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TetraPond Food Sticks

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Brand: Tetra / Type: Fish Tank / Aquarium Filtration / Areation

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 23:18
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      A good product if you dont mind spending a little more on your fish

      -How the pond fish came to be-
      Living in a flat I unfortunately don't have a garden, which is a real shame as my 2 year old son loves the outdoors and particularly loves animals. His obsession with fish started whilst we were on holiday in Rhyl, we took him to the seaquarium and he loved it. Then for his birthday we bought him a fish tank and a goldfish who he named Jaws. At first this was enough for him but then he asked for 'more fish', well the tank was to small for me to feel comfortable keeping more and I didn't really want a lot of tanks about the place. So that's how Will's grandmother became the proud owner of a garden pond and 4 lovely goldfish- goldie, pinky, perky and lieutenant shiny sides (my hubby is a fan of family guy).

      -Buying the food-
      Well we had promised my mother she wouldn't be out of pocket in any way because of 'Will's fish' and we paid for everything, and even though she said she didn't mind buying their food I insisted that I would be responsible for it, if only I knew which one to buy. We had a pond when I was a child but we had fed our fish on big pellet type things that we bought from the local pet shop, the kind that comes in a big bin and you scoop out as much as you want. Well our local garden and aquatics center doesn't have said bins, so I asked the very helpful man in the fish department if he could recommend some food, he said he used Tetra Pond Food Sticks for his pond.
      They were available in a range of sizes from a small 100g tube, right the way up to an economy bag containing a whopping 5 kilos.. He told me that the bigger bags cost less per kilo and that they had very long expiry dates and I would be better buying a bigger bag. I think he was on commission, but it was useful to know that it would keep for a long time and wouldn't go off. I decided to try the 100g tub for a start just in case and for 3 pounds 50 if they weren't any good at least I hadn't bought 60 pounds worth of fish food (the huge 5 kilo bag).

      -Packaging and the food itself-
      The packaging is a very vibrant green color as you can see with pictures of fish on the front, although it could be any color and it wouldn't make a difference because you're not buying it to look at the packet. When you buy a bigger pack as I eventually have it boasts a new formula that is supposed to improve clarity of the water by reducing waste elements in the food. As we've never had these fish on any other food I don't have a great point of reference with which to make a comparison, but I do remember when we had the pond as kids it needed to be cleaned out a lot more than my mothers does now, so maybe it does make a difference. As I said before the 100g/1L comes in a tub and I believe one of the larger amounts comes in a bucket, it may be the 15L but don't quote me on that. The other amounts come in bags of various sizes. When we bought a bigger pack we bought the 4L/450g bag, it is nice that the bags are resealable and I wish all dry pet foods would do the same, as it keeps the food fresh right up untill the expiry date.
      The food itself is pretty much what you would expect. Although saying the pellets were a little smaller than I expected them to be, but the packet does say to feed several small amounts a day and never more than your fish can eat in a couple of minutes. The pellets are a light brown in color and a very uniform size, which I like as it means you know how much each fish is eating. The pellets go soft quite quick so if you were to spill liquids in the bag by accident expect to loose all your pellets

      -Feeding the fish-
      The pellets float on the top of the water which my fish-mad brother in law said is great for two reasons one because you can see how much the fish are eating and two because it gives you the opportunity to count your fish and make sure they all look healthy. The only drawback with the feeding side of things is that you do as I said earlier have to feed them little and often, something that may be a bit of a chore if you're not out in your garden several times a day. The fish seem to like them well as much as you can tell fish like anything.

      To sum up, I like them, they're not the cheapest but if they do what they say they do they're worth the money.


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    • Product Details

      Now in a resealable bag and with more content TetraPond Food Sticks - food for a wholesome and biologically balanced nutrition for your fish

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