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Pets at Home Value Tropical Fish Flakes

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Brand: Pets at Home

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2013 21:19
      Very helpful



      Why not buy these?!

      I have used a huge variety of fish food and products over the past years, and like everyone else I want the best for my pet! When it comes to price, I usually don't consider how much it costs, and I usually just go for something which is high in protein, a reliable brand, and will last me a while to keep me going! However after buying my 10th aquarium recently, it has become more important than ever to find a food at good value price of which will last me a few weeks or months, and more importantly, something which my fish which actually eat!

      I always vary the diet of my fish, from live food such as blood worms and daphnia, to frozen bloodworms, freeze dried and also the ready made flake food to ensure they are getting a varied and full diet! My fish also snack on fresh veg such as cucumber and enjoy peas and potato! They also nip at the algae wafers and pellets I add in for my catfish and bottom feeders.
      I went through a period where I wasn't at home much, so I would just chuck in a few blood worms when I could and my fish were fine, however I did fine they become fussy with their food and wouldn't accept any flakes for a while! When I recently moved, I decided it was time to vary their diet again, as they had been living off blood worms and algae wafers for a while, which concerned me!

      I picked up a tub of the pets at home value whilst looking for a decent flake food, as I didn't want to spend a load and waste money on something my fish wouldn't eat, but I also wanted something of a high protein content.

      When comparing the protein content of these flakes compared to the prices of the others, I was quite surprised! As the protein content of others brands were not much less, the difference was literally between 1 and 5% difference, but with a much higher price tag!
      For example,
      King british flakes are £3.89 for a 28g tub
      Aquarian flakes are a hefty £4.50 for a 25g tub
      Nutrafin flakes are £4.79 for a 38g tub

      As these pets at home value flakes are only
      £2.29 for a 25g tub, they come up the cheapest out of the range, with only a tiny bit of difference with quality!
      These value flakes contain 40% protein! Which is fine for the average community fish, although I do tend to feed more live foods to my pregnant fish, or when conditioning for breeding.

      After a week or so of just feeding these flakes, my fish eventually started eating them again, and are now back onto their varied diet!
      The flakes are all very brightly coloured, which means we can also grind them up very finely to feed to the fry once they are big enough to eat flakes, and they can easily find the food. With the bright red, black, yellow and green colours, my fish have fun grabbing the flakes as they rest on the water surface. The flakes are also easy to sink by just pushing them down to get them saturated.

      One tub of these flakes will last you depending on the amount of fish you keep and how much you feed, for example if you have just one tank of guppies, one tub will last you months! Remember, they only need a tiny amount! If any flakes start to sink to the bottom, remove them and stop feeding as you are feeding too much! With a good few tanks, I am about half way down my 25g tub so far, and I have been using it for about 4 months, so I am happy! With a price of just £2.29, and approximately 8 months out of one tub, that is just 28p pet month!

      Pets at home also do the cold water variety in this for just £1.99, although if you are wondering, you can feed your goldfish these flakes, the only difference is that they require less protein, and as the tropical flakes are higher in protein, just be careful how much you feed them!

      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao!


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