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Trixie Shipwreck Aquarium Decoration

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Brand: Trixe / Type: Fish Tank / Aquarium Ornaments

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2012 12:07
      Very helpful



      A decorative ship wreck for your Aquarium

      When my hubby bought me my Aquarium, he was told that we should think carefully about how we would want to decorate it because it is just as important to do that as to buying your fish. So you need to think about the gravel you want, air pebbles, filters and heaters, plants and other decorations.

      The reason why it is important is because it makes life for your fish more comfortable. It is said that most fish know that they are prey for one another and other animals, which is why when you purchase fish you will often see signs that tell you whether or not your fish are community fish, meaning they live well amongst others or whether they can only live alongside other types of fish similar to their own breed. That said as soon as one of your fish becomes ill or is the weaker one; the other fish will gang up on it and bully it. So the decorations play a part in making sure your fish do not become stressed or uncomfortable, by that I mean that if they are exposed and feel vulnerable they become stressed and then ill and death soon follows.

      One of the first items I bought for my aquarium was this Trixie Ship Wreck which I purchased from the Marine centre form where I get my fish. I decided that I would have plants in the back two corners of my Aquarium and then at least one big feature in the centre of the tank and one or two smaller items, not wanting to over-crowd the space in there so that the fish had plenty of space to swim around. The reason I settled on the Trixie Ship Wreck is because it allows the fish to swim around it and there are holes that allow them to swim through it and hide in it. I also have red crabs in my tank and they need items that allow them to hide and climb too, so this seemed like the perfect starter item so that I could see how my fish and crabs lived alongside one another and as time went on, I could either get something a little bigger, something a little smaller or change the layout entirely, it isn't until you get to know your fish that you really know what they like.

      So the Trixie Ship wreck retailed at £8.99 when I purchased it and if you look online the price isn't too much similar in that you can expect to pay between £10 and £8 for it and it is available from quite a few different retailers, some differing in design. It is made of polyester resin making it quite durable and easy to clean and is one of those items which is really easy to clean, again an important factor when decorating your aquarium is cleaning the items you have purchased ensuring they stay algae clear, this ship wreck is simply cleaned using warm water and then allowing it cool and dry at room temperature with no need for soap or other cleaning agents. It is around 25 cm in length, so you need to think about how big your aquarium is and whether or not this would take up too much space. Within my aquarium it sits nicely at an angle with space on all four sides for smaller decorative items and plants. To look at the ship itself, which is made to look like it is made of brown wood, is designed to look like it has landed or hit a sand bank at the bottom of the sea, to the bottom of the ship are holes of different sizes for the fish to swim through and there is also space inside the ship for the fish to be able to hide. Decoratively around the ship are bits of algae and seaweed so it looks authentic and then there are chunks of missing 'wood' in and around the ship as you would expect to find on a ship wreck.

      Once in the tank and as soon as my fish noticed this ship wreck they were all curious enough to swim around it and one of the two more braver fish were straight in swimming through the holes and pecking away at the ship wreck. To the sides of my ship wreck I also placed two skulls, keeping with the ship wreck theme and a starfish, all of which allowed the fish to swim in and around.

      Sadly a few weeks back I had a bit of an accident with this ship wreck and dropped it on the kitchen floor which is tiled and it cracked down one side. So deciding it was not a good idea to put it back into my aquarium, I am today going back to the marine centre to get a newer version that I have seen which is slightly bigger in length and width and with more holes for swimming through.

      Overall it is a brilliant item, it makes your tank look decorative and can be used as part of a theme. My fish also really liked it and it was constantly used by them and I have had it for just under 2 years, so it lasts a really long time and takes only a few minutes of your time to clean it. So definitely worth its money and a nice item to have.


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      The classic extra aquarium decoration.

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