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Best Fitness Ab Bench

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Brand: Best Fitness / Type: Exercise Bench

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2013 18:18
      Very helpful



      you get great results if you stick at it

      Do you want Abs? check this out:

      This will not give you abs without the aid of healthy eating, an active lifestyle, the occasional visit to the gym, but if you do all of those this is a great addition and will help you tighten your abs and your legs without too much effort at all.

      So, i got mine from Argos, circa £20. It comes flat pack in three pieces, plus the rubber/sponge parts that slip on to the metal. You simply have to screw the bolt provided through the holes and voila! your very own sit up bench in less time than it takes to do ten of them!

      How does this work?
      Sit on the highest part of the device, facing away from the bench, flip your knees over the top bar, slot your ankles under the bottom bars. (so that your feet are behind the bar and gripping so that you cannot all off). Gentle and SLOWLY lie back, until your body gets used to this machine it does feel like you are going to fall off, but as long as you lie back slowly there is no way you can fall. Even this movement alone tests the strength of those tummy muscles :-).

      Once you are lying back you need to tense your tummy and slowly sit up. You can throw yourself forward and manage to sit up using the momentum of your own weight, but this is cheating and will do nothing for your abs. You need to sit up and lie down in smooth, fluid motions. Set your own targets, try starting off with 3 sets of 15. You wont feel anything at the time and you will inevitably think "ha, whatevs, i can do like a 100" - please don't! it may seem as easy as anything but the next day you wont be able to move. If you so much as sneeze it'll feel like you have been punched in the tummy. Of course, if you are an avid gym goer already you will know that you can increase your limits. For beginners, go slowly. That is the best advice i can give you.

      of course this builds your abs. But you will need to do regular sets every single day and increase the ratio of sets exponentially.

      Its a little bulky, for me, i slot it half under the bed in the spare room. It is really not feasible to keep constructing and deconstructing as you use it, once you put it away you know you wont get it out again! So make sure you have ample space for this, and also enough space to actually use it.

      Its a great little buy but this bench alone will not an Adonis make


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  • Product Details

    3 starting incline positions (15, 20, and 25 degrees) for effective ab workouts Ab board designed to tighten up midsection and improve core stability Durable 1.75-inch upholstered seat and 4-inch, high-density roller pads Includes safety pins and bolts for easy setup and disassembly No assembly required Durable powder coated finish Product Dimensions: 39 x 17 x 25 inches 32 pounds / 14.6 kgs Weight: 14.6 kgs / 32 lbs

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