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King British Weekend Feeders

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Brand: King British / Type: Fish food

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 16:03
      Very helpful



      A good idea but didn't work for my fish

      We now have two tropical aquarium set-ups in our home, and both tanks contain a variety of fish. My partner has a wide range of knowledge and experience in dealing with fish keeping as he used to be a breeder. King British produce a wide range of fish foods and their products can be found in most good pet stores. We were headed away to London for the weekend earlier this month, and needed something that would keep the fish going over the time we were out of the house. I found these King British Weekend Feeders, and they cost £1.19 for a pack of three feeder blocks.

      It's important to consider the type of fish you are keeping when you are buying their food. There are usually separate food types for cold water and tropical fish. These Weekend Feeders are actually multi-purpose and can be used for all tropical and coldwater fish, which is great if you keep a variety of fish. Both of our tanks are tropical set-ups but this food still suited our needs.

      Product description: "Fish can survive for relatively long periods of time on very little food, as they have to do in the wild from time to time. King British Weekend Feeders are the ideal way to provide as much nutrition as they require, while you are away from home. Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, the special formulation includes all the necessary proteins, minerals and trace elements to keep your fish healthy, active and colourful.
      For all tropical & coldwater fish. Each block lasts up to 3 days. Does not cloud the water."

      Directions for use: Simply place the block into the aquarium or bowl and leave it. The block will then slowly release small particles of food when disturbed by fish looking for food. If any of the food block is uneaten on your return, carefully remove the remains and discard.

      Feeding guide: Each block contains sufficient food to care for 12 small tropical fish or 5 medium size goldfish for three days. For less fish carefully cut the block into an appropriate size. Discard any powder produced after cutting.

      The feeder blocks come sealed in a blister pack with a cardboard backing. All of the instructions are printed clearly and it looked like this would be just what we needed to make sure our fish were fed when going away for a long weekend. Each pack contains three feeder blocks, and I needed to use two of these, one for each tank. We were only away for three days in total so I was reassured that these blocks offered 3 days worth of food.

      The Weekend Feeders are reasonably sized dome shaped blocks with a flat base. They have a solid heavy feel to them. They float down quickly through the water which allows it to settle, and the blocks even landed the correct way up, with the flat base at the bottom so that the block was resting nicely on the gravel base of the tank. Because the blocks are quite well compacted they did not seem to break up or disintegrate at all which means there is less mess and food waste created.

      The tablets have a bright white colour which is quite unusual considering that all of the other types of food I have given my tropical fish usually have a strong bright colour. I do have a normal feeding routine that my fish seem to have grown to recognise and they are always aware of when feeding time will be so I hoped they wouldn't be too unhappy with being left home alone for the weekend! Before I left in the morning I placed one Weekend Feeder block into the tank as well as tablet food for my catfish and normal tropical fish flakes for my other fishies. I hoped that this would keep them well fed until my return.

      King British is a high quality brand of fish food and I have been very pleased with some of their other fish food products. However, upon my return late at night I went to check up on my little fishy babies and the blocks looked almost fully intact still. It seemed as though they had hardly touched the blocks and they were not in a particularly happy state, my angel fish in particular looked very grumpy and pale. I left the blocks in there as they still looked ok to be eaten and didn't want to waste them. Funnily enough, the fish started to eat them after I was back even though it looked like they didn't bother when I was gone! Fish can go for periods without requiring food, and all I can guess is that maybe they were not used to this type of food and so avoided it until they got really hungry after a few days. After that it disappeared fairly quickly and I went back to their usual feeding routine.

      I think this product is a good idea and should provide peace of mind for pet owners when they are going to be away for a few nights. However, my fish did not seem to be pleased with these Weekend Feeder blocks and I wouldn't bother to buy them again. It's a shame as I like King British fish foods and use them all the time for my fish, but I think next time I'm away I would look for another brand and give that a try instead.


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