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Sera Bio Nitrivec

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Brand: Sera / Type: Fish Tank / Aquarium Filtration / Areation

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2012 15:31
      Very helpful



      Make the water safe for your little fishy friend..

      Okay so this is a rather sad start to my review, I had a fish tank which we just put our normal tap water into and bought a fish and added him into it, he was just a small goldfish called petit pois (small pea), my flatmate named him and he was okay for a couple of days and then sadly one morning we found that he had died. We didnt know why and since we had only just bought him we went and spoke to the man at the shop where we had bought the fish earlier. We were unaware that some water can actually harm or kill your fish if they are not cleansed before hand. We were gutted as our fish had died but we decided to buy some of the Sea fish tank cleanser from the shop and put this in our tank before we put our new friend in.

      So we bought this cleanser and decided that we would go home and arrange the tank for the fish before collecting the fish the next day to be our new pet. We were not allowed to put the fish straight into the tank straight after use as this was the first time we would have used it. So we filled the tank up, put the stones and his toys in and put a few drops of this liquid into the water and mixed it around a little with my hand. Once you have done this make sure you wash your hands thoroughlly so it is not left on your hands as it can be dangerous.

      We collected our fish and added him to the tank, and we were very surprised to see that the man in the pet shop was right and all we needed was this little cleanser by Sera. The packaging is a small red and yellow bottle, with a nozzle so not too much gushes out at once, you only need a few drops. When we bought this liquid the bottle was a little wider than the one in the picture and it had pictures of goldfish on the front. The label on the bottle states what the liquid does, that it cleanses the water, and removes all bacteria which is added to the water, these can be harmful to the fish and this liquid kills the bacteria and makes the water safe for the fish to live in.

      You are supposed to drop two small droplets of this into the water everytime you change the fishes water, make sure you have a small bowl on hand for your fish to swim around in, as you have to let this settle before putting your fish back in. This is because if the liquid is too strong then it may harm your fish, but used in moderation and diluted by the water, it does its job and makes the water more safe for the fish to live in.

      I would fully recommend getting this product if you have a fish, this is because I sadly lost my first fish as I did not read up on everything you need to begin your fish tank. Once I knew what I had to do we purchased this little bottle, it lasts for a long time as you only need a couple of drops a go, it is well worth the money, it makes your water safe for your fish to live in and prevents any mishaps from occuring. Go buy this water and give your fish a safe and happy start in life, Ive learnt my lesson and I will definitely be buying this product again once my current bottle has ran out.


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  • Product Details

    Biostarter for aquariums special mix of assorted high-grade cleansing bacteria for aquarium water.

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