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Interpet 100W Delta Therm Heater

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Manufacturer: Interpet / Type: Fish Tank / Aquarium Lighting / Heaters

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2010 20:42
      Very helpful
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      This is my recommendation for anyone setting up a tank or replacing a heater.

      The Interpet heater I am reviewing is perhaps 8 years old, and is not identical to this in appearance. While this appears to be black on the top, mine is blue with a blue guard about 3 " down the heater. Additionally, mine is a 200 watt, although there is no real difference between different watt heaters other than the obvious, power, and size.

      This would be my heater of choice, if buying a new tank set up simply because of reliability. This wee heater has done it's job well for years, and in an emergency once heated a 48" tank until the petshop opened Monday. This is a combined heater / thermostat, so it turns itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature. In all the years I have had this heater, it has done it's job brilliantly and I have found the temperature setting to be an exact match for my thermometer. This is not always the case, and I have found many heaters to have faulty internal thermometers. It is not a major issue, you just adapt the setting until your tank thermometers read the correct temperature, but it certainly makes things easier when you can just turn the dial to the right number and let it heat. Over the years I have had a number of heaters, but this one continues to be completely reliable and if it ever goes I will certainly be looking for another of the same make.

      ********************************************************** GENERAL INFORMATION ON HEATERS

      The heater is of course another must have item for a tropical tank. I strongly recommend investing in a good one as a heater failure when you are away can result in lost fish. In fact many people with large expensive tanks will run two heaters - if one fails the other will do the job of both, at least for awhile. You can run as large a heater as you like, it will just click on less for less water, but if you use too small a heater it will run non stop and eventually burn out. So just like with filters bigger is better.

      A rough size guideline is
      Up to 18" Up to 45 litres - 50 watts
      Up to 24", Up to 90 litres -100 watts
      Up to 36", Up to 180 litres - 200 watts
      Up to 48" up to 270 litres - 250 watts

      You can use two 100 watt heaters to make up the 200 watts required for a 3 foot tank. Please keep in mind that this is a rough guide based on standard height, width etc.. if in doubt consult your local pet store.

      Another important note on heaters is that the glass part must be kept submerged. if this extends above the water level, the thermostat will measure air temperature, not water temperature and may seriously overheat your fish. Or worse the heater may explode leaving you with bare wires and electrical current directly into your fish tank - in other words a very dangerous fish fry!

      You must also never leave the heater plugged in when out of the water for any reason, or when partially out of water as in a water change. You can however leave the heater in horizontal position anywhere in tank so long as all glass is submerged, the top can be submerged as well.

      Finally - IF IN DOUBT - THROW IT OUT! Should your heater show any signs of minor damage , cracks damage to cords anything, please remember you are mixing water and electricity, if there is any doubts as to damage, bin it and buy a new one.


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