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Confidence Ab Master Pro Training Machine

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2012 03:18
      Very helpful



      A good abs bench

      I can't count the amount of fitness equipment I have bought over the years and never used, until I bought this. It is now used as a shelf for my ironing, a seat and occasionally to exercise on.

      The product cost me around £30 on Amazon a few years ago, it is currently just under £40 including delivery. I think this is a great price, when I bought mine I was only waiting for pay day to order a very similar bench from a TV shopping channel at £120!

      What is the Ab Master Pro?
      Well this is a bench for you do do sit ups on, it is recommended to use it for a couple of minutes a day and within 6 weeks you will have washboard abs!

      Setting up the bench
      Assembling of the bench wasn't as easy as I had expected. The box it was delivered in was large and flat and the bench weighs around 11kg. There's only a few parts held together with screws, but I definitely had to read the manual to get it up! It still only took around half an hour though which is good for me!
      The bench can be folded for storage but to be honest if you just want to fold it, it's still rather large, to get it small enough to put under a bed involves removing a couple of bolt things (these are easily pulled out as they have a ring on the end and are just pushed back in needing no tools). To me to get it folded small enough I think I would end up leaving mine under the bed forevermore so I leave mine up all the time in the spare bedroom.

      Features of the bench
      -The bench has different heights at which you can put the back rest, I started with the highest which isn't far off being sat upright, therefore it only requires a small amount of movement. Although the movement is small, you can still feel the tummy muscles working. I did this for a few days before moving onto the next lower level.
      This is a little harder and requires more movement, again it isn't too difficult but I would do fewer or these than on the easier setting.
      After another few days I decided to lower the back rest a bit more, this time starting laid down horizontally and having to move into an upright position. This was tricky at first, I aimed for around 20 sit ups twice a day and it isn't as easy as you think! Once I found it getting a little easier I moved onto the next level......
      Big mistake, on this level you start with the back rest lower than horizontal, cue rush of blood to the head. Then, I got stuck. I just couldn't manage to get sat back upright again, my partner uses this level from time to time though and has no problem but I prefer to use the third level for a bit more comfort and just increase the amount of sit ups when I feel comfortable.

      -The back and head rest mean that you have added support, I think sit ups will always make my back pull a little but it is much better than sit ups on the floor, I don't feel any strain in my neck thanks to the head rest.

      -The hand bar is covered in rubber to add grip and stop your hands from sliding. The grip is fine although can feel a little rough on the hands.

      -There is an adjustable foot rest which can be places at different heights, as can the hand bar which is good as it means people of different heights can easily use the equipment.

      -Where the seat part of the bench ends is nice and rounded so does not dig into the back of you legs at all.

      Does it work
      I would say this definitely worked for me! I can feel it working as I am using it and can certainly feel it the morning after. When I first bought the bench I used it for a couple of minutes on a morning and evening and I could definitely see and feel a difference in my abs within about 2 weeks. The only thing that stopped me continuing to use this regularly is that I have a habit of pushing myself far too hard and my stomach muscles were in agony when coughing and laughing and moving! If you use it properly and GRADUALLY increase your reps you shouldn't have any problems with it. I still use it, especially a few weeks before the bikini breaks! It's nice to have a product that you can see and feel working without having to wait months for results.

      I would definitely recommend this bench for someone who is willing to stick at it. I use it from time to time still, it really does only require a couple of minutes a day to use and it is much more comfortable to exercise on than other ab equipment which you need to be on the floor for which could require you to buy a mat or be uncomfortable. If you have the space for one of these, go for it!


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    • Product Details

      Confidence's Ab Master 200 degree range of motion targets your upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once with one smooth up and down motion. All you need is just couple of minutes a day, along with proper diet and regular exercise, to tone and flatten your stomach in days, not months.

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