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Interpet IPF Duo 1

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Brand: Interpret / Animals Equipment Type: Fish Tanks / Aquariums

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2010 17:45
      Very helpful



      All in all a nice, simple to use filter that should be available second hand for little cost.

      This filter is now discontinued but there are units out there still going stong (including mine!) and they are available second hand.

      The IPF Duo 1 is a small internal filter and combined water pump designed for use in small aquariums up to around 40 litres. This depends on a number of factors however and if you've a large number of fish, are feeding heavily or keep goldfish, I'd recommend the IPF 2 as a better choice.

      The unit comprises of a top section which is black and contains the motor (the water pump) and a bottom section which is clear and houses the filter media. In this case the filter media is a good sized sponge and a small amount of carbon. The unit has a venturi system allowing you to have bubbles blown into the tank (but you can't attach an air operated diver or the like) and the whole thing sits snuggly in a cradle which attaches to the inside corner of the aquarium using four suction cups.

      The filter is effective and reliable for the most part. Water flow is adjustabe so if you're using a smaller tank it doesn't create a whirlpool effect. Water intake into the filter is from the back and water is drawn through slits in the cradle before it reaches this intake. This is a nice safety feature meaning the water is strained twice before getting sucked into the motor, preventing smaller fish and floating matter from getting pulled in and damaging the pump/killing the fish. Please note this straining will not prevent fry from getting sucked into the filter hoever!

      The media is an effective surface for nitrifying bacteria to colonise and it also works well as a mechanical filtration, removing suspended matter from the water. The carcon helps remove tanins (colour) from the water and so leaves it sparkly and clear. This does need replacing every 6 weeks to remain effective but carbon is not essential and can be left in place with no detrimental effects.

      The unit is easy to take apart for cleaning and please note all filter materials with ANY filter should be cleaned using old tank water to prevent the 'good' bacteria that live on it from being killed off. Obviously chlorine in tap water is designed to kill bacteria and it is not appropriate to use tap water for cleaning filters. The impellor (the little fan that pushes the water through) is easy to access for cleaning and, should you break it, are still available to order from the manufacturer.

      The unit I have has the annoying habit of stopping if it gets blocked up even slightly. Not a major issue as it just means I have to keep on top of the tank maintenance as I should be doing anyway. Problematic when I go on holiday however and leave the tank unattended.


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  • Product Details

    Internal power filter / Aquarium power filter.

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