficient to clean a phone headset, earphones, keyboard or mouse.

      ===Price & Availability===
      A box of 100 swabs is available on Amazon for £1.76 + £0.99 Shipping. If ordering on Amazon it is worth noting that many sellers have a picture of the Uhs swabs but don't specify which brand they are sending (and likely rotate between a few different types). If you want a particular brand it might be worth checking with the seller before you purchase and don't assume it will be the one in the picture. These UHS swabs are also available on a number of medical supply websites but shipping tends to be more, if that's all your buying.

      These are perfectly functional, but the strong smell puts me off of them. I would only buy them again if they were considerable cheaper than my other options. For a very similar feel (and price) with a slightly less offensive scent I would recommend trying reliject pre-injection wipes.


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