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Fitness Equipment

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    2 Reviews
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      02.06.2009 15:08
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      wouldn't be without it

      I'm never good at visiting gyms and am broke at the moment so it's great to use at home with the DVDs. I am a beginner and of average fitness. I was told that the stronger 'Athletic' bar was not for me. In months/years to come, I could upgrade to an Athletic (for males and females) but it was not necessary as the Pro Flexi-bar was strong enough anyway. It's much easier exercising with the telly on and a DVD to work to than with just the CD player. I'm really impressed and think the bar is great value. A friend of mine does a class at a gym and it suits her better, but each to their own. She's not heard any negative comments about the bar except that it is essential you buy the original bar (tested to a high level) and not a copy one. Hope this helps.


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        05.03.2009 18:43
        Very helpful



        Using the Flexi-Bar will make you look wunderbar!

        I had seen the Flexi-Bar advertised on Ideal World last year and I thought it looked brilliant, so I mentioned it to my mum at the time, as she loves watching the shopping channels. However, I had put it out of my mind as my fiancé and I had bought the Pilates Power Gym instead (I have also reviewed that product).

        So I was totally surprised when I met my parents for lunch to celebrate my birthday and she presented me with a Flexi-Bar as my present! I was really thrilled with the gift, as it came in a carry case and also had 2 workout DVDs and a Workout Poster in another little bag.

        We're lucky to have a spare room that we use as a gym and we have accumulated quite a few different exercise machines and gadgets. This variety stops us getting bored of exercise, both mentally and physically, but I've found I've only been using the Flexi-Bar recently as it's so effective and fun to use. In fact, I think I'm a little bit addicted to it!

        <<< So what is the Flexi-Bar? >>>
        It is a vibration-training exercise device, designed by a German physiotherapist to originally help sports injuries. It is a long plastic flexible stick, which measures 150 x 5 x 5 cm and weighs 750g. The centred grip and the end weights are made from a high quality, long lasting hypoallergenic foam. Its German construction allows the bar to withstand the 272 times per minute vibrations. It uses the same principles as a vibrating Power Plate, but you are in control so it is safer and it is considerably cheaper.

        <<< How does it work? >>>
        You hold the Flexi-Bar in the centre of the rubber grip with either one or two hands, depending on the workout position.

        One of the basic positions is to stand with your feet hip-width apart, your knees soft. You hold the Flexi-Bar with both hands, with your arms stretched out in front of you, so that the Flexi-Bar is parallel to the floor. You have your elbows slightly bent and you shake the Flexi-Bar backwards and forwards in a very deliberate motion. This will start the Flexi-Bar to swing and this creates the vibrations that target the deep muscles of the body, which are your core muscles.

        These deep muscles are generally known as involuntary muscles and they only begin to work in response to an outside force, such as the vibrations from the Flexi-Bar. It is important to strengthen these postural muscles, as they are responsible for holding our spine in its optimal position and weaknesses can cause problems such as sciatica, lumbar pain, neck pain, and rounded and frozen shoulders.

        <<< What's it good for? >>>
        The flexi bar works all the muscles over the entire body, so it strengthens and tones your muscles and improves your core stability. Although you will predominantly feel it in your arms, you will also be working the muscles of the back and abdominals, as you have to engage these muscles during your workout.
        There are also exercises specifically for your abs that you do lying on your back and also exercises that can be done whilst sitting on a chair.

        The Flexi-Bar is easy to use, however to perfect the technique can take a little bit of time, as you have to get the rhythm just right to keep it swinging, but changing your grip ever so slightly will make all the difference. You will need to concentrate on the movement, so this will also improve your coordination and flexibility.

        When you use the Flexi-Bar with just one hand, you with definitely find it more difficult when using it with your weaker arm (the one you don't write with - if you're ambidextrous then you're lucky!). I am right-handed and found it challenging to use, however when I tried it with my left-hand I really had to concentrate to get the Flexi-Bar swinging and to maintain the swing.

        As the origins of the Flexi-Bar come from physiotherapy, the Flexi-Bar is also ideal for the following:
        * Relieve muscular tightness in the neck, back and hips
        * Help with problems of the joints (arthritis)
        * Enhance reaction time of muscles for specific sports
        * Increase muscular strength and endurance
        * Increase muscular metabolism, and metabolic waste removal
        * Improve fine motor skills and reaction times

        <<< How often do I need to use it? >>>
        They recommend doing 10-15 minute sessions, three times a week, to get you into good shape. I think this is achievable for even the busiest of people!

        The Training Plan One DVD lasts for 40 minutes and includes a warm-up and cool-down. The DVD is very good, as it makes sure you keep a good pace and because using the Flexi-Bar is very intense, the length of time for each exercise position lasts up to 60 seconds.
        The warm up consists of light squats and shoulder rolls and these are the same movements for the rest periods between exercises. The rest periods are about the same length of time as the exercises because using the Flexi-Bar is so intense. Even though your muscles will be begging for the rest periods, using the Flexi-Bar is so incredible that you'll be eager for the next exercise to start!
        The instructors are quite annoying (in a cheesy, permanent grin, kids TV presenter kind of way) but I would recommend using the DVD, as it is a very comprehensive workout. If you don't have the DVD then you can find a lot of the exercises on the Flexi-Bar official website www.flexi-bar.co.uk
        With my Flexi-Bar I also got a Workout Poster, which is really handy if I don't want to do the full DVD, as I can just pick out the exercises that I want to do.

        <<< Why should I buy one? >>>
        Because it works! I love that it is so incredibly simple and yet so effective.
        You might not think that holding a vibrating bar would do anything for you, but you'd be wrong. If you've ever tried Pilates then you will know that doing repetitive, subtle movements can be very effective at working the muscles and you will feel the fatigue. The Flexi-Bar produces a very similar feeling and you will become hot and slightly sweaty, which is always a good sign of a great workout!

        Not only will you get visible results by seeing your external muscles becoming more toned, you will also feel that you are working the muscles you can't see. As I have to use my arms to shake the Flexi-Bar, I am not surprised that my biceps and triceps are definitely a lot more toned. However, I am surprised at how it has affected my stomach. My upper abdominal muscles are more defined, but the biggest change is in my lower and oblique abdominal muscles. They feel so much stronger and firmer now and I know that I could never have got them into this state just by doing crunches.

        The best thing is my muscles are becoming more toned, but I'm not overly bulking up and looking butch! The Flexi-Bar is working the full length of each muscle; so the result is long, lean and toned. Another bonus is I feel like I've had a great workout, but I don't ache like hell the next day. Of course, it's not a miracle worker and if you need to lose weight then you will need to do regular cardio-vascular exercise as well as using the Flexi-Bar.

        It's great because the exercises are very quick, so you can just pick it up whenever you have a spare 5 minutes and you will instantly benefit from the intense workout. This is because you are working different muscles simultaneously, so you don't have to waste time doing different exercises to work out opposing sets of muscles, i.e. biceps and triceps.

        Also, if you don't have a lot of space in your home then this is ideal. You don't need a lot of room to use the Flexi-Bar as the main positions of holding the bar are horizontally in front of you or vertically by your side. This would only be an issue if you were particularly tall and had low ceilings, but you can do the exercises sitting in a chair so that will remedy the problem.

        What's even better is you don't need a lot of space to store it. You can store it upright in a corner of a room, or you could store it under the bed as it measures about 5 foot in length.

        <<< Where can I buy it? >>>
        The official Flexi-Bar website www.flexi-bar.co.uk tells you where to buy genuine Flexi-Bars, as there are now quite a few fake and imitation products on the market.

        You can still buy it from Ideal World and their current prices are:
        Flexi-Bar with introductory Training Plan One DVD £49.99
        Limited edition silver Flexi-Bar £39.99


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      • Product Details

        The Swing Stick Flexible Bar is an excellent piece of equipment using vibration training to activate and strengthen the muscles in the body. Fantastic for exercing and strengthening the core muscles, it can help you strenthen your back whilst improving posture, core, shoulder, neck and arm strength. The Swing Stick Flexible Bar is an ideal training and conditioning piece of equipment designed for both men and women.

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