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Hagen Fluval Roma 90 Aquarium & Cabinet

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Brand: Hagen / Animals Equipment Type: Fish Tanks / Aquariums

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    3 Reviews
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      22.12.2010 02:13



      Very good starter aquarium

      I bought this aquarium just under 2 years ago, and to put it literally, I don't think at the time of purchase, i could have chosen a better tank! I bought mine from an outlet of Pets at Home in Great Yarmouth for £120. I called Pets at Home earlier and found out that they can only sell the cabinet and the tank together, unlike at the time of purchase, you could buy either or. Upon opening the box, I noticed that the contents were fortified by polystyrene sheets to protect the glass, which in my opinion, is very good thinking on Fluval's behalf.


      Fluval U3 Underwater filter;
      GLO fluorescent lighting (2x T8 20W Tubes);
      Fluval Tronic heater;
      Nutrafin Care Pack;
      Fluval Step-by-Step guide;
      Roma 125 Display Cabinet.


      The tank's volume is 125L and the dimensions are 80x50x35cm, making this a decent size for anyone to start out with. At a length of just under a meter, this tank can be placed anywhere without looking out of place. For example, my tank is placed on a solid pine chest of drawers with a marine ply reinforced back. The cabinet that comes with the tank isn't sturdy yet it can hold the tanks filled weight, but I fear that the cabinet may collapse as it rocked in the showroom when nudged. The approximate dimensions of the tank are H 70 x W 35 x D 80cm. I like the size of the tank as it is very ergonomic to the spacial set up of my bungalow. The lighting in this aquarium is from 2 x T8 20W light bulbs which are suspended across the top of the tank. It is advisable from my perspective not put bear weight on the top of the tank as the lighting podium isn't very convincing in regards to holding heavy weights. There are 2 plastic panels which fit either side of the light to completely cover the top of the tank.
      This aquarium can cater for tropical fresh water fish, including small Amazonian fish, rift lakes, far eastern fish ect. Marine reef set ups and coldwater set ups can also be created. Mine is set up with Amazonian fish, as I have a fondness for the Amazonian species.
      For someone new to the hobby and perhaps a potential buyer of the kit, I believe that the buyer is purchasing a lot of quality items for a very reasonable price. I would recommend this product to anyone in the hobby, whether they are setting up their first tank, or someone that has had many years of experience in fish keeping. By all means, buy this tank. I can assure you that you will be pleased with the results from the quality workmanship of the Fluval manufacturers.


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        10.07.2010 17:34
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        Not bad, but quite pricey

        The tank has a nice stylish look to it, and in matte black fits in a living room very nicely, being understated rather than standing out too much. The tank cabinet has a good amount of space to store all accesories and house the external filter, without causing unnecessary vibration when in operation. You are able to customise the inside of the cabinet in terms of where you want the shelves placed etc which is a nice touch. The overall build quality of the tank itself is very good, the glass is glued together and done so neatly. The build quality of the cabinet could be better, it is very cheap chipboard and also veneered and painted you can still see the original material used. For the price I think better would could have been used. There is a slight problem with the fit of the tank lid with the external filter hoses, causing the lid to sit slightly up and not flush with the top of the tank. This is somewhat puzzling as it was sold as a set and so it is strange why it would not fit. The fault is fairly unobtrusive though and is not noticeable when viewing. In summary very good tank, but comes at a high price.


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          21.05.2009 13:27
          Very helpful



          a great starter tank

          This tank is what I bought as a starter aquarium, and represents my first foray into fishkeeping. It is a 90 litre tank, which is 60 cm wide and 50 cm high. There are also 127 litres and up versions available.

          Reasons for purchase and what you get:

          If you looking into starting fishkeeping this is probably a good size to start with, and this particular aquarium has a cabinet that came with it, I paid £178 for both. The cabinet is in self assembly form, and the tank can be used for coldwater or tropical fish.

          The fluval set was supplied with a number of accessories to get you started:

          Roma 90 - Fluval 2 Internal Filter
          Tronic Heater 100watt
          Fluval GLO lighting: 1x15 watt PowerGlo & 1x15 watt AquaGlo lighting tubes
          LCD thermometer (stick on)
          100ml Nutrafin Aqua Plus & Cycle (removes chlorine from water and kickstarts the cycling of the tank)
          26g Nutrafin Tropical Flake food

          There was also a handy and straightforward guide to setting everything up, including advice on adding substrate and plants.

          Setting it up:

          The set came in one box - one not obvious thing to be wary of is getting the tank out of the box, we lifted it out by its edges, only to read in the guide later that this could have put stress on the joins (this is a silicon sealed tank) and that we should have cut the box down around it - I would think that you should do this, but it wasn't clear as the instructions weren't necessarily something you would get out first.

          Assembly of the cabinet was fairly straightforward - the finish is oak veneer and the doors have no handle but open by being pressed. There is one shelf inside and we followed the instructions very carefully and with the supplied alun key and experience of ikea flat packs we were able to manage it.

          The doors are double sided and so you can choose to have a darker panel on them to match your decor which is a nice touch, overall once assembled this is a nice looking cabinet which blends in well to our decor, the optional oak strips for the aquarium lid surround are a nice touch too. Aesthetically to me the cabinet is pleasing.

          For some reason our cabinet came with the wrong sized shelf - this had us puzzled for a while, but was exchanged by our retailer. There is a parts guarantee for the aquarium that must be sent off to the manufacturer.

          We angled the heater at 45 degrees to set it up as a tropical tank - the temperature dial on the heater is easy to adjust as it is in dial form.
          The filter can be adjusted to bubble and various speeds and came with various filters including the carbon sort. You must be sure not to switch either the heater or filter on before water is added - if you are new to fishkeeping you may not know this. The instruction booklet did break the setting up steps down nicely and was easy to follow.

          The aquarium is not one with bowed edges like some aquariums you can buy, and does have sealed edges with 10mm thick glass, but to me it is still pleasing to the eye. The filters and heater are not hidden as they are on some tanks by other manufacturers, but this doesn't really worry me but may be a factor in your choice of tank.

          This is a mid range aquarium, and the more expensive Hagen home tank did look a lot nicer, but for a first tank this has proved to be quite a good choice for us.

          In use:

          So far our fish once installed in the cycled tank have been doing well and the plants have flourished with the addition of a CO2 unit. The lights seem to be bright enough, and the filter is reliable so far. We did find that we weren't sure of the accuracy of the stick on thermometer so upgraded this for a couple of pounds. The fish are obviously happy as they seem to reproducing rather a lot!

          Access to the aquarium is not as good as it seems to be on other brands I have seen - and this is my one criticism. The lid is in three bits, one lifts off easily enough to feed the fish, but if you want to clean or anything else you do have to lift out the middle section which has the lights attached to it and this is a bit of a pain really.

          The doors on the cabinet work well and so far no problems with leaks or anything - though I have read that this has been an issue with older tanks of this model.

          There is no noticeable humming or noise from the tank, which was something we had wondered about, and like I said it sits nicely in our living room, in a more shaded from light spot, which is probably advisable for avoiding more vigorous algae growth.


          Overall I am pleased with the tank, for us it was good that everything came in a set and it eased us into the hobby. Of course we do now wish we had bought the next size up, probably like many people who get into the hobby, so if you are new to fishkeeping I would investigate the 127 litre model also.

          Should we continue with the fishkeeping hobby past the first year - which is looking more and more likely as we have really enjoyed owning this tank for the last few months, we no doubt will upgrade at some point or acquire other tanks, but this has been a great tank to start out with.

          Footnote: If starting fishkeeping I think it is generally agreed that you should make sure you read up on the requirements of fish and an aquarium extensively, so do this before purchasing any tank.


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        • Product Details

          Aquarium Dimensions: 60 cm W x 35 cm D x 50 cm / H - Twin GLO T8 lighting canopy / 90 Litres

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