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Bodymax Zenith Workout Tower

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Manufacturer: Bodymax / Type: Fitness Equipment

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2011 16:14
      Very helpful
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      Very good quality product but at a price!

      The Bodymax Zenith workout tower is a bodyweight training product designed for commercial usage. I've used the product at my boxing gym for training numerous different exercises. I consider the exercises it allows you to perform very important and the device itself is very hard wearing and well built.

      The workout tower weighs 84kg which is quite heavy when fully assembled. It stands about 230cm at its peak around the chinup bar and is about 105-110 cm in length. The product features a strong painted metal construction which is a silvery/grey colour. There is also leather and rubber on the product which are solid black in colour. At the top of the product is a black chinup bar which is bent and curved so you can use a variety of grips. There is a leather back rest and black leather handles for abdominal Roman chair exercises, rubber end handles for dips and very small handles on the bottom of the product which can be used for leg raises and pressups. There are also rubberised black sections on the bottom of the product to stop it slipping around on the floor. There are some foot plates which are metal construction and allow you to get into position for dips and chinups. I would say even with the heavy weight and height of the product, it is fairly compact and we keep it in the corner of the gym without much of a problem.

      The product is first and foremost designed for commercial heavy usage, which is the reason we got it for the boxing gym. I can certainly vouch for that, as in the years we've had it, the product is still in perfect condition. The metal work whilst not completely solid in places is very strong and resists bending. The leather is of good quality and the rubberised areas have not chipped or split in any way. The welding on the product is also strong and has been done to a great finish. Overall I would say the product is extremely durable and I expect it to last in working condition for the club for decades.

      The product is a staple in our gym, loads of boxers of varying sizes have used the product in training. The chinup bar at the top is strong and is bent in different shapes so you can utilise different grips fro chinups and pullups. The back rest is comfortable when you do roman chair work for the abdominals. You can also do dips to target the chest muscles because there are small handles on the end of the bars in the middle. The foot plates are a great touch as the chinup bar is about 230cm in the air so would make it hard for people to get into position. It's hard to see on the current picture, but the product also features small handles which are rubberised at the end which allow you to hold onto when doing leg raises which target the abdominals or for doing pressups too. Overall the product is a staple in our gym and can be used for a lot of different worthwhile exercises.

      The product is not cheap at £499.99 and can only be bought online from powerhouse-fitness in the UK. Fortunately our club had enough funds to purchase the product and has been a worthwhile investment. For the strong durability of the product and craftmanship in welding and manufacturing the product, it was a good price as we expect it to last years and years of heavy use. However, if your not wanting a product for commercial usage then there are cheaper York workout towers which retail for about £120 to £130 online which are essentially identical to the Bodymax tower but have a less durable construction.

      The product is large and heavy (84kg) once fully assembled and takes a bit of time to do. It took 3 of us about 35 minutes to assemble the product and I think it would be a good idea to have a friend or someone else to help you assemble it if your just on your own. The main problem was keeping things in position whilst your trying to screw and attach the different components and was much easier when someone is holding parts for you to screw. Overall the instructions were good but I would say it's definitely not the easiest product to built but doable if you take your time.

      There are no real drawbacks with the product but the only thing I would say is that you can occasionally knock into parts of it when doing chinups. The product is compact and everything is fitted neatly onto the product, which is space saving and useful, but do take note that occasionally my legs have collided with the Roman chair back rest.

      Overall I'm very happy with the product. It allows you to perform a good range of exercises, is quite compact enough to fit in a corner out of the way and features solid durability and craftsmanship. I expect the product to last decades of commercial use and will continue to be a well used and appreciated product in our gym. The price is high at a penny under £500 but free delivery was supplied by Powerhouse-fitness which was a bonus considering the weight of the product. You can buy cheaper non commercial private use products like the York workout tower (£120-£130 in UK) but they won't be to the same build quality of the Bodymax tower. It's also worth noting that the product is compact so you can occasionally bang your legs off the product when doing chinup/pullup work. Overall a great product that is both useful and very well made! I recommend it. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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