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JBL Coconut Cave

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Manufacturer: JBL / Type: Fish tank ornament

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 17:10
      Very helpful



      A lovely bunch of coconuts!

      I have several of these JBL coconut caves, the 2/3rd size as shown on the left of the pic, and I use them for small rodents, fish, amphibians and invertebrates; in other words, in dry, humid and fully aquatic environments. So versatile!

      They are made from real coconuts, all hollowed out and boiled to clean and remove all traces of fruit; this ensures they don't go mouldy and they are perfectly suitable in any environment. They are also very hard and strong, dropping them poses no problem and I've even sat on one of mine (not on purpose I hasten to add)! They have been smoothed off so there are no sharp edges, and no rough coconut bits to catch delicate fins or skin. Due to the natural state of this product, there is a degree of variability between individual pieces in terms of size and exact shape, but they are all basically as the picture - a coconut!

      Fish use these often in spawning, and they make excellent hides for shrimp, other aquatic inverts and fish. Similarly, they are great hidey holes for amphibians, small reptiles and terrestrial inverts, and they enhance the natural look of the home made environment which is a bonus. In exotics keeping a naturalistic environment is usually the aim, regardless of the animal. I carry this over to my rodents for the most part, and always prefer decor items such as this.

      If using for rodents, they are only really suitable for dwarf hamsters, mice and other similarly sized creatures, as the holes are quite small. The 2/3rd size I have is probably the best as the bottom is a big hole which lets you cram bedding into it, but keeps most of it in place since it's not completely open as is the case with the 1/2 size (far right of picture) The two in the middle of the pic are full, and have only a very small opening at the bottom to create a base for sitting on, or have just been smoothed off; I have seen the full size with both style of bases. I would say these are best used for non aquatic tanks.

      Since they are safe to be used in water, cleaning them thoroughly poses no problems at all - they can be scrubbed until your heart's content and no damage will occur, nor will they be compromised in any way.

      I got mine from Livefood UK, approximately 2 years ago now, and they were £1.49 each if I remember correctly. I thought this was great, hence I snapped up a few of them! They can be had for excellent prices from various places online and some bricks and mortar shops too. I would definitely recommend these, I think they look really good in a variety of settings and they may just last forever, none of mine have any damage and look the same as they did new. All of the creatures I use these for thoroughly enjoy them; I can rest assured that I will always find them curled up inside these little coconut dens when I go in their enclosures to feed them. Unless they've bombed out in anticipation of a meal that is!


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