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Divers Helmet Fish Tank Ornament

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Type: Aquarium Ornament

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2013 13:48
      Very helpful



      Great addition to your tank

      We bought this when we first got our fish about 3 and a half years ago now. I have had fish before but these were the first we had had for a few years so we needed to get all new tank, filters, accessories, gravel etc. Since first getting the fish this divers helmet has actually called three tanks its home because one fish just kept growing!

      I paid something like £12 for this from our local independent aquatic centre but looking online now I can see that this is a reasonable price. I always find fish ornaments so expensive but I suppose even keeping regular goldfish these days is a costly venture especially when you first get the tank etc.

      I think my partner first picked up this helmet and both of us really loved it. We both have an interest in under the sea and I have always found the old diving suits really amazing and have marvelled at how the poor men used to keep their heads up. We wanted quite a big piece so that it could be on its own in the tank along with some plants etc and this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It is around 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide and deep so it is quite large, the 'door' though is much smaller at around 2.5 inches round but at the time I was quite certain that this wouldnt be an issue as at the time my fish were tiny and probably not even an inch wide yet.

      The helmet looks exactly as is shown above. I really like the detailing such as the oxygen tube and the caging and the cracked effect gives it a really rustic feel. The one above does look a bit more rustic than ours and ours was predominantly grey when we got it with the occasional 'rust' detail but now after 3 and a half years of use we are beginning to get some green on it that we just cant shift.

      As soon as we put this in the tank the fish loved it and it is fair to say that they were constantly in and out of it. Initially we had Crispin and Midnight, Crispin was a orange/silver/black/grey fan tail (named after my partners brother whose middle name was Crispin) and Midnight was a blackmoor - named Midnight because she was the colour of midnight! They loved the helmet and one of them would almost always be in there. Sadly Midnight died and was replaced with Precious, another blackmoor and she too loved the helmet.

      By this point Crispin was getting bigger and bigger so he couldnt fit in the helmet anymore but she enjoyed it until she sadly died too and we have had Crystal for about 2 years now. Crystal too enjoys the helmet and as she can fit and Crispin cant I think she sees it as the perfect hiding place! Crispin is truly massive now and visitors always comment on his size, he is probably about 4 inches long from head to tail so really theres no way he would fit in the helmet though I imagine most normal indoor fish would.

      The helmet is of a good quality, it has no sharp bits and nothing has cracked or broken despite being submerged in water all this time. When I clean out the tank I give it a clean often just a rinse under the tap but sometimes using the shower head if it is looking really grimey but the green algae that begins to form is very difficult to remove so it is beginning to look a bit more aged now like the one above.

      I really like this addition to our fish tank and I think it was definitely worth the money paid. I like the look it gives to the tank and it also provides a hiding place for Crystal and a sort of roundabout for Crispin though occasionally he will poke his nose in! If ours were to break I think I would try and get another one as its worked well for us and I love the design and colours used.


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