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Brand: Tetra / Food Type: Fish Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.10.2003 01:09
      Very helpful



      Tetra Fin

      After around 17 years of constant badgering, haranguing and general nagging by the delightfully mild-mannered Mrs P, I gave in. Earlier this year I finally succumbed to her persistent whining and built a water-feature in the garden.
      Not a simple little pond......obviously.
      For her ladyship, it had to be a series of waterfalls and shallow pools which eventually cascaded into a deeper pond where we could keep fish.
      (Personally, I think the best place to keep fish is in the fridge, but that's another story.)

      So, after lots of back-breaking work, hours of problem solving, and an indecent amount of leakage, we have a water-feature as described above, resplendent with cute little fishes of the genus 'Carassius Auratus'. That's goldfish to you.

      Right. Now we've got the fish, what do we feed them on?

      Well, among other things (you wouldn't want the little guys to have a boring diet, would you?), we use TETRA FIN FLAKE FOOD.

      According to Tetra, these flakes are the 'finest blend of quality ingredients' and are 'enriched with all the essential vitamins' that a fish could ever need.
      Sounds good!
      They also state that, 'the recipe is easily digested and absorbed resulting in less waste and crystal clear water quality.'
      Pretty impressive stuff, eh?

      What you've got to remember, of course, is that fish will only feed for a couple of minutes at a time so you should only put enough food in the pond (2-3 times a day) that can be completely eaten in that time. Otherwise the food will just rot and you can kiss goodbye to your 'crystal clear water quality'.

      As for ingredients, it's fish food....who cares! I don't, you don't, and I'm willing to bet even the fish don't give a flake what's in it.
      Having said that, I had a look at the list and there's a big variety of goodies contained within the recipe. Acc
      ording to the nutritional analysis, they contain 6.5% moisture. Excuse me, moisture?
      Don't the fish get enough moisture on a daily basis as it is?

      Anyway, enough pontificational blethering, let's open up a tub and see what's inside.

      On opening the lid and looking in I'm confronted with masses of multi-coloured little flakes - very similar in appearance to wedding confett....oops, wrong container.

      On looking into the correct container, I see lots of little multi-coloured flakes - some are red, some yellow and others brown. There very brittle and easily broken into smaller pieces but I don't suppose that matters a great deal to the finned ones.

      The aroma is.....let's not mince words here, it's absolutely rank-rotten -- pure gantin'. If you've ever had a problem with your freezer accidentally de-frosting while you've been away for a week, and the bottom of the freezer is a puddle of ice-cream and tiger prawns, you can get some idea of the stench this stuff gives off. Oh dear, you don't want to be sniffing this too often.

      As for the taste......no way, man!
      We'll just see what Ben & Jerry, and the rest of the gang think, shall we?

      We have five fish (about 4 inches long) and I find a good pinch is enough to satisfy them. (It tends to bruise them a little, but they seem to enjoy it!)

      They don't mess about. In fact, it's wise not to leave your hand dangling too close or Big Jer might lop one of those digits off - in other words, don't linger with the finger.
      They're keen, that's for sure.

      Well, no complaints from the fish. The flakes are scoffed in no time at all, with nary a one (that I can see) escaping those piscine jaws.

      As for keeping the water clear, it's hard to say. We have a couple of trees that overhang the feature, and what with leaves falling in and the birds using it as their own persona
      l lavatory, I'm not sure the 'crystal clear' properties of this product have any real significance.

      It costs around a fiver for the 100g tub.

      My final thoughts are:
      It's fish food, the fish eat it --- job done.

      Thanks for reading



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        06.10.2000 17:19



        I don't actually use Tetra Fin as I have tropical fish, but I do use the Tetra Prima. This form of fish food is excellent, they are orange in colour and are for feeding all types of feeding fish - top, midfeeders and bottom feeders. The pellets are excellent in that they float on the top and then as and when they do sink they tend to float for a while for the mid feeders to pick up!! My fish seem to love these they were never too keen on the flake. They help to keep fish in top condition and bring out their full colour.


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