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King British Bloodworm

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3 Reviews
  • Suitable for all aquarium fish
  • They last for ages
  • Expensive
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    3 Reviews
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      08.04.2015 17:39
      Very helpful


      • "Suitable for all aquarium fish"
      • "They last for ages"


      • Expensive

      A a nice treat for my goldfish

      I like to feed my two goldfish a more varied diet than just flake food so I bought a pot of this King British Bloodworm Treats so I could give them the odd treat now and then in addition to their normal diet.

      The bloodworms come in a small blue pot with a pop-off lid which has a foil seal underneath. The worms themselves are brown and between approximately 0.5 cm to 1 cm in length and they come freeze dried. There is a smell to them but it's ok and not gross (unlike some dried tubiflex worms I have of a different brand which really stink which puts me off using them). Although they are worms, they just look like little brown twigs so there should be no need to be squeamish about touching them.

      These bloodworms are high in protein and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They are a more natural food for fish than flake alternatives although they are intended to be a supplement rather than a replacement. According to the packaging, you should feed fish 2 to 3 times a week and, as with any fish food, you should remove any excess that doesn't get eaten. I tend to put a pinch of these in my goldfish tank every other week or so and they have lasted for absolutely ages. The container has 7g of food in it which doesn't sound much but it comes practically full to the brim. I have had mine for around a year and a half and it still is still half full.

      These blood worm are suitable for all aquarium fish as well as terrapins and turtles too. This is really useful if you keep both freshwater and cold water fish as you don't have to buy two different types of treat for them like you have to do with fish flake food. The only limitation you will have to your fish eating these is the size of your fish's mouth. I have some baby mollies and they struggle with these as they are quite big but they could always be cut up or ground up for smaller fish. My goldfish really love eating these bloodworm and they polish them off pretty quickly.

      You can buy these King British Bloodworm in most aquarium shops in additions to in Pets at Home, which is where I got mine. At the moment a tube of these costs £3 at Pets at Home (this is actually a sale price as they are normally £3.75) which seems on the expensive side but seeing as they last absolutely ages then it is still good value for money. I think I will go and feed some to my goldfish right now!


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      23.06.2012 22:09
      Very helpful



      Fantastic! Couldn't live without them!

      Blood worms are fantastic for fish! In fact, I prefer to feed my fish blood worms rather than flakes or pellets, and they seem to prefer it too! My fish will no longer take flakes, and they snap up blood worms like chocolate!

      I like to feed my fish blood worm, as it's a more natural food than factor processed flakes.
      I buy bloodworm and give it to my fish in three different ways- Live, frozen and freeze dried- which is this food I am reviewing.

      Many fish owners don't consider varying their fish diet, and stick to fish flakes! But blood worms are an amazing food for you fish, in fact it is required for fish like the bettas (fighting fish) and as it provides a high protein meaty diet, many fish which require a meatier diet such as the corydoras catfish really benefit from this treat. Although it may be best to use the live or frozen blood worms for the bottom feeders as it will sink to the bottom.

      This freeze dried version of the worms can be used in salt water, tropical and cold water tanks, and as far as I know it is widely available and can be bought from most pet shops at a reasonable price.

      I get through about a tub a month of these worms, and I only have two fish tanks! The fish I have include a very large amount of guppies and endlers, bristlenose catfish, kribensis, cherry barbs, corydoras and platys. As the huge amount of livebearers in my larger tank eat the worms before they reach the bottom, I know there isn't a build up of food in my tank.


      I buy these freeze dried King British blood worms from my local Pets at Home store for £3.69. Although I do occasionally pick them up for about £2.99 in smaller pet stores.
      There's a slightly cheaper bloodworm sold at pets at home, the the interpet costs just £3.29 but you only get a 4g tub!
      This King British tub gives you 7g- Not 9g like the website states!! So the King British version gives you more for your money.

      When I had one small tank, a tub of this last me a good few months, and if you are buying blood worm as a treat rather than a main diet, it will last a good while. However as I have quite a lot of fish and quite large tanks, I use at least 3 pinches of this stuff each time and it goes down pretty fast!

      **The Tub**

      The tub which holds these worms is the common fish food tub, a plain blue with a snap on circular lid. I've never had any problems with the lid, it's always been quite firm and I've never had any spillages! I also like to keep the tubs after they're empty, as they make excellent storage tubs for other foods and fishy

      **The Product**

      These freeze dried blood worms provide many beneficial minerals and vitamins for your fish. The freeze dried version is a bloodworm 'freeze dried immediately after harvest to retain flavour and nutritional value' which means they are just as beneficial as live blood worms. Although these are a sort of brownish in colour and not a deep red like they are live.

      You may find that some fish won't take freeze dried if they are used to the live type, as the live worms provide a more interesting dinner and as they wiggle they attract the fish, whereas the freeze dried does just sit on the top looking dry and boring!
      My fish took some time to get into this version, but now they take all three types easily and readily!

      This bloodworm is advertised as a 'complementary' food, to be fed against a complete fish food diet a few times a week. But I swear by this food, I also feed algae wafers for the catfish and other foods such as potato, peas, cucumber etc. but the blood worms are always the favourites!

      As these are a natural product, and not processed, the protein content and vitamins aren't listed on the tub.

      What I love about this freeze dried version, is they don't smell! Okay it can be argued they small a little if you sniff them, but a small child actually said they smell like chocolate!
      The live version stink, as they are usually bought in little sealed bags. The frozen version comes in cubes and leaves my fingers stinking of blood and iron for hours after! Probably my own fault for hand feeding my fish, but I can't be bothered to wear gloves every time I feed my fish!
      The freeze dried version doesn't cloud my tank, doesn't stink and is easy to use!

      **Feeding time**

      When feeding with these blood worms, I use my fingers to get out a pinch and drop them into my tank. If my hands are moist or slightly wet, the worms do tend to stick to my fingers but I usually rinse them in the tank then wash them off properly.
      The worms are usually quite soft and fluffy when I first buy them, then they sometimes go a little harder and crunchy towards the end of the pack although just lately they never last to that point!
      Either way, the fish always eat them, even when I give them the little powdery bits at the bottom of the tub!

      These freeze dried blood worms DO float, so if you want some worms for catfish or bottom feeders, then I wouldn't recommend these as they'll just get eaten by any other fish swimming to the top, or they'll take ages to soak up water and sink to the bottom and by then they'd have turned to mush and probably gone into the filter.

      I sometimes see that my smaller fish, usually the fry struggle to eat some of the larger worms as they are dry and if the fish can't hold onto them in their mouths, the worms will pop back up to the top of the water. Although there is a variety of sizes naturally in this food so my fry usually end up with the smaller bits, and either way they eat some eventually and it's great to see them try!

      As these worms are naturally high in protein, I find they benefit greatly to the growth of my fry as they provide a filling, natural food which supports their development.

      The great thing about having blood worms freeze dried or frozen, is you know they will be disease free and will (hopefully not) contain any nasty surprises. Often when I buy live blood worms, there are other little creatures in the bags, although I've googled these little bugs and my fish eat them as quick as the blood worms so hopefully there's nothing to worry about there!

      Thank you for reading! I also post on Ciao


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        05.03.2008 10:17
        Very helpful



        a brilliant food for your fishy friends

        All king british foods including this blood worm have been specially made to contain all the needed vitamins and minerals your pet will require.
        This food helps your pet to grow properly and stay healthy.

        This food contains immuno health boosters, these are found naturaly in marine algae which your pet would eat naturally in the wild, these help to strengthen there immune system and keep them healthy.

        This food is freeze dried so there are no nasty added preservatives and comes in a plastic tub with a foil seal to keep it fresh wholst on the shelves in the shops.

        This food is suitable for all types of fish, cold water, tropical and marine. It is also a good food source for turtles and terrapins.

        A small 9g tub of this food will cost you £2.99 from most petshops.

        This is a natural food and can be fed as a complete diet without you having to add anything to it as it contains everything your fish needs but i would sugest adding a little calcium if feeding to turtles or terrapins as i dont think it has quite enough for them.

        This food is also great for your water as it doesnt contain a lot that your fish dont need meaning there is very little waste product so your water stays cleaner for longer.

        This is a realy great choice of food and my oscars love it.


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      For cold water and tropical fish

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