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Marina Mermaid Kit

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hagen / Animals Equipment Type: Fish Tanks / Aquariums

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    3 Reviews
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      27.10.2008 17:55
      Very helpful
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      Great little started tank with everything in it you need !!!!

      Bought this starter fish tank kit as both my little girls wanted a some fish. I went to the shop not knowing what is required nowadays when you are buying some goldfish.
      In my day it was go to the fair and win a fish in a bag bring it home and put it in a tank full of water. Well thats what i remember anyway from when i was a kid.

      When i played dump to the assistant in the shop (little did i know i was dump!) she told me that i would need to buy the kit and then set it up for 3 or 4 days to get it ready for the fish to enter it. Then i was best to stick with the normal hardy goldfish as a starter as they tend to not need as much looking after. This is because they are not as delicate and can survive in all types of water conditions.

      So off i went home with my starter pack to set up my tank. When i got home and opened my pack i found in the box the below :
      The tank approx 29.5 x 19 x 32 cms
      plastic lid
      plastic feet
      1.5kg of pink gravel
      mermaid ornament
      pink mini internal filter
      30ml aqua plus water condittioner
      30ml cycle biological supplement
      and the instructions

      Nothing like i remember when i was a child!

      So i set it all up as per the instructions and then after the 3.1/2 days went back to get two fish to find out that i was best to introduce one fish at a time. So i did as recommended and bought one fish and placed it into the tank and there were no problems.
      So one week later went to get the second Goldfish and introduced it and they have been fine ever since....


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        10.05.2008 23:31
        Very helpful



        a lovely looking tank if you like pink.

        My daughter played merry hell up when she saw this fish tank at pets at home. I as usual gave in and agreed to let her have it, i realy have got to learn to say no.

        This tank is as pink as it gets so is realy designed to attract young girls so be warned before you go to pets at home, if you have a little girl with you avoid this like the plague.

        This is a cold water set up designed for 3 fish.

        It measures 29 x 19 x 32cm and holds 17 liters of water.

        It has 4 little plastic feet that you can put on the bottom which we did initially but then realised this made the tank very easy to pull over so took them back off.

        It comes with a plastic lid, bright pink gravel which does loose its colour after about 12 months, a mermaid ornament and a dolphin picture for the back of the tank. There is a little pink internal filter included with this kit but is absolute rubbish at cleaning your water.

        This tank cost me £35 from pets at home and to be honest although the girls loved it i didnt, i have put there fish in the pond now and have newts in this tank instead as the filter is that rubbish it can only just about handle these but the tank does fit in lovely with the pink theme of her bedroom.


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          12.06.2007 08:11
          Very helpful
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          Fish tank

          We seem to acquire fish at an unhealthy rate, and although we already have a large fish tank, when another two additions to our family arrived, I decided to get another home. Little Miss thought she should have first choice of des res, so was given the choice of tank.

          Of course, this pink tank caught her eye almost immediately, and nothing else would be suitable for the new fish.

          Cunningly marketed with a small picture of the tank on the box, and a large shell backdrop and mermaid to the foreground, this is sure to be a hit with anyone on a pink fest. We even have a rather magical description of the legend of the mermaid, and even a young child who can’t yet read a full newspaper soon realises that they can now “be enchanted by the Mermaid’s underwater adventures”

          ~~WHO IS IT FOR?~~

          Goldfish or coldwater fish; for tropical fish, a heater is required.

          It’s suitable for 3 fish up to 5cm (long I presume), and when they grow, they will have to sell up and move on.

          ~~WHAT DO I GET?~~

          17 litre glass aquarium. 29.5cm x 32cm
          Plastic cover and four feet
          Elite internal filter
          Aqua plus 30ml water conditioner
          30ml biological supplement
          1.5g pink gravel
          Laminated background scene
          Mermaid ornament

          Really everything needed to set up an aquarium…mermaid of course being THE MOST IMPORTANT!


          Naturally, the tank is pink- a rather bright Barbie pink. That’s not strictly true; the tank itself is clear but the eyes are drawn to the pink feet and the pink curved lid. The lid is useful in that the corners can be lifted for ease of feeding, so no need to lift up the whole lid.

          The water filter is also pink, I assume so that it coordinates perfectly, and the gravel is a rather pretty shade of mid pink.

          Mermaid is a rather beautiful mermaid with flowing blonde locks, blue eyes and extraordinarily long eyelashes. She sits on a blue shell, and does truly appeal to lovers of all things girly and pink. I remind the world that I didn’t chose it!

          The instruction leaflet is written in English and French, so for anyone confused by one language just go for the other. Actually, I set it up myself, and with a series of pictures and simple step by step instructions, I was able to get it all going without any bother whatsoever.

          ~~SETTING IT UP~~

          The instructions tell me how to do this, and a lot of it is common sense. Yes, I know to add the gravel, and the mermaid, and I do know that water is imperative for fish.

          Remember to rinse the filter before setting it up, as well as all the other bits and pieces. Another point to note is that the water should be left for 3 or 4 days before introducing the fish to their home. This was useful advise, otherwise, I would have sent them home immediately.

          So, I do everything correctly, add the conditioner and supplement, and there it stands complete with some extra foliage we had purchased at the shop. But wait…having followed the instructions to the letter, I still had the feet to put on the bottom of the tank. No good without feet, so I have to empty the water out and start again. I have re read the instructions since, and am still not convinced the bit about the feet is anywhere. I know it’s common sense, but I need a step by step for idiots manual please!

          A good reason to keep the instructions is the trouble shooting section, giving ideas as to what you can do if things appear to be going wrong… spotted fish, lethargic fish, green tank, and such like.


          Yes, it comes with a 2 year guarantee, but actually states that it is covered only if it is standing on its four feet. Lucky mine is on its feet then.


          This cost £19.99 from Pets R Us, but I think it was on special offer, and that the RRP is £24.99.

          Not a bad price really, when I look at the price of the fishy ornaments; the mermaid alone would have set me back about a fiver, and then of course, there’s the gravel…



          Lots of information about the aquariums available, as well as the extra bits that can be purchased for the aquarium. One of the items we do like, and will probably get, are lights; rather fascinating I think to see the mermaid glow with the little fishes swimming round her.

          ~~WHAT WE THINK~~

          Well, there’s not just me involved in this one. Little Miss thinks it’s absolutely fabulous. It’s so pink and straight out of the Little Mermaid film, we almost expect to hear those dulcet tones coming from the tank. The fish, whose names change on a daily basis, appear to like their home; we have had no complaints to date.

          From my point of view, I would agree that it is rather pretty, if a tad tacky, but for those who like this kind of thing, it will be a hit.

          It is very easy to set up, and once up and running, requires minimum effort. The only problem I had (apart from the feet) was setting up the filter; it took me ages to get it at optimum height in the water- too high and it was splashing water all over, too low, and it didn’t appear to be filtering. There is some noise, but once you get used to it, you don’t feel an almost constant urge to take a trip to the toilet.

          The whole aquarium is, when compared to many of the aquariums, very very reasonably priced. I suppose it can’t be too expensive, because it has a limited but very persuasive market. I do think, though, that for what you get with the actual tank, it is excellent value.

          For anyone with fish who want a home, and a pink mad person who wants to give them a home, this is a goody!

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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        • Product Details

          "Equipped to house up to 3 x 1.5 - 2"" goldfish or coldwater fish / glass aquarium measures approx 29.5 x 19 x 32Hcms and holds 1.7 litres of water / includes a Mini Internal Filter (pink) / 30ml / Aqua Plus Water Condittioner / 30ml Cycle Biological Supplement"

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