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JBL NovoTab Fish Food

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Brand: JBL / Type: Fish Food

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 18:28



      A good alternative for introducing a more varied diet

      I have long been a fish enthusiast. Since childhood, I have kept and enjoyed fish and up until recently I have been feeding them store brand flaked food. However, in the last few weeks I have started alternating every few days between my traditional store brand flaked food and this product.

      The reaction of the fish has been extremely positive. As anyone who keeps fish will know, fish tend to eagerly swim to the surface instinctively whenever a hand comes near to the tank. This has become a familiar sight to me but never have I seen my fish swim more swiftly or enthusiastically to the top of the tank than since I have started to feed them this.

      Its plausible that it is the variety of food now available that the fish are responding so positively to but I have a feeling that it is the quality, intriguing texture and attractive colouring of this food which has my fish so excited.

      I will certainly be continuing to use this product on a regular basis and I would recommend anyone who would like to introduce a bit of variety into their pet's diets to do the same.


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      28.06.2012 12:23
      Very helpful



      A glass ticking tablet for fish to eat

      I have an Aquarium full of fish. I have Dalmatian Mollies, Leopard Fish, Harlequin Fish, Loaches to eat the snails when I buy new plants, a Pleco and Red Tetra fish, not to mention some red crabs to liven things up a bit, don't worry they don't eat the fish, they actually mix quite well.

      Feeding fish is always one of those questions everyone seems to have a different answer too. Over-feeding is the main problem because it causes further problems such as clogging up your water filter which means it needs cleaning out constantly and it can leave harmful toxins in the water. Fish will eat whenever you feed them and whenever I enter a room, my fish swim to the front of the tank and are like an excite puppy swimming along the tank trying to get my attention to feed them. I was told at the Marine centre that fish will soon discover who it is that feeds them and will be opportunistic and 'beg' for food until you give in and feed them, they don't even have to be hungry to eat, they just do it.

      With that in mine and despite having decent enough food for my fishies and crabs, my brother, who also has an Aquarium told me to try a product called Novotab and see how I get on with it. Novotabs can be bought in most pet shops, specialist marine centres and online and depending which sized product you buy, by that I mean number of tablets, depends on how much you will have to pay and they are not cheap, my current tube has 400 tablets in it and cost me £12 online, but my local pet shop sells the exact same product for £18!

      Anyway Novotabs are to all intents and purposes are used as a feeding mechanism for fish and you can use them in two different ways. Firstly you can either allow them to sink to the bottom of your aquarium like you would do an Algae tablet and allow your fish to peck at it until it has completely dissolved and has been eaten or you can stick it to the inside glass of your Aquarium. On the tube it actually says the following:

      "Attaching the tablet to the inside surface of the aquarium tank meets the requirements of fish feeding in the middle water levels. Simply allowing a few tablets sink to the bottom of the aquarium provides armoured catfish and other omnivorous ground-feeding fish with feed in a way which suits their natural feeding habits".

      Once the tablet is attached to the inside of your aquarium, which is how I use these tablets, you notice that as soon as it is stuck to the glass the fish immediately realise there is something there for them and the fish swim straight towards it and for a few seconds they push and shove one another in an attempt to be the first one to have their bite of the tablet, it reminds me of a tank of piranhas' whenever some meat is put in to feed them with the amount of splashing you can hear and see or when people go and have that horrid looking fish treatment on their feet and you can see all the fish swimming around pecking at the hard skin. To solve that problem however, I use two tablets and stick them on different sections of the glass and it seems to cause less 'fighting'. The tablets themselves are no bigger than a 5p piece and are about as thick as a £1 coin so they do last a good few minutes at least as the fish peck at them and little particles come away to feed them and the advice is to use them a few times a day. To look at they are a brown colour with flecks of red and green in them, not particularly attractive to look at but they have a distinctive smell that attracts the attention of the fish.

      The reason I like these tablets is because they offer an alternative to fish food and I imagine that if I was given the same thing to eat every day I would become pretty bored of it, so these make a nice alternative and the ingredients which are listed on the back of the tube are as follows: 10% freeze-dried animal organisms: fish and fish by-products, cereals, vegetables, yeasts, vegetable by-products, insects, crustacea, algae as well as eggs and egg byproducts. I was told that these tablets contain vitamins which are vital for fish because they encourage healthy growth and increases resistance to diseases as well and since using them they have not created any problems, infact because there is less food wastage the filter and pump within my Aquarium is actually less clogged up than it used to be and the water, whilst I change 10% of it on regular intervals, doesn't seem to look cloudy or misty which it can do with the clogging up of your water filter.

      So until something better comes along, I will continue to buy these Novotabs and feed them to my fish because they like them, I don't use them everyday but I do think they make a nice alternative to just using flaked fish food and I love to watch them get excited when I lift the lid on the aquarium because they know exactly what it is I am going too do and the fish swim around my fingers waiting for me to ensure the tablet has stuck to the side of the glass before they start to attack it.

      If you have an Aquarium of fish there are plenty of videos online which show you the reaction fish have to these tablets when places in your tank or stuck to the glass. They are also suitable for saltwater fish and terrapins.


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    High-protein feeding tablets

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