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Davina Rowing Action Exerciser

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Manufacturer: Davina / Type: Rowing Machine

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2012 17:23
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      A portable rower that works like a rowing machine... Sort of!

      My mum and I like to do a car boot sale every year or two to have a bit of a clean out of all our unwanted items that aren't suitable for Ebay! We finally got around to doing one about three weeks ago now after waiting for ages for a suitable weather forecast (there was absolutely no way I was getting up on a Sunday morning at the crack of dawn to stand in a field in the rain, it was all I could manage to actually get up in pleasant weather before about ten in the morning on a Sunday)! In the end my boyfriend decided to come along, promising us he was an expert at bartering (this basically meant he'd end up giving everything away for nothing) and a great bargain hunter (which basically meant he'd spend most of our profit)!
      I ended up making about £40 after I'd bought a few drinks and sausage sandwiches... although my actual profit was closer to £20 after my boyfriend decided to go and "browse the field" as he put it. One of the most ridiculous things he came back with was a brand new Davina Rowing Action Exerciser that he'd managed to get for just £2 although I still wasn't convinced it was a bargain. It came in a plastic case that was still sealed as I'm a bit funny about second hand items! The Rowing Action Exerciser is basically a portable rowing device which works in a similar way to the classic rowing machine you find in the gym. It advertises itself as "an ideal way to strengthen your core and other key muscles, including back and thighs." I admit I wasn't overly convinced and did imagine it wouldn't last long in our house...
      The exerciser is pink in colour (heavens knows what the people selling it thought when my boyfriend bought it!) It consists of two back rollers that are joined together and sit under your feet, connected to them is a pink extending piece of thick elastic which in turn connects to a set of black handles that you use to hold. The rollers sit under your feet whilst you hold the handles and effectively row, this mean you pull backwards as if you were rowing which extends the thick plastic holding the two ends together. Apparently this causes abdominal muscles to tighten as well as strengthening back muscles and trimming thighs as well, bargain! When I first tried it I honestly didn't think it would do anything but as I started to pull back on the handles the plastic connecting piece almost pulled me forwards, I found I actually had to put some effort in so as to lean quite far back. I then released and moved forwards before repeating the backwards action to create a rather amusing looking rowing effect!
      I've since used this about six or seven times (in varying degrees of soberness) and have rather mixed feelings towards it. The first time I was really enthusiastic and managed to row using it for about ten minutes, by which point I was sweating so it was doing something! The second time I was slightly less enthusiastic and put in a rather half hearted effort really. Since then I've used it a couple of times but find that it's not the best quality and that it doesn't offer any support for my back... I ended up rolling to the side once as there's nothing to keep your upright! Also the straps on the rollers aren't very big which meant I couldn't wear my trainers when I used this equipment. As such it left me feeling rather unsteady as I don't like not wearing trainers for exercise, it felt like I was cheating somehow! Finally (yes... I promise!) I'm nearly six foot and found this ideal for my height, however my friend used it (when we were rather tipsy) and as she's only about five foot four she found there was hardly any resistance unless she leaned right back which wasn't very practical (even when sober).
      If you do wish to invest in a Davina Rowing Action Exerciser (that's another thing, does Davina McCall really expect me to believe she uses one of these in her lounge?!) then you can purchase one from Argos. They're currently priced at £9.99... or you could go wondering around a car boot sale looking for one as that's where my one will be going next year I reckon!
      Thanks for reading!


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