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Bodi-Tek Power Vibration Trainer

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Exercise Equipment

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 19:36
      Very helpful



      Highly recommend for those who like to stay in shape, but just dont have the time.


      Last year me and my husband joined the gym as we have tried to become much fitter, due to a slight bit of weight gain around the middle regions.

      We would go six nights a week after work, and we certainly managed to reduce the excess weight but after being happy with my weight I was only having a thirty minute work out, for the sake of it but late last year the gym got refurbished and they introduced new machines.

      The best machine by far were these power vibration massagers, at first I thought they were very weird and stayed clear but after the gym instructor explained how they were used I was amazed and then spent every minute I could on it at the gym.

      My husband started lifting but he soon got into this as well, so for Christmas I treated him to his very own vibrating massager toning machine as they had at that point been manufactured for home use.


      This fantastic vibrating machine was invented and produced by Russian scientists, to help astronauts keep in shape while they were in space and help maintain there bones, so with the zero gravity in space they had to come up with an idea that would work and stimulate the users muscles, bones and bodies.

      The inventors came up with vibrating plates which are stood or sat on to stimulate their muscles, since then this has been tinkered with and now we have a machine that tones your whole body, it is now commonly used in gyms, and hospitals to help with medical rehabilitation.


      This is a machine based around a vibrating plate with can be stood or sat upon, and it will tone and strengthen your muscles, vibrations are emitted through the plate and therefore automatically stimulates your whole body.

      You can work your whole body of just certain parts, to get a full body work out you stand on the machine for fifteen minutes and gives you the benefits of a forty minute work out at the gym.

      If you only want to tone certain areas, such as your bum and stomach you can just sit on the machine for a fifteen minute session, but standing on it is also very beneficial and very comfortable as it also comes complete with a stand which you can hold on to.

      It has amazed me how a vibration from this machine has trimmed and toned my body, with very little effort. So I have since discontinued my gym membership and only use this four times a week, this way I can keep in shape very easily.

      At first this seemed very strange as if is was standing on top of a washing machine, and I did struggle to keep myself stable but once I was used to it, I found it to be very effective.

      This particular machine has a maximum weight of sixteen stone, so if you are any heavier this will not be suitable, but you can buy a more advance machine at a higher price if this is something you fancy trying.


      This machine comes with multiple vibration functions that all work on a fifteen minute timer, you can start on a low vibration setting and once that becomes easier you can work your way up the settings until you hit the fastest setting.

      You can also personalize the machine to suit your personal need for example work your whole body and then sit on it for the last five minutes and have a faster setting to work the bum and tum, this is what I do as these are the areas than need the most work.

      The actual vibration plate is attached to a column type stand and the machine is operated by an electronic panel, which allows you to access the nine different speed settings 1 being the slowest and 9 being the fastest, the level setting can be change while the machine is in use to build up a resistance that tones the muscles harder.

      Each level is designed to suit you certain needs:

      Level 1-2 is to improve balance and posture

      Level 3-4 is to help circulation, help you relax and slowly build up muscle

      Level 5-6 is for muscle toning

      Level 7-8 is for advanced toning, tendon strengthening, and bone strengthening

      Level 9 is the highest level and is used to build muscle and tone up skin, is this is the level I tend to stick to, so I can lose the baggy bits.

      This also has three automatic exercise programmes built in to it for you to follow and three different timed programmes for you to follow, but as I said once you get used to it you can build up your own programme to suit your need.


      Some may feel that there house is too small for something like this, but it is only 1.2 meters high, 0.5 meters in depth and 0.5 meters in width. So this can tuck away nicely into any corner.

      I personally have mine in the garage as it can be a bit noisy, so I have hooked up a portable television in their so I can watch the telly when I use it.


      The price does vary from place to place so you can expect to pay anything from £129.99 - £299.99 for this piece of exercise equipment , but you have to bear in mine the cheaper it is the less likely it will be durable and last.

      I bought mine, well my husbands from ebay for £90.00 second hand and I only had to travel twenty minutes down the road to collect it, so on this occasion ebay certainly saved me a lot of money.


      I have found this toning machine is not as powerful as the one at the gym, but it still works well for me even though my husband has lost interest. I love to go down to the garage and stand on the toning plates while I watch my soaps, I don't feel like it is as much of a chore as it was to go to the gym.

      Using this can feel very strange and you tingle through out your body, if you start on a higher level you can actually feel fat wobbling around so I am confident this really works, I did have a complex about using this at the gym as I was afraid people would see my bum cheeks wobble as it was not the firmest in the place, but I can assure you other people do not see your bits wobbling, it is just in your mind as you are aware that you are shaking all over.

      I feel this has really toned me up in the places I needed it to so I would say this has been a brilliant buy, but my husband is the opposite and this had not built up his muscles as it was advertised to do so, so he still goes to the gym to lift weights.

      I think this is the ideal piece of exercise equipment for women as it tones and strengthens muscles, but it will not build the muscles up so you are bulging. I have found that men like to have bulging muscles and I feel this would not achieve that look but it would maintain it once the muscles had been established.

      So overall the £90.00 I have paid for this was brilliant, because in the grand scheme of things I would not have even got two months membership at a gym for this.


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    • Product Details

      The Power Trainer employs Advanced Whole-Body-Vibration technology (WBV) to create a stretch reflex in the body which results in rapid and intense muscle contractions to accelerate the whole fitness training process. A conventional workout that might take 40 minutes can be completed in just 15 minutes with amazing results. The body's reaction to this mechanical stimulation is natural. Used extensively by top athletes and now widely accepted all over the world within medical, rehabilitation, health and fitness circles, WBV training is suitable for anyone over 14 years old. With multiple vibration speeds and a 15 minute timer, you can personalise your own exercise programme to target specific area of the body.

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