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Pets At Home Tropical Fish Pellets

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Brand: Pets At Home / Food Type: Fish Food

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    3 Reviews
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      31.05.2010 00:50
      Very helpful



      A great buy

      I like to feed my fish a variety of foods, including live, frozen, and store bought pellets. I came across pets at home tropical fish pellets when visiting the store to find some new fish food.
      I was looking for a food which would last me a long time and be suitable for all of my tropical fish.. big and small!

      First impressions; ...
      The first thing I noticed was the price of the product! At just £2.49 I thought it was a bargain... and the fact its a pellet food which I usually stuggle to get my hands on from my local pet store.
      Another thing I noticed was the label of the product, it shows two tropical fish on the front, a clown loach and an angel fish which straight away told me that it was suitable for all types of tropical fish.
      After a brief view I noticed the protein content was 47%, and seeing as the recommended protein content to feed most tropical fish is 40% I was impressed.

      Price; ....
      Pets at Home tropical fish pellets are on sale for £2.49 for 30 grams, which in comparrison to other fish pellets was rather cheap.
      Looking at the price ticket, this product is £83 per kilo, which is rather good to say other competing brands reach beyond £100 per kilo.... Not that useful to know but it just shows the price comparison!

      Ingredients; ....
      What I like about these pellets is that they have natural seaweed extracts for balanced nutrition. Its always good to know your feeding your fish a natural source!
      The pellets contain a high protein amount "The high protein formular of our pellets also means less waste is excreted, helping to maintain water quality"
      Thats always good to know! Less waste means less hassle!

      I am a fan of invertibrates and also keep them in my tanks, which means I need to take precautions and look at the ingredients within the food i put in my tanks. This is becasue many brands such as "gold" (which do other fish foods) add copper sulphate to their food, which is actualy the main ingrediant in "anti snail" which shocks and kills most invertibrates (such as shrimp and snails) and at the least causes shedding problems.

      These pellets also contain Astaxanthin which gives supports natural colour pigments within fish and is needed for growth.
      Other ingredients include;....
      Moisture 6%
      Protein 47%
      Oils and Fats 6.3%
      Fibre 1.5%
      Ash 8%

      Brand; ....
      As a pets at home product it comes with a complete 100% money back guarantee, if for any reason you are unhappy.
      Althought the brand is shown as pets at home and marked in their colours it is actualy manufactured by King British which is a well known reliable brand which do loads of other fish foods (See my other reviews!)

      Packaging; ....
      This product comes in a small smart silver plastic container with a slide button allowing easy dispence. A small square allows a small reasonable amount of food to be let out. However I adjust this amount depending on the tank I am feeding ... I don't really think one tiny fish needs about 8 pellets!
      I am very pleased with the packaging as it allows me to dispence the food with a clicker rather than me picking out the pellets out by hand. I have also found I can add to the container as the top cap is removable.

      Feeding instructions; ....
      The instructions reccomend that you feed the fish 2-3 times daily which being a fishkeeper for many years, I see this as a huge problem as overfeeding usually causes excess nutrients and nitrate causing algae bloom or even worse in premature tanks result in high levels of ammonia which results in disease or worse death.

      Using; ...
      Upon using I found the pellets where very small which allow my smaller fish to enjoy.
      When you first put these pellets into your tank, they fo float and after a while they sink. Although I find this great! As it means my top swimmers can get a share of the food before the loaches and catfish get it.
      This product is very easy to use and I am always confident using it... It lasts a very long while. My first pot even ran past its expiry date because they last for so long!

      Overall; ....
      I would purchase these again as all of my fish which include kribensis, various livebearers cherry shrimp, various cats including synodontis and several pleco's love these. Although I would reccomend using it as a complimentry food along side live food, frozen food such as blood worm and vegetable based food such as spirulina wafers/pellets and blanced vegetables.


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        13.04.2009 22:00
        Very helpful



        Buy this to improve your fishes nutrition levels

        Why I chose this product:
        Im always on the lookout for a new fish food product to feed to my tropical fish, which includes a 3 foot foot tank of a variety of Tropical Fish including Mollies, Platys, Guppies, Barbs, Neon tetras and a rather large Pleco. Anyways I love tring different food types to boost their nutrition levels and cater to their dietry needs. Icame across this product in a Pets at Home store and thought it would be perfect and the packaging was quite innovative.

        Who will like this product:
        This product is suitable for all types of tropical fish.

        Where to find this product:
        This product is exclusive to Pets at Home Stores and can be found in their fish food aisle.

        £2.49 for 30g of product. At the moment Pets at Home are running a promotional offer of two of their fish food products for £4.

        This product comes in a click-out hand held package. Like a sweetener pot you can click it out into the water efficiently and without having to handle the food itself. Its silver and green and has pictures of tropical fish on the front ( Panda Catfish and Neon Tetras).

        Product Description:
        The pellet itself is brown, small and round.

        How to use:
        Just click the desired amount of prodcut into your fish tank (the amount that it takes your fish to ea in a few minutes). Do not overfeed, remember a fish stomach is the size of its eye, and fish dont know when to stop once theyve started. Remove any unused product as it will decay it the tank and possibly cloud the water.

        Product Performance:
        My fish love this product but i do try to vary what I feed them so as not to bore them and to improve their nutrition levels. This product can be used as the main food for your fish and i ideal for fish at all levels of the tank beacuse once it absorbes water it will sink. The mini size is also excellent for smaller fish to eat.

        The Pets at Home fish food range is top notch and comes at a fraction of the price of leading fish care brand products.


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          18.09.2007 18:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Feeding made even easier

          Well since I went on holiday I had to leave my fish for a week, now given the recent health troubles in my tanks I didnt want to risk polluting the water with feeding blocks as I would usually, so I when I went to my local Pets At Home to buy dog food I as usual had a wander up and down the fish related aisles. One product that I was paying particular attention to was the pellet food, since the pellets I had were nearing their best before date. As with human food I'm sure they are still edible after this date but also as with human food I generally am unwilling to risk it. So while perusing the more 'premium' pellets I noticed the relatively unobtrusive silver and green containers of the Pets At Home own brand range. Initially I ignored them since the pot looked too small and is an odd shape compared to most pellet pots since it is a tall cuboid shape rather than the usual short round tub that most fish food comes in.

          But on a closer inspection it appears that these pellets could be far easier than the usual shape, because the shape of the container was so it can include a 'click feed dispenser'. Simply a button on the side which when depressed released a portion of pellets. Perfect for handing to my dear old Dad with his fish care instructions.

          For the last few days before I left for my holiday I fed the fish with these pellets to ensure that I left my Dad the best instructions.

          First up the essential part was that the fish themselves would actually eat the pellets. On this score they are a resounding success, even the tiny Neon Tetra whos mouth is smaller than the pellets tries to cram one in, and the other fish dart around happily munching on them until they are all gone.

          Secondly how many pellets does the dispenser actually release, well the instructions say to release two or three pellets per fish, dispensing a measure on to my hand there are between 7 and 10 pellets each time, so two clicks should be more than enough for the number of fish I have in my bigger tank and slightly too many for my smaller tank (but given the fish in my smaller tank are actually bigger than those in the bigger tank I reckon the proportions are still about right).

          And the third consideration being the main one was the cost, and at £2.49 for 30g of food I think this is pretty good, most similar sized pots are £3+. They dont make a bigger size of pellets with the click dispenser so I cant compare the value.

          As the pellets need to have a good nutritional value checking out the ingredients show me that these have a nutitional analysis which puts them pretty much in line with the Aquarian flakes I also feed, containing the usual fish and fish derivatives, cereals, veg proteins, and EC approved colourings there is nothing in here not found in other foods, equally the only thing apparently missing is the ash occasionally used to bulk up foods.

          The pellets are a pretty standard size fitting snugly under my fingernail and are a deeper brown colour than the previous pellet food I was using, since the pot doesnt open completely on dispensing they dont smell of anything in particular but putting the base of the pack close to your nose you will notice a fishy smell common to all fish food. Also when distributed on the surface of the water the pellets float until they are either pulled down by a fish attempting to guzzle them or they reach the filter outlet where they sink because of the disturbance of the water surface.

          Worth noting also is that the pellets have an expiry date in May 2009, so plenty of time to use them up.
          One thing the packaging does note is that the pellets are likely to be too large for small fish so flake food should also be made avaliable. Also on the back is a contact number for a helpdesk as well as the company website.

          Overall my fish like this food, its easy to feed and a good price, personally I cant see that there are any real downsides to this type of food but then again only time will tell and as you may know the health of my fish is paramount so any signs of ill health or lack of appetite will mean I stop using this food and revert to a flake only diet.
          Of course if I had fish requiring a specific diet these pellets would likely be totally unsuitable but as a part of my combination style of feeding mixed with flakes and being fed to fish which do not require a specific diet they are perfectly suited, and of course I see no reason why I shouldnt add small treats for my friends in addition to their usual food.


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          Fish food pellets for tropical fish / 30g

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