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King British Algae Wafers

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Brand: King British / Food Type: Fish Food

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 11:00
      Very helpful



      A great staple food that I will continue to buy for my fishies

      We now have two tropical aquarium set-ups in our home, and both tanks contain a variety of fish. My partner has a wide range of knowledge and experience in dealing with fish keeping as he used to be a breeder. King British produce a wide range of fish foods and their products can be found in most good pet stores. These Algae Wafers costs around £5.00 for a 100g tub of food.

      It's important to consider the type of fish you are keeping when you are buying their food. There are separate food types for cold water and tropical fish. King British Algae Wafers are a complete food that is specifically tailored to the needs of all catfish, plecostomus and other algae eaters. In our main fish tank we have a bristle nosed catfish and an upside down catfish so this food sounded perfect for them.

      Product description: "A complete and balanced diet, scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all catfish, plecostomus and other algae eaters.
      + Highly digestible / low waste formula
      + For clean clear water
      + With all essential vitamins, minerals & trace elements
      + With Immuno Health Booster, a natural seaweed extract that helps provide a stronger natural shield against infection and disease
      + Made from the highest quality natural ingredients"

      Feeding guide: Feed daily (but only 6 days a week), sufficient to last no more than 15-20 minutes. Ideally feed in the evening. Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food.

      The algae wafers come in a small plastic tub that has a simple pull off lid. There is a foil seal over the top of the food to keep it fresh but obviously you have to remove this before you can get the food out. It is easy to control how much food you are putting into the tank as you can just pick out the required number of tablets and drop them in. This has proved useful and helped to stop me from accidentally over feeding the fish. I tend to give one to two algae wafers a day and I also provide flake food for my other fish within the tank. Although this is intended for catfish and other similar fish, I have noticed that all of the fish seem to enjoy this food and will go in for a bit if they get the chance. There are loads of wafers in the tub and will last for a long time as long as you don't overfeed.

      The wafers themselves are small and have a solid heavy feel to them. They are made of a high protein sinking formula, which means they float down quickly through the water and this allows the fish to zone in on it straight away as it specifically targets the bottom dwelling fishies. Because the wafers are quite well compacted they do break up a little, but they don't instantly fall apart which means there is less mess and food waste created.

      The food has a dark khaki green colour which I assume comes from the high algae content. As well as algae, these wafer tablets also include spirulina and vitamin C. I have a feeding routine that the fish seem to have grown to recognise and they are always aware of when feeding time will be so they are often sat there at the bottom waiting for me to feed them! These food wafers have a mild smell which is much more pleasant and bearable than some of the other pre-formed foods I have used which have quite a noticeable strong smell to them.

      King British is a high quality brand of fish food and these Algae Wafers keeps my fish happy and healthy. I have noticed that since I introduced this type of wafer food into their regular diet my catfish have become more visibly active, and are becoming quite cocky in their exploration of the tank and all it's ornaments, whereas before when they were just having the regular flakes that I use for the other fish they were more prone to hiding and staying under the cover of the decorations and weeds. Because this food is designed specifically for this type of fish I can be safe in the knowledge that both my catfish are getting the right nutrients that they need. I think that King British Algae Wafers is a great product - they are easy to use, my fish like them, and they are suited specifically to the needs of my catfish. A good value and reliable fish food that I would recommend to other tropical fish owners.


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        23.06.2011 13:01
        Very helpful
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        Worth a buy

        The King British algae wafers are generally easy to find, they are widely available in most good pet stores including Pets at home.

        The algae wafers are mainly sold for bottom feeders such as the loaches and catfish, although they aren't harmful to other fish and in fact, all of my fish love these wafers.
        These are sold under the tropical fish food section, although they can be used for coldwater fish such as the butterfly plec which is also a bottom feeder.
        I feed these wafers, along with the other algae wafer variety, to my tropical tank containing many bristle nose catfish, albino mollies and Synodontis catfish.

        The algae wafers are also fantastic in my cherry shrimp breeding tank which also contains snails. The algae wafer eventually breaks down slowly and the shrimp are able to carry away small sections, which actually looks very sweet.

        These are found in most stores for around £2.99, including Pets at home.
        The tubs come in sizes of 40gm which may sound small but are jam packed with algae wafers.
        100gm sizes can also be found for around £4.49 however I have only seen these available on the internet and haven't seen these size pots in any shops.
        For the smaller pots, I've found it's not really very easy to find these any cheaper on the internet and when looking they are generally about 30p cheaper, if that! In my opinion it isn't worth the wait to just save 30p.

        I would say £2.99 is a fantastic price for the amount of algae wafers you get and for how long they last, especially if you are using the wafers to add to a diet rather than as a supplement.

        What's in them?;
        The algae wafers are made up of essential minerals and vitamins, with a seaweed extract to boost your fish's immune system.

        Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable protein extracts, Cereals, Molluscs and crustaceans, Algae (including Spirulina sp. min. 3% w/w), Oils and Fats, Vitamins. With antioxidants, EC additives. Ergosan 20g/kg.

        Typical Analysis: Protein 45%, Oils and Fats 6%, Fibre 5%, Ash 11%, Copper.

        When I looked at the content of these wafers, I was surprised to see how low the algae and spirulina content was. With a minimum of 3%, it left me wondering, what is actually in these things?
        If you want to feed your catfish or loaches spirulina, it may be better to buy the pure powder form to ensure they are getting the high spirulina content.
        Containing 45% protein is probably the biggest selling point for these wafers as breeders tend to stick to a high protein diet when growing out fish.

        I feed these wafers as treats around 3 times a week and do not use them as a main diet. This is especially important if you are keeping fish which require meat in their diet.
        I add a beef heart and banana mix along with shrimp and blood worm pellets, live bloodworm, frozen bloodworm and cucumber. This ensures a wide variety for fish with a wide variety diet, although I find that every fish eats every food which I add to my tank.

        The wafers are very easy to use although I find these ones are a lot harder to break into smaller sections than the other variety of king British algae wafer.
        These are darker in colour and hard and require quite a force to snap them in half.
        I like to break both varieties of algae wafer into halves and quarters, mainly to avoid squabbles during feeding time but to also ensure it is all eaten. Breaking the wafers up before adding them makes them break down quicker in the water which is ideal for the shyer fish which tend to come out for a few seconds at feeding time before rushing off back into their caves.
        The wafers take a few minutes before they begin to break down so the fish usually suck on them for a while although they seem to enjoy doing so.

        If you want to use these wafers in a growing tank with younger fish, or if you have younger fish in your tank, you may want to soak the wafers in some tank water before adding them.
        However I do recommend the other variety of algae wafer by King British for younger fish as these breaks up A LOT quicker and are much easier to consume.
        The other variety comes in the same sort of packaging and tub but within the picture you will be able to see the picture of the wafers is a little different, the wafers will be lighter in colour and thicker but as far as I know they share the same name.

        The tubs come jam packed with wafers underneath a foil seal. The lid is quite tight yet easy to remove and replace.
        When using the wafers as an addition to their diet, I find one tub will last me around 5 months, however this varies and depends greatly on how much I am using them.

        Another great thing I love about these is that they don't hold a horrible smell. Obviously if you sniff the pot, they have a tint of 'algae' smell, but they don't stink the room out and so are pleasant to use.

        I highly recommend these wafers, my fish love them and the price is pretty decent for how long they last.
        I don't recommend using them as a main diet except for fish such as the shrimp which are commonly known as algae eaters anyway. However having said this, it is always the best to include a varied diet for any fish.

        Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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          08.01.2009 17:37
          Very helpful



          ideal for your algae eaters.

          Who's this product designed for:
          This product intends to give a complete and balanced diet, scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all Catfish, Plecostumus and other algae eaters. This product is also perfect for the catfish to 'suck' upon and is designed with this in mind.

          Where to find it:
          Most good pet suppliers will stock this. Look out for pet shops that sell catfish and you will probably find that they feed them this food.

          What it cost:
          Quite reasonably priced as £2.69 for a 40g box which will last you quite a while.

          Ingredients List:
          Made from the highest quality natural ingredients including: Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable Origin, Vegetable protein extracts, cereals, Molluscs and crustaceans, algae (including Spirulina sp. min 3% w/w), oils and fats.

          A small round, blue pot with a label on top with a picture of a peppered catfish.

          How to use:
          Remove lid and foil packaging. Drop one wafer into your tank ideally onto gravel where your fish will notice it, they sink straight away. Feed daily (but only 6 times a week). The wafer should only last up to 20 mins (if it is left in too long without being eaten it tends to turn into a soggy biscuit which is impossible to remove from the tank without it breaking up into a million little pieces. Ideally i would feed this product in the evening after youv'e turned the lights out, (this is when your catfish are most active).

          Looks like a hard green round tab (think dairy milk buttons shape and size). Once in water its size will increase. This product ensures it is made with a highly digestable/ low waste formula, keeping water clearer for longer. This product has all the essential vitamins, minerals and elements needed for healthy fish. This product also has an Immuno Health Booster - a natural seaweed extract that helps provide a stronger natural sheild against infection and disease.

          I bought this product as a food source for my Common Plecostumus and Albinio Corydora and they love their algae wafers. I will point out that the other fish in my tank like to have a nibble at these wafers too, so it is advised to feed after the lights go out so the others aren't overfed and the catfish actually get the food intended for them. This is a brilliant product to feed you fish and it comes at a good price too.


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      • Product Details

        Complete pet food for catfish and plecostomus / algae eating fish

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