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Gamma Dry Green Seaweed Strips

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Brand: Gamma Dry / Type: Fish Food

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2012 22:20
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      Natural Seaweed for fish!

      ~ THE PRODUCT ~
      The enriched dried natural seaweed is enriched with Spirulina & omega 3 to naturally enhance colour and vitality of your fish. The seaweed is suitable for Marine, Tropical and Cichlid fish. It's also suitable for freshwater algae eaters, African cichlids, silver dollars and sharks, saltwater damsels. Clownfish, angels, tangs and wrasses. The product itself comes in a plastic pouch which is black and silver in colour and is re-sealable which helps to keep the seaweed fresh. On the front of the pack there is a clear section and you can see the green seaweed which is contained inside the pack. You can also get red seaweed; how-ever this actually states on the front that it's Green seaweed. The seaweed is a high quality dry food for aquarium fish and is 100% natural that your fish will recognise and enjoy. Me and my boyfriend decided to buy some of this for our big marine tank, which has mainly tangs in and also one catfish.

      This was purchased from my local pets at home for £3.99, how-ever you can buy this from their website and you may also find it at other places such a local garden centre which stock fish supplies slightly cheaper at £2.99. This is for a 12g pouch of seaweed strips.

      Use 1 or 2 strips for an average 250 litre aquariums. Attach the seaweed the seaweed to an aquarium rock using a rubber band or similar method and allow fish to graze at their leisure. Re-attach any large pieces of seaweed that break loose. Any uneaten food should be removed and not left in the aquarium overnight.

      When buying the seaweed, me and my boyfriend also purchased a plastic clip which has a sucker on it. We then clip a few strips of the seaweed to this and stick it to the inside of the tank using the sucker. I find this method really affective and the fish, especially the tangs love this. We never put too much seaweed in the tank, so there is no need to remove any seaweed as it always gets eaten fairly quickly.

      My fish love the seaweed and as soon as it's placed in the tank within a few minutes it's gone. The seaweed is a nice alternative from using flakes and pellets all the time and I see this as a bit of a treat for my fish. In terms of value I don't think it's too bad as the pouch is filled right to the top with the long strips of seaweed. When we run out of the seaweed, we will definitely be buying more again as our fish love it. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars as you get quite a bit of seaweed in the pouch, and my fish love it!


      (review also on ciao)


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