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Coopet Toadstool Coral Aquarium Ornament

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Manufacturer: Coopet / Type: Fish Tank / Aquarium Ornaments

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2010 11:21
      Very helpful



      These Toadstools Won't Make You Sick..... Except The Price Maybe!

      I bought this fish tank ornament from the Pets At Home website a couple of months ago and it looks so good in the tank that my dad is going to the shop today to see if they stock them offline so he can buy another couple for our 5ft tank.

      I didn't notice when I ordered the ornament that there is a choice of colours and was a bit annoyed when it arrived because they had sent me an orange one, the main thing that caught my eye when I was looking at their website was the inky blue of the one they are showing (the same as in the photo Dooyoo have got up) so I was disappointed not to get that.

      It's not such a drama though because the orange actually looks brilliant in the tank, I positioned it under one of the tank lights and the way it collects the light and stands out from the green plants round it is wicked. It's only about 12cm tall but it draws your attention big time and definately brightens that corner of the tank up.

      The fish love it because they can swim and play in between the toadstool stems, I like the way they've made it as 3 seperate toadstools because there are plenty of different ways the fish can play with this ornament. It's obvious that the main thing they're going to do is swim through the little gaps and tunnels that the toadstools make, I love watching the fish because it's better than most of the crap that's on TV at the minute and think it's mega sweet to see them playing together. We've got some tiny little silver fish in the tank, they're so small we've got about 18 of them (they swim too fast to count!!!!) and they're always together in a pack. They LOVE this Coral and watching the whole pack of them flow through the gaps as if they was just one fish instead of 18 is brilliant. I can't remember what these fish are called but will ask my dad as soon as he gets in.... it's doing my head in now actually because the name of them is on the tip of my tongue!

      We're looking after a baby catfish at the minute for my uncle, it's being picked on by one of the bigger fish in his tank so we said we'd look after it until it's big enough to give that bully fish a smack in the mouth! The catfish loves sort of lying on top of the biggest toadstool and it looks so sweet there because you can see it watching the rest of the tank being active and he's just chilling.

      When you first get this ornament you should give it a wash because all of these Pets At Home ornaments are a bit dusty when you first get them, really you should wash everything new that you put in your tank to be on the safe side but you can actually see these are a bit grimy and dusty. Once it's in your tank though you won't need to clean it any more than the other stuff you might have in there, our tank is due a clean soon so it'll get a wash with the rest of the ornaments and fake plants and that'll be it until next time.

      Recommended.... the orange one looks gorgeous when the light hits it and the fish love playing around the ornament!


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