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Brand: Tetra / Food Type: Fish Food

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2001 22:55
      Very helpful



      This is the most frequently used fish food in our collection at home over the last several years. I also use freeze dried tubifex worms, algae tablets and catfish pellets. But I generally use them once or twice a week as treats. Tetra Prima contains all the vitamins that your fish require on a daily basis, and my fish love it. I have even trained a couple of the bolder platties in my tank to take it from my hand (make sure you wash your hands first and rince ALL soap away). The tank now has eight adult platties and I can't make an accurate count of the babies, but it exceeds twenty. For this reason there is now a lot of competition for the food. Here is a good tip: If you have a quiet community tank where your catfish hide all day long, if you put platties in the tank, the catfish firstly feel more comfortable with the fish swimming above them as protection, and secondly, they have to come out of hiding to get the food before the platties eat it all. I have a bullnose plec which I only saw after the tank lights go out, but now the platties are in, he comes out boldly during the day to get food. Anyway, back to the food. The Prima comes in a granulated form which sinks slowly to allow fish at all levels of the tank to feed on it. I find that the best method of feeding it in my community tank is to put some in at one end of the tank that I have scrunched between my fingers so it floats on the water. This attracts the platties. At the other end of the tank, I then put uncrushed granules in so they have a chance to sink before the platties finish the floating food. Platties are very hearty feeders and will go looking for more food all the time. If you find that they come to the top every time you walk past, don't put more food in as they will just get bloated and swim head down or on their side for a while. They have no perception of being full up, they will just keep eating. Always follow the instructi
      ons on the tub and only feed as much as they can get down their necks in three minutes. I feed it when i get up, at noon, and when the light goes out at ten o'clock. At tea time they have frozen bloodworm. Tetra prima is an excellent food to bring your fish into breeding condition, and can help bring out the fishes best colurs due to the vitamins. Well I talked about a lot more than Tetra Prima there, but I hope you find it helpful anyway. Another tip, if you are careful to feed your fish at the same times every day, you will find them waiting at the feeding spot for your arrival. My mum finds it cute, and even I find it quite heart warming. It just brings it home just how much these little creatures rely on you for everything. The price is based on a 150 gram tub that will last for ages and ages. BIG TIP:- >--- IF YOU GO TO www.tetra-fish.co.uk YOU CAN SIGN UP TO TETRA CLUB. WHEN YOU DO THIS YOU WILL GET A CARD THAT WILL GET YOU 10% OFF TETRA PRODUCTS AT PARTICIPATING RETAILERS ---<--


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    • Product Details

      Slowly sinking granular food for mid water to bottom feeding fish.

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