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Everlast Thigh Toner

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Manufacturer: Pro Fitness / Type: Fitness

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    10 Reviews
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      24.06.2013 00:48
      Very helpful



      Worth a try for the price, always a fan of at home easy fitness (kind of!) products

      In terms of exercise and getting fit i suppose im your typical 'new years resolution' kind of girl in that i will buy a gym membership, waste £100, never go and forever feel guilty. Whilst i did do this this year, i decided to invest in some home exercise/toning aids so i dont feel so guilty when i cannot make the gym..


      It retails for just under £10 which i do think is reasonable, and if you only end up using a few times and it gets forgotten about (happens often to me) there is not too much financial loss there. It is lightweight and snugly packaged.. though be warned that when you pull if out the box it may spring open very quickly! Downside regarding the packaging i would say is there is no real instruction manual ( a leaflet with a couple of pictures but not much use) though guides can be found on the internet.


      I was attracted to the pink girly colour (makes exercising ever so slightly more bearable??). The pink padding area is relatively comfortable when using it between your knees, though if using for long periods of time i imagine it could do with a bit more padding for added comfort.

      ** DOES IT WORK**

      I have used this product for a few minutes morning and evening between the legs (lying flat on your back, toner between the knees and slowly pushing it together to tone inner thighs) and also on my arms (linking fingers above the spring and slowly compressing to tone arms). I like the fact it has more than one use and the arm tone can be done whilst watching telly... perfect! I can feel the burn on my inner thighs and arms when using it... however i am dubious to any overall effect it is having though i dont expect a miracle.


      Personally, i think for the price, its worth giving it a try and you can feel the burn however i don't feel that it is a made to last product, but its a bit fun and suitable for different sizes, ages and abilities.


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      13.05.2012 01:33
      Very helpful



      Cannot recommend.

      I bought an Everlast Womens Thigh Toner about three years ago when I bought a range of low-tech fitness equipment for me and my daughter to use. I can't remember what I paid for the Everlast Womens Thigh Toner, but I do know that it is currently available on the Amazon.co.uk website for £8.60 which, at first glance, probably seems like a good price.

      The Everlast Womens Thigh Toner is designed to firm up the muscles on the outer and inner thighs, although it can also be used to tone the muscles of the arms, chest and buttocks. It came already assembled which was a bit of a relief because my DIY skills are not the best, and it also came with a full instruction leaflet and advice on exercises that can be done with the apparatus. The exercises were easy to follow and seemed to be varied and well thought out. However, in practice, the apparatus did not really function to the highest capacity and therefore the exercise instructions were a little redundant.

      The main bulk of the frame is made from metal, which actually makes the apparatus quite heavy and bulky and for that reason it is also not that transportable. It also doesn't fold up small and so it does take up quite a lot of room when it's not in use. The metal frame is covered in foam with pads the metal and stops it from being really cold as well as relieves some of the pressure when using it. The foam is a really nice girly pink which, as it is specifically designed for women, means that it is gender appropriate and kind of fits in with the other girly gym equipment we own!

      In theory, using the Everlast Womens Thigh Toner isn't great because it just function as smoothly as I would like it too. The tension on the toner seems about right, but I find that it does seem to jar occasionally and doesn't move as smoothly as I would like. It keeps like the joint that are allowing the movement in and out are just not very smooth and so the tension does not seem uniform and so it's actually difficult to get into any sort of a routine. In addition to this, the foam is quite shiny and thus slippery and so if you're using this with tracksuit bottoms then it tends to slip and it can get more than a little frustrating and annoying. If I use it on base legs then it seems to get really hot and sweaty - and again, becomes slippery and not easy to use.

      As for the results - well, I have to say that I really didn't notice any substantial change in tone depite using religiously. I have toned areas of my body since using other equipment and so therefore I feel justified in putting this down to equipment failure rather than exerciser failure!

      Overall, I don't recommend this product because of the reasons I've given and it would probably be worth spending a little more and getting something that is just a better quality.


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        14.02.2012 21:57
        Very helpful




        So I bought this product a few years ago on Amazon back when there weren't very many reviews available. It was cheap and I was getting into an exercise routine and was trying to find certain things online. Out of all the things that I bought, I really regret buying this... it might have been under £10 but I wish I'd never spent even £1 on this!

        ~~Product Description~~
        (amazon.co.uk) Manufacturer's Description:Squeeze your way to fitness! Say goodbye to flab. The targeted resistance of the Thigh Toner firms muscles without adding bulk. Strong tension lets you build your strength and increase firmness. Foam covered for maximum comfort, the Thigh Toner is easy to use, transport and store. It's convenient - take it with you to the office or when you travel. Product Description:Features:- Firms outer and inner thighs- Tones arms, chest and buttocks- Fitness guide includedSqueeze your way to fitness! The targeted resistance of the Thigh Toner firms muscles without adding bulk. Strong tension lets you build your strength and increase firmness.Foam covered for maximum comfort. Easy to use, transport and store.

        ~~Current Price & Additional Information~~
        Priced at £8.60 on Amazon. I paid the RRP of £8.99 when I first bought it. There are 16 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of three stars at the moment!

        It comes in a medium-sized box with purple colour scheme. When you open it, you see the thigh toner wrapped in a sheet of cardboard. There is a warning message written all around the cardboard that tells you the thigh toner is under pressure and needs to be taken out with care. There are instructions written to tell you how to do this, twice, on both sides.

        ~~My Thoughts~~
        From the first moment when I tried to take the thigh toner out, I knew I wasn't going to like it. I tried hard to keep open minded though. Despite the instructions and warning message, the thigh toner wasn't easy at all to take out. It was jammed in pretty firmly and ended up springing in my face when I finally succeeded in getting it out. You're meant to hold the sleeve and take the handles of the thigh holder to keep it compressed. In theory it means that the thigh toner should just slide out from the sleeve. Not so, not so... I couldn't get a good grip on the handles at all and had to work it out a little by little.

        When I managed to get it out, I started playing with it straight away... I'm pretty much a big kid and look forward/get excited about things very easily! The thigh toner comes with an instruction sheet that shows three different exercises you can do: two for the thighs (inner and outer) and one for your triceps.

        Inner Thigh Exercise:
        This was pretty uncomfortable to say the least; I did this with shorts and long leggings...still uncomfortable. You lie on your back, arms extended out and place the thigh toner between your thighs, legs bent. Since it's under pressure it should provide adequate resistance as you squeeze it for 10 seconds. The thigh toner is padded, but you can feel it jabbing at you with each movement, and it's very uncomfortable. There was also some resistance, but really not enough. It wasn't challenging at all!

        Outer Thigh Exercise:
        This one was near USELESS for me. You again lie on your back with knees bent, arms at your sides. Then you raise one leg up with the thigh toner squeezed into the bend behind your knees. You are meant to squeeze the thigh toner together for 10 seconds. Well... I'm not extremely tall - 5 ft 3 - and it was very awkward to fit it in. I could squeeze it fine, but my legs were too short for it to be even comfortable! I would also find it sliding, only getting stopped by my heel. The joint of the thigh toner that you're meant to put in the crook under your knees also dug into me quite a lot.

        Tricep Squeeze Exercise:
        This is more like it!... Unfortunately it completely DEFEATS the point of it being a thigh toner! It gave my triceps an ok work out. You place your hands on the joint and let your triceps push the thigh...oh I'm sorry...tricep toner together. It's really easy and the position is comfy too!

        It's really poorly/stupidly designed and difficult to put away as well since you're meant to squeeze it back into the same, silly cardboard sleeve! I don't use this very often, and every time I do... I get overwhelmed by a feeling that "it might not be too bad!"... only to get disappointed again... pity I didn't try to get my money back! I would recommend it as a nice tricep toner...


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          29.01.2012 14:06
          Very helpful



          Gave this one star as there's no option for zero stars!

          Although I regularly take part in plenty of outdoor sports including snowboarding,surfing and cycling
          I've never been a huge fan of home exercise equipment or going to the gym. Due to being stuck at
          home with a broken ankle at the moment I felt the need to do something to stay in shape while I
          can't take part in any of my usual sports so I don't end up a total slob sitting around doing nothing.

          Thankfully my friend is an avid buyer of the torture instruments otherwise known as home exercise
          equipment which promise to give you the perfect bum/abs/thighs with minimum effort. Although by
          her own admission half of the stuff gets left in a cupboard by the end of the first month as she moves
          on to the next wonder solution to the perfect body. Due to the amount of stuff she has lying around
          she was more than happy to drop off a huge box of home exercise stuff to keep me amused and
          hopefully in shape while my ankle recovers.

          The Everlast thigh toner consists of two metal J shaped arms which are attached to a strong spring
          mechanism in the middle to create a wide V shaped torture instrument. Everlast have thoughtfully
          covered the metal arms in a soft bright pink foam rubber type material so it looks nice and user
          friendly and supposedly so it won't cut you in half as you try to use it. By their nature bright pink
          things are never expected to hurt so you are lulled into a false sense of ease and security by this
          before you try it.

          When my friend bought this it didn't come with the exercise sheet so she printed one of the internet
          so this is what I followed when I attempted to use this so I can't comment on whether the Everlast
          exercises are the same or not but I'm guessing they are all pretty much the same.

          Supposedly this can be used to tone various parts of your body including your thighs/ abs and arms
          but it's called a thigh trainer so I decided to try that first. To tone your thighs you put this contraption
          between your legs so the widest outer part of the foam covered arms are resting on your thighs then
          all you have to do is open and close your legs slowly working against the resistance created by the
          spring in.

          In theory this idea works perfectly but in practice the reality isn't so good. On my first attempt I tried
          the lying down position with my legs bent and the thigh toner placed just above my knees with the
          spring mechanism facing outwards I managed to do about 3 squeezes before the thigh toner slipped
          and headed sidewards at speed just missing the poor dog who was lying innocently minding his own
          business. The next couple of attempts ended much the same with the toner slipping round or escaping
          in a random direction although by that point the dog had evacuated to the kitchen for his own safety.

          My next attempt I decided to use the sitting on a chair position with the spring pointing downwards
          and although this does work slightly better it still slipped a few times and just heads to the floor
          randomly adding bruises to your legs and feet on the way. The foam arms are supposed to provide
          enough padding to stop the arms digging in as you use this but on this one the arms dig into your
          skin making it uncomfortable to use on the rare occasions you can get it to work for more than two minutes without it slipping.

          Doing the upper body exercises with this was equally unsuccessful although at least when you are
          using your hands to hold the foam handles during the upper body exercises it can't slip away from
          you. I found that the exercises using my arms put more pressure on my elbow and wrist joints
          than on my actual muscles which in my opinion could lead to injury rather than toning.

          I asked my friend for her opinion on this as she uses home exercise stuff a lot more than I do but
          she struggled using the thigh toner as well and agreed with me that it was pretty useless. Although
          she did find the slipping was prevented slightly by using the thigh toner with bare legs rather than
          wearing trousers or leggings she still found this uncomfortable to use as it digs in too much.

          The other thing I dislike about this is it takes up a lot of room for a small piece of equipment. Due to
          the shape it's awkward and bulky to store away my friend did try holding it closed with an cable tie
          but she reckoned it was then dangerous because the spring is so strong it burst open at speed
          when you untie it.

          I'm pleased to say we have now found a use for this as my boyfriends 10 year old son found it was
          fantastic for firing the dogs ball across the garden. so at least it now has a purpose.

          These are available from many different brands and I'm not sure if this is just a poorly designed
          version or whether they are all the same but after trying this one in all honesty I can't see myself
          ever purchasing one to find out.

          My friend paid around £10 for this and there are plenty available from various brands with prices
          ranging from £5 - £15 but after my experience with this I can't say I would recommend it as there
          are plenty of other low cost home fitness contraptions which work better than this.


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            21.01.2012 15:41
            Very helpful



            not the greatest from everlast

            So it's that time of year again. Christmas is over and the diets have started and I'm sure some of you like myself will have rushed out and bought yourselves some new exercise equipment. Now I like to think of myself as quite a fit and healthy person but sometimes the weight creeps on without me noticing it so I have to up my game to remove the extra pounds that seem to appear out of nowhere. I generally do a spot of powerwalking every day and I have the everlast twist board which currently gets an outing for 30 minutes every day, but I wanted to find something that wasn't just going to focus on getting the heart rate up, so I started looking at things relative to weights and resistance that would aid my efforts towards a more toned figure and came across the Everlast Thigh toner. In my own personal opinion my bum and thighs are larger than they should be for my petite size so are always a concern to me and they seem to be the most difficult area for me to shift weight from, so after reading a brief description of the product I decided to go for it.

            ***The Everlast Thigh toner***

            Ok so the product itself is pretty self explanatory - it's main purpose is to tone your thighs both inner and outer, but you can also use it to shape and tone your triceps. The product looks a little like a triangle without a bottom with foam covered cushioned handles which claim to provide extra comfort and is complete with a reinforced steel spring which is what gives the product its heavy tension, and the good thing about the product is it's aim is not to increase muscle but instead aims to add firmness to the muscles that already exist leading to a nicer shape with more tone.


            Ok so one of the main things I've read about this product from other reviews is the overall comfort level during use and to be honest I have to agree. This isn't the most comfortable product in the world to use as even with the foam covered handles I do feel as though the product digs into my legs a bit especially if I'm only wearing shorts so I do recommend wearing trousers that will provide extra padding to reduce the level of discomfort.

            ***Using the product***

            The main exercise I undertake using the everlast thigh toner is the one that works the inner thigh. To do this exercise I have to lay flat on my back with my knees bent and my arms extended out to the sides. The thigh toner goes in between my thighs with the black plastic centre facing upwards and not downwards. Gently squeezing the thigh toner it is apparent that you have to be very controlled in your use of this product, if it slightly out of place it can be very uncomfortable. What I've found is if you ensure the flat edge on the end of the thigh toner arm is resting comfortably on your inner thigh you shouldn't really have too many problems...it digs in a little but doesn't cause me enough discomfort to consider not using the product. Your movement needs to be slow and controlled and I can gaurantee you as soon as you start using the product you will feel your muscles working and may even see a little leg shake start to appear after the first 4-5 repetitions. The recommendation is 8-10 repetitions followed by a minute of rest.

            I started my new exercise regime doing a total of 5 sets of reps per day which you should be able to complete in 15 minutes including your rest stops and I have to be honest I did feel a little jelly like when I first started using the product. I kept the 5 reps per day up for a week and a half and now I am up to 10 sets per day so half an hour just working on my thighs and I can honestly say that I do now find it a lot easier to control and feel that my thighs have more strength to them so the product definately does work. It's not only the ease of using the product that makes me notice a difference but also the 1/2 inch I have lost off my thighs after only 2 and a half weeks use.

            ***My overall thoughts and opinion***

            Putting the comfort issues aside, i do think if you place the product properly this shouldn't be as much of an issue as it could be if you place the product awkwardly or incorrectly, I can definately feel the thigh toner working it's magic as soon as I start using it. the loss in overall measurements is proof enough to me that the product does work. The thigh toner hides underneath my bed along with my spinboard and various other exercise products so it is easily stored and easily accessable at any time, so 15 minutes a day should get you going. You can use this product pretty much any time.....it you fancy just doing one set of 8-10 reps and space it out over the course of the day every time you have a spare couple of minutes you'll soon start seeing the benefits.

            Exercising isn't just one of those things that you can start doing for a couple of weeks and expect results straight away and if you don't see them just forget about it, you have to be commited and you have to endure what may feel like discomfort when using a product such as this but with a little determination you can get there.

            ***Cost and availability***

            I've seen the everlast thigh toner for sale for around £9.99 in most places and you will often find it in a range of colours including pink, purple and grey. I have the grey one because to be honest the colour doesn't matter to much to me. I purchased mine from amazon and with a quick online search can see that it's available from quite a few other online retailers


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            07.12.2011 12:38



            not very good. no resistant

            I bought the Everlast thigh toner around a year ago. The idea was to have a little device In the house I could use whilst watching TV. It looked a decent quality so I thought I would buy it so I could tone up my thighs and burn a few extra calories.

            Basically to work the thigh toner all you need to do is squeeze your thighs together against the restraint of the device and continually repeat. It is colored with a bright red foam which actually makes it comfortable against your legs.

            My problems with it is that the resistant the thigh toner offers isn't strong enough. I don't have particularly big or strong thighs and I found it very easy in fact too easy to do reps. Also it has developed an annoying squeaking sound when squeezed together. So I simply stopped using it and can't even give it away. If the resistance was stronger I would use it all the time as it works an area I need to firm up.

            I do from time to time use it on my upper body. I squeeze it together with my elbows and arms and it gives a bit of a strain on my chest. I am yet to see any physical improvement though.

            I can't see any benefits from using it and unfortunately it has had no effect upon my physique.


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            20.05.2011 16:13
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            My review

            I love to exercise and always have been fit. I did dancing for many years until i left school keeping up the fitness i continued to use the gym three times a week until i had the girls since then i don't even have time to even look in the mirror. Over the least few years i bought many little bits home fitness equipment to use at night when i have free time.
            I bought the thigh toner because i feel these are the flabbiest part of my body and really do need the most work.
            Having never used a thigh toner before i expected great results.

            The everlast thigh toner cost £5.99 from amazon uk with free postage.

            The everlast thigh toner comes in a small box ready built with a sheet of instructions. My everlast thigh toner is small and measures 15 inches in length quite compact compared to the older versions of the thigh toners.
            The thigh toner has two arms one on each side these are covered with soft grip foam for added comfort. The spring is encased in a black plastic cube shaped case in the middle both arms are attached to this and the cube has the everlast logo on it.

            There are a few ways to use the thigh toner, the easy way for me to use it is when sitting on the edge of the sofa with the thigh toner between my knees and pushing both arms in the way to hold for a count to twenty and release. This is the easy way but you can feel all the muscles in my thighs straining meaning its working. The springs inside the cube are very stiff making me do all the hard work along with the thigh toner no such thing as easy exercise.

            You can also use the thigh toner whist laying down on your back or sides, the instruction sheet is very helpful showing all the picture diagrams on how to do this. You can even use the thigh toner to tone chest muscles and arms this is also shown on the sheet.

            I hate clutter in my living room so the good thing about the everlast thigh toner is its compact small lightweight and can be nearly tucked away in the cupboard taking up very little room.

            I have been using the everlast thigh toner for a year now on and off. I do feel it gives my thighs a good work out and helps tone the muscles. I do see a huge improvement in my thighs and i'm happy with the everlast thigh toner.
            It will not give instant results and does have to be worked at but within a month you will see results.

            I highly recommend the everlast thigh toner.


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              19.05.2011 18:22
              Very helpful



              Don't waste your money, go for a long walk instead!

              I bought this from a grotty little shop in Birmingham last year, it was both the colour (pink) and price (£4) which convinced me to hand my money over and I left convinced I'd have thighs like Bar Rafaeli within weeks. Obviously, I actually eat so this hasn't happened - and to be honest with this ridiculous item even if I didn't eat I doubt it would make any real difference to my physique.

              It's exactly as you can see in the piccie above, I won't embarress myself by trying to describe the strange shape but it really is one ugly piece of fitness equipment. The metal frame is covered with one of those foam tubes that you'd usually find lagging pipes, this is there to make it more comfortable to use but it still digs in so much that I can't manage more than a few minutes at a time due to the harsh pressure on my skin and muscles.

              The idea is that you grip the toner with your thighs and slowly squeeze your legs together and apart again, the key is to do it slowly as this will help tone your muscles much better. In theory. In reality there are several problems with this, the uncomfort factor being the least of your worries. The main issue for me is that the resistance of the toner is ridiculously high, I'm quite short and therefore my legs aren't very long so the toner has to sit in a very awkward position making it hard for my thighs to get a good enough grip to even begin squeezing. A few times it's popped right out and believe me, this thing can fly through the air further and quicker than a hunting eagle - I very nearly decapitated my four month old son last week so now I am forced to use the toner in the garden. Which gives our pervy neighbour something to think about next time he gets the handcream and tissues out I suppose.

              I just can't get on with it at all; I feel ridiculous using it, it hurts after a while and I can't see what else this can do that a long walk in the sunshine (or good session in the bedroom!) can't. Unless you have fat-free thighs anyway (in which case why do you need this?) the toner will dig itself into your fatty bits and the rubbing of the foam gets really sore after a bit. There's no noticeable difference to the shape of my thighs at all, my sister has been using a Pineapple branded one for a few months and she says the same even though that one does sound slightly nicer to use overall. If the words 'exercise' and 'nice' should ever be used in the same sentence, that is.


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                11.10.2010 14:18
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Could be great, but too awkward for me

                Available for £8.42 on Amazon or £9.99 through Argos, this is supposedly an item that works through resistance on your thighs to create a more sculpted toned thigh area.

                Where to Buy:

                Available in Argos, Amazon, JJB Sports, Sports Direct and Lillywhites, you can buy the item for between £8.42 - £12.99.

                Easy to Assemble?

                Being honest with you, it would take somebody pretty special not to be able to assemble this item, the pieces are already set up, its a case of fixing the three together from the instructions provided and then just using it.

                What does it look like?

                In a word, ugly, its a contorted mess that does take up space and is awkward to keep taking apart and reassembling, it won't easily fit in cupboards and therefore has to sit around. Its a mess of angles, we have a black one but it is also available in white and pink for people who want to make some kind of statement.

                How does it work?

                Basically it has a spring mechanism where you place the thigh toner between your thighs and push them together, you then slowly allow the spring mechanism to push your legs apart. Through controlled movements it is possible to tone your thighs, but it does come at a price.

                What are the problems?

                Apart from the general size and look of it, it is a tricky piece of equipment when you hold it between your legs the spring mechanism twists meaning you often find it moves from between your legs risking a smack on the leg or arm, or simply ruining your desire to use it. I find it awkward to use and it really does sometimes seem to have a mind of its own.


                The foam covering is a nice touch to make it more comfortable, the price is fairly reasonable, but it does look awkward and unless you really get the hang of it, you can quickly lose interest altogether as it springs from the position it should have and totally does something different.

                I found when it stayed in position it was like using the equipment in the gym, when it didn't I wanted to throw it away, being honest I haven't used it for 6 months and with memories of the hassle it causes and the thought of having to put it together and take it apart afterwards I probably won't.


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                  27.07.2010 20:29
                  Very helpful



                  Not worth getting

                  ==Everlast Thigh Toner==

                  The Everlast Thigh Toner is a must have for any size home gym or indeed any person wanting small exercise equipment for the home. This was my second purchase of an item like this and I chose the Everlast one this time because it seemed to be more or less the same price as a non-branded exercise items jut like it.

                  I paid £8.99 pence from Amazon for this Thigh Toner around 6 months ago and because I purchased it alongside other items,I didn't have to pay for postage which made the item rather good value for money on its own. The exact same item can be purchased for more money from Argos which is priced there at £9.95 pence but I have seen items which are of similar ilk in shops such as Woolworths (when it was open) and Wiko's for around the same price too.

                  The Thigh toner is basically a smallish piece of exercise equipment which has a metal frame that is bent in half and has a coil type spring in the middle. The two arms of the metal are then protected in a big chunky foam which is said to protect the legs/arms. The metal frame is very tough and hard wearing and is a black painted colour. The foam is a silvery grey colour and the overall look of the item is not too bad but it may look a little cheap, which in truth it really was.

                  The only real exercises that can be done with the thigh toner is one of two. The product need to be placed between the legs when you are in a sitting position. The spring of the toner needs to be pointed towards the body and then by pushing your legs together the muscles have to work hard against the resistance of the coiled spring thus working the muscles.

                  The second exercise involves the arms and for this, the toner needs to be placed in a V shape against the chest area with your hands holding on to the soft padding. The arms then need pushing together in front of the face and again the muscles have to work hard to squeeze the arms of the toner together.

                  The exercises are simple but do work. The previous exerciser I had which was more or less exactly the same as this one I did feel it worked smoother and generally felt more comfortable to use. This Everlast Thigh Toner seems to have slightly longer arms sections which make it difficult to either keep between the legs or keep between the arms.

                  The foam section on the Thigh Toner doesn't seem to have been made of a very good material as this is not as protective as I feel it should be and thus makes the skin on my arms and legs rather sore after a few short minutes of using the item.

                  I have to say that I wish my old one hadn't been replaced with this newer and more or less useless version. The price may have been pretty good but with the use of the exerciser being so utterly difficult and painful, this money seems to be wasted!

                  I don't think I would recommend this item in the least. I do know that these exercisers can be good but I can honestly say that this particular Everlast one is not.

                  I have to award a very appealing score of 1 star out of 5 and I wouldn't' recommend it at all

                  I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

                  Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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