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Hagen Exo Terra Wire Clamp Lamp

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Brand: Hagen / Type: Terrarium - Wire Clamp Lamp

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2011 14:56
      Very helpful



      4/5 stars from me, only because I like shaded holders better

      Yet another genius bit of reptile keeping paraphernalia! I only have one of these lamp holders; it was a gift with a turtle I rehomed a while back. I prefer the shaded reflector dome lights, but since I am always needing clamp on lamp holders, I have been happily putting this to good use for a couple of years now.

      They can be used to mount all manner of bulbs including incandescent light bulbs for heat and light, light only bulbs (such as energy savers), UVB compact bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, infra red bulbs. They are available in a range of sizes and wattages so as long as you stick within the wattage then you can use them for anything. They are only available with Edison screw (E27) fittings though, so your bulb must be this type; alternatively they can be used with converters that are widely available online to mount bayonet caps. However, all of the bulbs used in reptile keeping are available with screw caps so this is not an issue.

      They consist of a ceramic socket to hold the bulb, and do not have the same restrictions on wattage caused by enclosed reflector domes. You should of course stick within the max recommended wattage though. Since these are an open cage I think they are best used for ceramic bulbs, as illustrated in the picture. This is because without a shade, you will get annoying glare and if used for UVB bulbs a lot of UVB will be wasted due to being unreflected. Saying that, it is actually an incandescent bulb I have been using mine for, and I have fashioned a shade by wrapping tinfoil around it!

      One excellent thing about these, is that they an be used with a combined mercury vapour bulb (MVB), that is one that emits light, heat and UVB. These bulbs need a lot of cooling airflow so should only used with the largest enclosed reflector domes; of course, this means a larger price tag (in the region of £30 for the biggest size). These holders obviously do not cause the same problem and as long as your bulb is not over the wattage and will physically fit inside the cage, then this could be a cheaper solution. You would get a lot of glare though.

      They can be attached to a clamp (included) and they also come with a small bracket for suspending them. Each end of this bracket can be attached either side of the ceramic socket, allowing chain to be used for suspension. Or you can simply place the bracket over a hook or a lamp stand for this exact purpose. Their cables are fairly long with a very convenient inline switch, although you may want to use a timer switch or thermostat to properly control them.

      I use mine with the clamp attachment, which is a bit fiddly and annoying to do until you get used to it - you have to place the curved metal parts around the ceramic socket, while at the same time maneuvering the ball on top of the lower part in between the opposite ends of the curved parts. Still with me? Once you get this all in place you simply turn the wing nut until it's nice and tight, holding the whole thing together securely. The clamp attachment works simply by squeezing it, resulting in the two black rubber grips at the bottom separating. You then place the surface you wish to clamp it onto in between these grips and let them close, making sure you have mounted it on a flat even surface for safety.

      The way these are made allows you to angle the cage and position it how you like; there is flexibility and movement due to the ball design even when it's attached really tight, as it must be. This is brilliant for me using them on turtle tanks as you need to angle the bulbs over the dry basking area where they do the most good.

      All in all, these are an excellent product. They are strong and I have never had one fall off, or do anything it is not supposed to! Prices vary with size, but I have found these to be cheaper generally than the enclosed dome shades, so unless you want a reflector for UVB this may be a more economical solution for you. And as mentioned, I would definitely go for one of these if I was using a ceramic bulb since no light is emitted with these at all.


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