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Sydeco Small Jungle Plant

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Brand: Sydeco / Type: Aquarium Ornament

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2012 15:50
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      A well made aquarium product.

      I would never have bought this ornament myself. I feel £7.99 is ridiculous for a small plastic plant. My MIL is not such a skin flint though, and purchased this when setting up her Bio- orb tank. When she grew tired of the tank, she was kind enough to give it, along with all the decorations to my son. The tank was quite heavily decorated, and since my son is keeping a pair of cichlids in the tank, we needed some rocky caves, so I took a few of the decorations for other tanks. This is currently in our beta tank.

      I wouldn't normally review a plastic plant. It isn't the most exciting of products and in the past I have never found one brand to really be any different from the next. I have always gone for the cheapest ones, and when they eventually get covered in algae - I have binned them as they are usually a nightmare to clean. If they don't get covered in algae, they usually end up with pieces breaking off eventually and floating about my tank and again - I end up throwing them out. I don't think I've ever kept a plastic plant for over a year. I have now had this plant for roughly two years, and my MIL had it two years before giving it to us.

      I really do not know why this plant has never really ended up covered in algae or slime like other plastic plants. I have given it quick wipe with a cloth a few times, but I've never spent much time cleaning it. I have noticed though, you can really tug at this plant without damaging it at all, so I can wrap this with a bit of cloth and pull the cloth over it a few times and it's clean again. I have never pulled any bits off, and this plant looks just like it did the day my MIL first set her tank up.

      Our plant is a nice green colour but you can buy this is yellow, orange and purple. I don't want to pull it out of the tank all dripping wet - so I've taken the measurements from Pets at Home :H 15 x W 6 x D 6cm. The plant has a heavy white plastic base that is textured to look like gravel, but we always keep this buried with real gravel. It is a good weight though and never gets knocked loose in the tank - but I have this in with a single Beta. I would expect a large cichlid to be able to knock it about.

      I like this plant because it isn't too big. My Beta tank is fairly small and this sits unobtrusively in a corner. I feel this plant best suits smaller tanks, but it could go nicely toward the front of a larger tank. I would prefer a real plant, but I have do not have the proper lighting on this tank for live plants. While the fish will hid behind this at times, he does does not swim into the plant in the same way a beta would with a living plant. Additionally live plants add oxygen to water, remove waste and provide a tasty and healthy snack for some fish. So if I can get proper lighting - I will most likely remove this at some point.

      When my MIL purchased this, Pets at Home had several other plants by the same company of different sizes. We did end up with a nice collection of these, but as they are all basically the same except for size I will not be reviewing any more. I will say that all of the Sydeco plants have been easy to clean, stayed where placed in the tank without problems, and still look as good as new. Amazon sells this exact plant for £5.98 but I do not believe you can choose which colour you get. They also have a wide range of these plants in other sizes and a couple of other shapes. If tis size and shape does not suit your tank, I do recommend any plant by this company.

      I would never have paid this much for a fake plant, but after having owned this so long - if I ever needed to buy another aquarium plant I would not hesitate to choose this brand. I do however have a number of extra plants in my fish box, so I may well have a lifetime supply of these courtesy of my MIL. I have to admit - she does by the more expensive items, but once again her purchases have worked out more economical in the long run than buying cheap and buying twice or more.


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