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The 7-day Pyramid Fish Feeder

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Brand: Pets at Home / Type: Fish Feeder

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2011 22:44
      Very helpful



      fed my fish during my holidays

      We've kept tropical fish for a couple of years now and currently have a community tank of tetras, gourami and some panda corydoras. They are a happy bunch of fish in their 90 litre aquarium and, now that our tank is established we don't have many casualties, though we are sure to do fairly regular water changes and feed our fish, sparingly, regularly. When it came to going on holiday then, I was, perhaps understandably, a little nervous about leaving the fish to be fed by this 7 day feeder. It's a block food that you put in the tank at the start of your holiday, and which slowly dissolves whilst you are away. Not having anyone to feed the fish for me and, having used a 3 day block before with success, I decided to try out this 7-day feeder, which cost me a little over £3 for 30 grammes of product - most fish stores seem to stock these blocks - on the day I bought mine they had apparently been flying off the shelves! It's suitable for tropical, marine and cold water fish according to the packaging, and should be used in a set up with a filter.

      The block, which is pretty well as pictured above and about 5cm by 5cm, is easy to use - you just place it in the aquarium and it will slowly dissolve, apparently releasing "tubifex worms as an extra treat for your fish" on day four - my fish are normally used to much less exotic fare being fed on flaked food. I didn't get to witness their feast, having put the product in the tank just before my departure, where it started to dissolve straight away bit by bit. Though it is called a 7 day feeder, the packaging advises that the block should last for up to 10 days, and feed 20 fish of "average size". Having small fish (bar the gourami pair) I was hoping that the block would be sufficient for their needs. On my return from my holiday after 8 days there was 1/6 of the block left and a full complement of fish - phew! My untreated tap water is quite hard, and so I was expecting the block to be more dissolved than it actually was, so if you are planning to feed your fish by this method whilst you are on holiday it may be a good idea to try out a smaller 3 day block first. Various reviews I have read warn of the block not dissolving, so it may depend on the water in your area, but as I have explained my fish came to no harm.

      I had plenty of opportunity to observe my fish and the food on my return, the minerals of which it is made dissolved slowly revealing little bits of food which floated free and the fish seemed to be quite happy to pick at the food as well. They obviously hadn't gone hungry as they hadn't attacked the plants and looked in fine form. I didn't have time to test the water on my return, however I did notice that it seemed a little more dirty than normal, with more algae growth than I would have expected, and so I did a water change of 1/4 of the tank as soon as I was able.

      I would definitely use one of these blocks again next time I go on holiday as I don't think it had any ill effect on my fish, it worked well and it's a convenient and relatively cheap way of feeding them when on holiday - if you have fish and need to leave them when you go on holiday, I would recommend this as a way of feeding them.


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