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Ron Thompson Evo Concept Boat Rods

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Brand: Ron Thompson / Equipment Type: Rod

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2013 14:00
      Very helpful



      A good beginners rod

      Last year my husband bought a small boat to go fishing in the North Sea. Now I confess to not liking to eat fish, and not really having an interest in fishing, and up to last September I had never tried it, but in the interest of supporting him and out of curiosity, as I quite like boats I agreed to give it a go. As he only had one boat rod it was agreed that we would need to buy another rod for me to use, and after looking online and in the local fishing shop we chose this as it was cheap and looked like it would do the job. We paid £32.94 including postage for two of these rods on ebay.

      Ron Thompson
      This is a fishing brand owned by a danish company called Svendsen sport, they own several fishing brands including this one. Ron Thompson seem to be a more mid range brand who offer just about everything for your fishing needs, including a variety of rods.

      My Rod
      This is a 6 ft composite rod, boat rods come in 6 ft and 7 ft sizes, but I think 6 ft is about the average as you don't want too big a rod on a boat (no pun intended). It came in a bag, which I've long since lost. It will split into two for easy transportation, although once it has the line in place you probably are not going to do this. It has a eva handle, graphite reel seat, sic guides, and a day glow tip. It is suitable for 20 to 30 lbs. On the shaft it has the make and name of the rod, as well as the fact it's 6 ft and the weight it's suitable for. For anyone who doesn't know this is the weight of the fish it will catch without breaking, although this will also depend on your line weight and skill.

      To fish with this as with most rods :) you put it together (unless you've bought a different one piece rod then you can skip this step :) ), add a reel with line then thread the line through the guides, and a hook, add some bait or a lure and assuming you are in the sea on a boat, (a canoe will do if you're fit and brave, but swimming whilst doing this would just be stupid :) ), you reel the hook into the water and wait for a passing fish. My husband is keener then me and uses a more technical method of lowering his rod in and out, I tried this and got bored :)

      So did this help me catch The Big One?
      Well not a big one, but I have caught several fish with it, including one whilst reading a book, as I said before I get bored and like to read in the peace and quiet of the north sea. I keep the rod propped between my legs (again clear your mind of those thought :) ), until I feel movement and then reel in the line to see if I've caught anything. This is a basic rod, but it has done the job I've asked of it, since first using it last September I've used it about 5 times, and it has also been used a couple of times by a friend of my husbands when I wasn't there. It is light enough for me to easily hold, and is easy to swing to bring the fish in. It looks attractive enough in a fishing rod kind of way. I have a reel, which my husband already had, and braided line, which is supposed to be stronger :) With this I've caught about 6 fish, so not loads but good for someone whose mostly reading a book.

      If I have one complaint about this rod it's that the quality of the guides (for the line) isn't great and my rod has already had the end guide replaced. We initially thought it was due to the lad using it (this was a fishing trip that was too early for me I like my sleep :) ), but on closer inspection of the rod I can see that all the guides are showing signs of rust. Now you may think that this is down to the sea air, and poor storage, but when not in use this lives in the house, and it's had the same treatment as my husband's slightly older and more expensive rod (he loves his fishing), and his shows no signs of rust. For me this isn't the end of the world, as my husband is clever enough and knowledgeable enough about fishing that he will just replace the guides with better ones, but for someone without this knowledge (or indeed clever husband :) ) this would be a problem. You can get the guides replaced in a fishing shop, but obviously this will cost, and then maybe you were better of getting a better rod. The second rod of the two we originally bought is also showing signs of rust, despite being used a lot less.

      This was a cheap rod though and a look online shows it currently at £15.00 (plus £4.99 postage) on Amazon, and available from around £30 for two on ebay including postage. You can also buy sets on ebay, which include reels if you don't already have one. It does the job, and I would recommend it if you just want to give boat fishing a try, and don't want to buy a more expensive rod you might not use.

      At the end of the day it's giving me pleasure and caught fish (for my husband to eat :) ) so it's 4 dooyoo stars from me.


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