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Body Sculpture Power Slimmer BM1505

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Body Sculpture / Type: Power Slimmer

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    2 Reviews
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      06.05.2012 04:52
      Very helpful



      A nifty exercise machine that I am actually still using!!

      I had seen this Body Sculpture Power Slimmer in my local Cash Generators for a while and a few months back it was priced at £79.99, I was tempted to get it then but asked myself two questions ~
      Would I ever use it???
      Is 80 quid a bit much for a clothes horse??? Haha!

      Well the answers were ermm yes I would use it but yep 80quid is a lot for a clothes horse! So I left it and never bothered. Well I went back in six weeks ago and it had been reduced to £30. Now for £30 I wasn't about to leave it there, so I put a deposit down on it and went back for it later in the afternoon after I had finished my shopping.

      I had been looking for a vibration plate for a couple of years and always ended up not bothering because of the prices.
      They all seemed a little too pricey for something I didn't know if I would use much.

      ~~~ What is it??? ~~~

      The Body Sculpture Power Slimmer is used as a form of exercise. It consists of a base which has a twisting plate and a removable handle, at the base of the handle is a space for the remote control and it is this that operates the machine.
      The power slimmer apparently aids in slimming, improves muscle tone and strength along with circulation and flexibility. It also claims to improve blood circulation and the process of metabolism.

      Vibration slimmers are very popular in gyms no as are they with many celebs!

      The power slimmer is mainly white in colour with a blue circle around the edge of the oscillation plate, there is a white arm bearing the logo and a small blue plastic casing box which holds the remote around this is the black foam covered handle.
      This is a small version of the vibration plates available and more expensive machines operate with a higher motor although this one in particular does vibrate really well.
      The arm/handle is detachable and can be made higher or lower depending on the user, being removable is is easy to store away when not in use.
      I have mine set up in the corner of the dining room to ensure I use it everyday because if it goes upstairs I know it will be used to hang clothes on and that will be it!

      As I bought mine second hand it didn't come with any usage instructions or any exercises but if you Google for vibration plate exercises you will get a few results and also You Tube demonstrations although none on You Tube show this actual power slimmer in use.

      ~~~ How does it work? - Usage ~~~

      After looking online I found a blog that shows simple demonstrations on what you should do on the machine to target certain areas of your body. From standing to sitting to using it to do press ups there's a whole range of exercises available.

      I have been using it on a daily basis along with following the Slimming World diet plan and I am finding it quite effective. I know the Slimming World plan suits me well and it involves the Body Magic plan which is all about exercising. We all know diet and fitness go hand in hand so to do one well you should include the other. I use the Wii Fit and Just Dance/Dance Central about 3 times a week but I do use the Power Slimmer everyday for about 20 minutes or so.
      The plate twists to center the exercises and empasise on the waist, tummy and leg area and I have found it is helping make a huge difference.
      You are working the muscles whilst the vibration is also helping with circulation and everything else it entails.

      It's easy to use and the exercises do work, apparently 20 minutes on a power plate is equivalent to an hours work out on normal exercise equipment.

      I really like this piece of equipment and so far so good. I have lost a stone in 5 weeks but I notice that I have toned up especially in my tummy area.
      I sit on the plate in a crunch position and hold for 60 seconds, and I do feel it has helped, I do other things too such as stand with knees bent, lay down - half on the machine half the floor, etc.. there are numerous ways to use it.

      ~~~Searching the net I have found the following information (not included in word count) ~~~

      How the Body reacts to Vibration Training

      No matter what your physical condition, the subconscious stretch reflexes will tighten almost all your muscles at once with vibration exercise. That compares with just 45 per cent of muscle fibres used during conventional training.

      Traditional training increases muscle strength because your body reacts to the extra resistance created by the weights over and above regular gravity.
      With Vibration Training your body reacts to acceleration rather than extra weight, which is much greater than standard training stimuli. Your body has to adapt even more to overcome this greater load, and so achieve your training targets faster.

      Further, the vibrations increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improve blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthen bone tissue, improve lymph drainage and increase the basal metabolic rate.

      All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, anti-cellulitis, collagen improvement, and fat reduction. You look and feel fitter, but you do not have to train more intensively. The added value of the Vibration Trainer is improved training quality and effectiveness, so you can shorten your sessions and recover faster.

      The superior muscle-activation that the vibration machine stimulates compared to conventional training, means that less time is required to work muscle groups completely. A one minute workout on the Vibration Trainer burns more energy and creates strength improvements. This is achieved with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments. You can perform static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, and placing your hands on it. Almost any exercise from a typical gym workout to passively sitting on a chair and resting your feet can be done on the Vibration Trainer.

      Vibration Training and the Elderly

      As we grow older, we know that conventional exercise becomes harder. The Mend Your Health Vibration trainer has many benefits particularly for the elderly, including:

      Non-aerobic exercise, making it much more accessible to the less fi
      Very low impact - at its lowest speeds the Vibration Trainer is easier than walking
      At medium and higher speeds, the vibration motion increases bone strength and helps build muscle, both of which help protect against the effects of osteoporosis.
      Massing effects at low speeds greatly increase blood flow around hips and knees, and the repetitive stretching strengthens the joints and muscles
      There is a sturdy grab rail to hold on to, and a safety switch to turn the machine off in case of a fall.

      Vibration Training and those with Back / Joint / Arthritis problems

      Joint problems vary greatly, and the Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer provides an excellent solution for those with these problems (unlike some trainers, which are too harsh to be used safely). The key benefits of the Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer are:

      Very low impact, especially at lower speeds (when it is less than walking), means it can be used even with weak joints and after hip and knee replacements (not during first 8-12 weeks though - please consult your doctor)
      Regular use builds up muscles around the feet, knees and hips, which help support weaker joints
      The continual movement of the joints and muscles boosts blood flow to the joints, which helps improve their condition, and slows down any deterioration
      The Mend Your Health vibration trainer has a particularly large displacement, which when used at lower speeds, gives greater muscle extension and joint movement than most trainers, which helps increase suppleness and joint flexibility.

      Vibration Training and Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinsons / Similar disorders

      Sufferers of many conditions find that regular exercise is too tiring, which results in exercise programs being abandoned. The Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer is particularly suitable because:

      It is a non-aerobic form of exercise, which does not make you breathless or over exert you
      At low speeds, combined with the extra large displacement of the Mend Your Health trainer, the motion works the muscles involved in balance, improving core stability.
      There is a sturdy grab rail to hold on to, and a safety switch to turn the machine off in case of a fall.

      Vibration Training and Skiers

      Skiers need strong thighs and working knees! The Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer helps skiers get ready for the slopes by:

      At high speeds, with feet close together on the platform and with knees bent, the motion is exercising the muscles and joints needed for skiing.
      By getting used to the vibration at high speed for 10 minutes a day for the weeks preceding a skiing holiday, you will increase the time and comfort on the slopes dramatically, painlessly and will reduce the likelihood of niggly knee and thigh related pain or injury.


      So as you can see for yourself the benefit of using these machines is there.

      This comes with a remote, this is used for everything. It plugs into the mains and then into the front of the bottom bit, there are no power buttons on the machine at all. The remote has four buttons, On/Off, Auto, High and Low.
      Obviously you have to first turn it on, the machine will start off on a low setting this can be increased up to four times, or you can use the auto button which has three different pre-set settings. There are indication lights on the base for low, high, power and auto, the lights are red, green and blue in colour depending on option you are using.

      It is fairly lightweight yet very sturdy. I have mine on laminate flooring and it is very quiet indeed, I use it when my little one is asleep and it doesn't wake him and I can also hear the TV over it.

      They usually retail for around £100 - £150 but are currently on offer on Amazon for £108.99. For a small machine it packs a good amount of power and it is a purchase I am certainly glad I made.

      Features ~
      Twisting & vibration plate
      4 speed/intensity levels
      Remote controlled
      3 pre-set programmes
      Helps improve muscle strength, flexibility and stimulates blood circulation
      Adjustable handle height for comfort
      1 year manufacturer warranty

      I forgot to mention that this power slimmer has a maximum weight limit of 16 stone.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        16.03.2012 21:42
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The perfect way to exercise without breaking a sweat

        For months now I've needed to rid myself of that excess baby weight, but having two children full-time meant I needed something I could use at home.

        What exercise equipment could I use in the comfort of my own home-with limited space? This is how I came across the power slimmer.

        When assembled, this product is:
        H 108cm, W 63cm and D 53cm

        When it arrived, there were a few pieces which needed screwing together-this took literally five minutes to set up (we thought there were pieces missing-but they were neatly tucked in the packaging).

        I purchased this for £159.99, but as it was purchased from Littlewoods we did pay a little over the odds. It's available for about £130 from quite a few other retailers-Amazon being one of them.

        I'd be lying if I said I knew how it aids my weight loss-but so far it seems to be doing something.

        I purchased this about three weeks ago, and already I can feel my legs are more toned. I can see a substancial difference already- from only 15 minutes usage per day. 15-20 minutes on a power slimmer is supposed to be the equivalent to working out in the gym for one hour. For all you lazy people out there-this is the perfect scenario for you.

        As well as general weight loss, toning and muscle strength, the power slimmer is designed to improve blood circulation, metabolism, improve joints and cellulite. It can improve the general tone of all areas of your body-depending on which positions you choose while using it. Although the instruction manual only came with six suggested positions, I actually found better ones googling them on the internet.

        If you can handle the intensity of this machine, then it's a fantastic way of losing weight. There are 5 levels of speed, but it recommends that:
        -Lower speeds be used to massage aches and pains, increase flexibility, and to improve blood flow to muscles and joints
        -Medium speeds burn fat, are ideal for light work-outs and to tone and stimulate musles, joints, ligaments and bones
        -Higher speeds are recommended to tone and condition muscles, improve bone density and for fitness in general

        All functions are controlled with a remote control, making it really easy if you are in the middle of a program and want to adjust speeds or turn it off.

        There are three different programs:
        -(P1) Wave mode programs
        The wave shape high and low rythm
        -(P2) Pitch mode program
        The long distance climb training
        -(P3) Towers mode program
        The high and low transformation

        The different programs are shown by different colours:
        -P1- Blue
        -P2- Green
        -P3- Red

        The levels are indicated by different colours too
        -Level 1-2 (Green)
        -Level 3-5 (Red)

        I find this power slimmer really simple to use- although I do sometimes find it confusing when it's set to manual as the settings alternate. If you are on the first program, the first minute is one level 3, the second minute is on level 4, the third minute is on level 5 and then it goes back to level 4 and so on. For this reason, I tend to set it to either high or low.

        I never use this machine when I am hungry or overly tired-as the vibrating and oscillating plate really do vibrate and they can make you go really dizzy. I would also advise that you wear shoes-as the first time I used this, I didn't and it was really uncomfortable.

        The height of the handle can be adjusted-making it ideal for all different shapes and sizes (up to a maximum user weight of 100kg/16 stone). By unscrewing the bottom of the handle, it can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

        The power slimmer also comes with a one year guarantee, should you have any problems with it during this time.

        I would recommend this product as it has worked wonders for me already. There aren't many fitness products with the ability to work on your whole body-this one does. It sends vibrations to whichever part you chose to work on, and at a comfortable speed for you. All without breaking a sweat!


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