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Elite Cool 10 Litre Goldfish Aquarium Set

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Animals Equipment Type: Fish Tanks / Aquariums

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2010 22:19
      Very helpful



      No more fish for me.

      The product that I owned was the 21 litre version, but it looked exactly the same as the one in the above picture, just a scaled up version which holds more fish.

      A couple of years ago, the kids were desperate for a pet goldfish, as the local garden centre has a huge aquatics section. We bought this tank, which was relatively cheap, because of the price, but also the fact that it looked really funky and it also contained all the equipment and accessories that we needed, including gravel, goldfish food, water conditioner, health supplement, a couple of fake plants, and a filter. The staff at the pet store explained that we had to have the tank up and running for a few days before we bought any fish, to encourage the good flora in the tank.

      The tank was really easy to set up, and I put it in the corner of the kitchen, where it looked really great. I added the gravel, filled the tank with treated water, and set up the filter, which quietly hummed away. The gravel included was a lovely bright orange colour, which matched the lid of the tank, which was hinged and flipped up easily so you could get access to the tank, whilst providing a protective cover, which is really useful if you have cats!

      A few days later, we introduced our two fish, and the lovely orange colour of the gravel and lid really complimented the colours of the fish. The fish were easy to care for, but I soon realized I needed a couple of things that were not included in the tank kit. Firstly, a gravel cleaner, to enable me to suck up poo and debris from the bottom of the tank. Secondly, I had to buy one of those magnetic tank cleaners that you drag along the front of the tank to keep the algae off the clear plastic so you can see inside.

      The tank contained clear instructions on how to maintain the filter, which needed cleaning every so often. This was a simple but messy job, and I found that the filter supplied with the tank got very messy very quickly.

      I had a goldfish book to guide me and did everything by the book, but soon realised that keeping goldfish was more challenging than it looked. Because they are coldwater creatures, they need things to be within strict parameters for them to thrive. They get stressed easily, and if the water is not exactly the right PH, temperature or composition, the fish will get sick and die. Despite my lavishing love and attention on the fish, they did not live very long. I don't blame the tank, just my inexperience and the fact that these creatures are marketed as easy to keep, when in reality they are quite tricky to keep alive.

      We had a few more fish in the tank, but they all went the same way eventually, and I was getting quite downhearted at my lack of ability in keeping the things alive, especially when I had a friend who kept her fish in a cheap tatty bowl and topped it up with fresh tap water every now and again. Of course, she had her fish for ages, whereas my pampered ones all died!

      I actually read an article on the internet which discussed how hard it is to keep goldfish and how they shouldn't be sold as kid's pets. The reason I dropped the tank a star on my rating was because it was definitely marketed at kids.

      In the end, I gave the tank away. It was a beautiful tank, which looked great in the corner with its lovely curved design and bright colours, and I thought it was great value considering all the things that were included in it. I guess me and fish just don't work.


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        16.03.2010 18:02
        1 Comment



        Great tank looks good just about any where

        I bought this tank when i was swapping from my tropical tank to goldfish. It happily accommodates 2 gold fish although I currently only have one. My tank is blue and is quite attractive looking, its not the largest tank but due to is curved shape it looks really big from the right angle. The pump does a good job of filtering the water, I have had my tank running 4 months and I have not yet needed to clean the front of the tank, making it very low maintenance. The gravel supplied looks good in the tank and the plants also stay very clean in the tank which was one of the things I was worrying about. It also comes with bottles to help purify the water faster ready for the fish and anti stress stuff. I haven't tried these, I just transferred all ready matured water to the tank, but this is a good addition for new fish owners! A tub of fish food flakes is also supplied. I have added lighting to mine which really makes the tank look striking not only as a tank but also as decoration.


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          27.10.2009 08:05
          Very helpful



          See review.

          After a particularly nasty accident involving my daughter Kaitlin's birthday goldfish and a plastic spiky plant that came with her original tank, she has been "mother" to a single goldfish called Flan (don't ask, lol!), and has had to come to terms with Fishflake being flushed down the toilet!

          As it is Kaitlin's last day off school today (Monday, teachers training day...grrr!), we decided to try and get a playpal for Flan, and perhaps a filter for his tank, when we left this morning I cried with laughter at my daughter giving the fish a b**llocking for being very "pooey and smelly!".

          After getting to our preferred place of purchasing fish (A5 Aquatics), and spending a good ½ hour deciding on a fish, we discovered that buying a starter aquarium, complete with everything you would need, would be a cheaper option than buying a stand alone filter.

          The tank and kit I will now review is - "Elite, 10 litre goldfish aquarium set"

          The first things that attracted us to this particular tank (aside form the price), was the design and the fact that this houses cold water fish only, as much as I like the look of those delightful looking tropical fish, I haven't got the patience to look after them, a goldfish is considerably easier!

          The tank is described as a "funky curvy shape", and they weren't kidding! The tank is plastic and is slightly taller than a bog standard rectangular tank.
          The front part of the tank has been cut back and shaped into a wave design, so when you look at the fish within it gives the illusion of the tank being much deeper than it actually is.
          On the base there are four bright orange or purple sucker cup shaped feet for stability, I say orange or purple as these were colours on sale, my daughter choose and orange!
          Finally there is a hinged lid atop the tank, there are also three grooves set on the hinge side, these are vital for the set up, but I will get to that soon.

          With this set you also get, along with the tank, a mini filter, some plastic plant weed, a bag of bright orange gravel which is lovely and sets off the fish that Kaitlin has brought, beautifully, a small bottle of water conditioner, vital if you fill up with tap water and also contains stress relievers for the fish (fish smack!), biological supplement to mature the tank and filter and a tub of fish flakes, all with the Nutrafin brand name.

          Set up is easy but somewhat stressful if you already have the fish in a bag net to you, the bagged fish should be left no longer than 1 hour!

          Sieve and wash the gravel to rid of dust particles, then wash the tank out, but not with any sort of detergent!
          You then place the gravel into the base, making sure it is higher at the front than at the back, this helps the tanks curved front give even more illusion of depth, then after rinsing the plastic plant thoroughly simply bed it in the gravel and you are ready to fill!

          Fill the tank halfway with water but try to use the water that the fish is purchased in, this should help the filter mature and give the fish a some familiar water.....home from home I suppose, well this was what the fish man said anyway!

          Before treating the water you have to fix in the filter, this is a small black box in the set, this comes complete with power cord (obviously to be placed on the outside of the tank!) and an air intake tube.

          The filter has four suckers on the back of it, this should be attached to the back wall of the tank (inside) and should be at least 1" under the water, on the front there is a round hole the air intake tube should be attached to, both the power cord and air intake tube can be feed through one of the afore mentioned grooves at the hinge side of the lid, this ensures they are flush with the tank wall and allows you to close the lid fully without squashing any leads or tubes.
          You can then switch on, if you feel the bubbles coming out is a bit on the strong side there is a small green lever on the side of the filter box that can be adjusted to your preference.

          After doing this we felt ready to introduce "Crumpet" to her new home (that's what you get when you let your 4 year old brother pick your pets new name!), and she seems very happy with her new surroundings, now onto Flan who is still in her old and ever increasingly smelly tank........you can guess what has happened can't you!

          In the space of three hours, which was the last time we saw him before going shopping, Flan had died, wedged himself under the fish ornament my daughter had in her original tank, and the tank had deteriated, smell wise, so badly, that my husband actually gagged when he brought it down.....bummer, another corpse down the pan!

          After another short trip out we were happy to welcome two new members to the Barrow clan, "Star" and "Villa" (that was only to annoy the Dad, he's an Everton fan!), though one now lives in the original tank, hope he fares better than the previous two!

          This is a lovely and ascetically beautiful looking tank, everything fits together perfectly and the filter (unlike my brother in laws new one) is soundless, he has to switch his off at night before he can get any sleep!

          Alongside all of this, there is a very detailed information booklet that covers not only set up, but a whole heap of useful information concerning fish care, changing the water in the tank, measurements of product to be used in the water to keep clean and safe and how to take apart and clean the filter, all of which is easy to read and follow.

          This tank cost us £22.50 from our place of purchase, but on our second trip out we saw it for sale for £29.99, so we had a good deal I think.

          For more information visit - www.hagen.co.uk

          Thanks for reading x


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