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Homedic Mibody 360 Pedometer

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Manufacturer: Homedic / Sports Type: Walking - Accessories

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    3 Reviews
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      15.01.2012 13:13
      Very helpful



      I won't bother again!

      I've always been keen on fitness and one of my ways of keeping fit is to aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day - not that it always happens! In order to know how many steps I have actually taken, I need to be able to count them and that is where a pedometer comes in. I am actually on my third pedometer having sadly left my previous (a Silva Connect) out in the rain when it fell out of my pocket! I was tempted to replace it with the same one but after a bit of a search on Amazon I came across the Mibody 360 pedometer.

      I was tempted by this pedometer because, like my last one, it has a USB connection which means that I can download my data on to my laptop. It is not cheap and is currently available on Amazon for £46.99 (January 2012). However, when I bought it from Amazon in early November, it only cost just over £31. But, even at that price, is it worth the money? I cannot decide as there are some good things about this pedometer but there are some other things that could be a little better.

      The pedometer comes with a lanyard that you can wear round your neck. Unfortunately it does not also have a clip that you can attach to a waistband or a pocket. I find this a bit annoying as I think that the lanyard which is about half a centimetre thick, black, and has the words 'mibody 360' etched in thick white letters all along it, quite unsightly. I don't have many clothes that I could wear and the lanyard would not show so I end up tending to wind it round my bra strap and tucking it in! (I hope that's not too much information!!) You can have it in a pocket (if you have one) or also just in your bag, but if you wanted a totally accurate measurement of the steps that you have taken, you would need to remember to carry that bag at all times - even to the toilet!

      The pedometer is easy to set and informs me about the number of steps that I have taken and also the distance that I have covered in kilometres. It also tells me the time so it is a useful backup if I forget my watch! The pedometer is also meant to show how many calories that I have burned but, for some reason, I have not been able to access this. I am not too worried about this as I don't think that it would be accurate but if it is meant to do it, it should!

      The pedometer has a 15 day memory and the display does tell you when it is full. This memory is not quite as long as my previous Silva Connect which had a four week memory but it is adequate. However, I cannot find away to access the previous days' data on the actual pedometer so it is handy that you can download your data and view it on your MiBody 360 Health Tracking Software.

      When the memory is full, or before if you wish, you can download it on your computer to keep a longer term record of your steps. A USB cable is supplied and the whole process is very quick and simple. However, I was disappointed when I first did this as the software does not do as much as I thought that it would. On the box that everything comes in, it shows a picture of a bar graph but you don't actually get this. What you actually get is a strange looking table with lines heading upwards upon which certain bits of information is displayed. These are calories, distance, walking, running and activity. As I can't get the calorie counter to work this always displays nothing. A little further up the line, there is a decimal figure that tells you the distance that you have covered in miles (rather than the kilometres that are displayed on the actual pedometer!). There are then different coloured blocks that when you hover offer tell you your actual number of walking steps and running steps. These are calculated separately and it would be useful to have something that displayed the total steps taken each day. What I do like though is the information that is displayed at the top of each line and that gives you a red, amber or green rating on the amount of activity undertaken each day. I have made it a resolution to always aim for green and definitely never get a red!

      Because I had a Silva Connect Pedometer before, I can't help comparing the two and I have to say that the data you can access with the Silva Connect is so much more superior especially as you can average your steps over weeks, months and even a year. Although the data I get with the MiBody 360 Health Tracking Software is OK, I am disappointed because I know that there is better.

      If you want a simple pedometer, this one is OK but is certainly not the best. I have decided to stick with it until the battery runs out and then I shall probably be getting another Silva Connect.


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        25.07.2011 00:28



        Not at all useful.

        Using a pedometer is a great way to keep a check on how much you are walking in a day and can be a great guideline for dieting and exercise. Regardless of whatever special effects your pedometer has on it the most important thing is that it clearly shows the number of steps walked and it actually counts every step.

        This is the thing that is good about this particular pedometer. It is very simple, does not try to be anything more than a step counter and it isn't at all showy or interesting- because it doesn't HAVE to be.

        With the pedometer looking promising, I set off on a long walk for my first try so I could really test this out and so I could know if steps were being counted as the longer the walk the more significant the number will be if wrong. And wrong it was! I walked for a good couple of hours and only around a third of the steps I must have walked were actually counted. Of course, I tested this on purpose so I noticed it, but if you are putting trust into this without doubting its ability, you're going to think you're doing a lot worse than you think and this will null any dieting and exercise plans you make based on this information.

        This product is not worth buying, and I've found far cheaper pedometers that are considerably more accurate.


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        26.10.2010 17:28
        Very helpful



        Not the pedometer for me

        Whilst my sister and I have been writing for our blog we have received free gifts to try and then review. One of the freebies that my sister received was a new pedometer and she was so impressed with it I decided that I would treat myself to one too.

        The pedometer in question is the Homedics MiBody i360 which is part of a range of three items which also includes scales and a blood pressure monitor. All three are capable of being linked to your computer so that the stored information can be downloaded and thus you can keep an eye on your progress.

        The Price

        I found the pedometer on the Boots website for £49.99 although they had sold out. I kept my eye open and eventually found one on Amazon reduced to £41.48 so I ordered one.

        The Packaging

        The pedometer came in a black box complete with guarantee and brief instructions. The item itself was protected between two pieces of clear plastic and there was also a cord to attach to it so that it could be put round my neck and a cable to connect it to my computer.

        The Setup

        There is a little instruction book with the pedometer giving brief instructions on its use in many different languages and in VERY tiny writing!

        To get started you just have to peel the protective film off the display and press any of the three buttons on the side to activate the pedometer. You can then set the date, time and your stride length. The amount of walking you do can then be displayed either by number of steps or in kilometres.

        The pedometer will store up to fifteen days information and will automatically reset to zero at 12 midnight each night. Downloading the information to your computer will clear the memory.

        You also need to link the pedometer to your computer using the cable provided and download the software from the website so that you will then be able to save your stored information on your computer and monitor your progress.

        You will be asked to provide your name and a password together with your height and current weight and a goal weight together with a date by which you would like to reach your goal.

        The Pedometer

        The pedometer itself is 7 centimetres long by 3 centimetres wide and is very light. It can be worn round the neck using the enclosed strap or it can be carried in a handbag or pocket. Of course if you carry it in your handbag you will have to remember to carry your handbag whenever you walk or you will miss out on some of your steps being recorded.

        The pedometer is sensitive and records the steps well and it is easy to switch between modes so that you can convert your steps into distance travelled.

        The Software

        When you download the software there are three different items on the home page - pedometer, scales and blood pressure monitor. Since I only have the pedometer this is the page that I went to.

        Although I have entered my height, weight and goal weight the website does not give me any information such as BMI. In fact the word BMI is shown on the page but it doesn't do any calculations for you. The only display is a single page showing a list of dates and steps shown in graph form.

        My Experience

        I used my pedometer for a few days and then attempted to download the information onto the software but it wouldn't download it so I can only assume that my pedometer is faulty. There is no information in the instruction book to help if you get problems - no troubleshooting page at all.

        I am very disappointed in the software as I would have expected something a bit more substantial that just a list of steps and dates - assuming you can manage to get it to download in the first place.

        I enjoyed using the pedometer up to a point. It was useful to be able to wear it around my neck although when I was gardening I had to tuck it down the front of my top so that it didn't keep catching on things. In my opinion I think that it would be better if there was also a belt clip on the pedometer so that you would have a choice of how you wore it.

        In Conclusion

        I think that for over £40 this is just not worth it so I am returning it to Amazon for a full refund.

        I shall then buy a good standard pedometer and make my own file on the computer to record my progress and to be honest I think that I will make a better job of it than Homedics did!

        Sorry folks this one didn't suit me at all.


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