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Davina 2in1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

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Brand: Davina / Type: Exercise Bike & Cross Trainer

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2011 12:45
      Very helpful
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      Really good fun and lose weight easily.

      Over the past year I've gained some weight, due to eating a lot of take out food!! I tried to diet but I just couldnt resist unhealthy food. So instead of eating healthier, I've decided to half my meals and start excercising. So I got a few cheap excercise stuff but it wasnt helping, with my birthday coming up I decided to get something a little more pricey. So I decided to get this!

      It came in a lot of pieces, some of the parts had stickers on with 'L' and 'R'. Meaning left and right. So that was helpful when putting it together, it may seem stupid but it can be hard to tell which bits are left and which bits are right. It was really easy to put together, me and my boyfriend did it in about 40 minutes. The box was huge and it was really heavy. This is £179.99 in Argos but you can get it much cheaper on Ebay. I bought this brand new off Ebay for £70. Saving me over one hundred pounds. The instructions were quite hard to understand, we did put something on in the wrong order because the page showed two things to do, but didnt say which one to do first. Also some of the screws go in the oppisite way.

      A month on and I still go on it everyday, I only do about 2.5km but I can definetly see the difference and so does the weighing scales. It shows you on the digital display, 'time, speed, distance, total distance, calories lost and your heart rate' Its really amazing and I actually enjoy excercising. It has 8 tension controls. You can set it so it counts down from a certain point, for example 15 minutes or 5km. The digital display is farely big and easy to read from a distance (although why would you be at a distance). It has three buttons on 'set, reset, mode'. Reset obviously resets the times or calories or distance, you cant delete the total distance without taking out the batteries.

      Because its 2 in 1 cross trainer, it has a seat so you can sit down and do it, almost like an excercise bike. Personally I think you get a lot more out of standing up and you can definitely feel it working. It also looks really great in my spare room and I love showing it to people. Its pink and white-ish. I like the pink because its feminine. Its not too huge so you dont need a massive space. It looks much more expensive than it is. Im not actually sure if the two 'AAA bateries' come with it when you buy it new, but mine did.

      Definitely buy this if your trying to lose a few pounds!!

      **01/07/2011*** Update - Ive still been using this most days and still find it really fun. I now use it for about 20 minutes which I usually do about 3km. I find it best to work out with when your listening to music and having a sing a long. It may take your breath away but times flies and before you know it you've done 5km.


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