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Kelly Holmes Exercise Bike

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Brand: Kelly Holmes / Type: Exercise Bike

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2013 16:55
      Very helpful



      Good price for this bike.

      Dame Kelly Holmes is a retired double-gold Olympic winner for running. She has launched her own product lines of various sports clothing and equipment in an exclusive deal with Tesco. This range is for women. When it comes to sport equipment who can design for woman better than a female sportsperson?

      When purchasing an upright exercise bike I now see that these should have been my main areas of consideration:

      1. That it provides cardiac exercise to compensate for the days that I do not go to the gym.
      2. That the exercise bike fits into my home space
      3. That it is comfortable to use.
      4. That it is easy to use.
      5. That it is easy to assemble.

      The bike can, in theory, monitor your heartbeat from the sensors at the side of the handlebars. Other functions include measuring calories burnt, fat ratio, speed and time. The bike can be set to six different levels according to your ability.

      Good points:

      1. Whilst this is not gym quality it has plenty of programmes and provides me with a good cardio session without me having to spend time and energy to go back and forth to the gym. I love that I can do ten minutes here and there. It is particularly, good for breaking up sitting at a desk which is a very unhealthy pursuit. I can watch TV - the channel I want, with the volume on, unlike in the gym. I can listen to music as loud as I like and if I want to I can cycle in the nude but this could cause chaffing!

      2. It is not noisy when in use so that I can watch TV and not require subtitles.

      3. It doesn't look too intrusive in the space that I have given it.

      4. Comfortable enough for ten minute sessions at a time and is sturdy.

      5. Well, it helps if you have a friend but once up, I was delighted and maybe it wasn't that bad to assemble, with the benefit of hindsight.

      6. It seems to me that it is very good at measuring calories burnt as this corresponds with the results, after ten minutes, on the much more expensive cycles provided at the gym. It helps to build up exercise by monitoring progress.

      7. It has one year warranty.

      8. Not only does it have a range of modes already pre-set but you can easily add up to four of your own. I find the computer part of this really easy to use.

      9. It has wheels to help with moving around from one place to another but it still poses a bit of a mission on carpet and don't forget it needs to be near an accessible plug socket.

      10. I find the booklet directions a bit confusing but I just messed about with the computer and found what I needed myself. I concede I might have had a head start due to familiarisation with exercises bikes in general.

      11. The LCD computer screen is large and clear to read.

      12. It's a smooth ride. It won't fall over. There is no horrid movement, or resistance, when level changing. There is magnetic resistance on this which is what must prevent these problems. What's more you can even adjust the gradient of your pretend hill. This will not be the case if you have not assembled correctly.

      13. How can you not lose weight by using this bike daily? It will tone your upper and lower body.

      14. The handle bars, with hand grips that stop sweaty hands from sliding, and saddle can be adjusted according to your height.

      15. I can even read and return rate dooyoo reviews whilst I cycle because I can fit the laptop onto the bars! Exercise and earn - now you can't knock that.

      A point that needn't be bad or good:

      The easiest setting is not all that easy for beginners. Some people might object but I think this could be a good thing. The bike doesn't allow for laziness. More practice and you will soon find it easy enough to push the gradient up or beat your previous time. You will wonder that you ever found that setting hard. It will become too easy after a while. You will lose weight and stay trim even if you don't have an extended exercise regime. It will remember you in its memory bank so you can see on the screen how well you are doing.

      Oh dear points:

      1. It took two of us to assemble this. I lost track of time but it seemed like a very long time, maybe an hour. Sigh - I need a handy man about the house! We stopped for herbal tea when things got tricky but after a break we got it together, awkward handlebars were put on, and there we had it, one upright indoor exercise bike. To be fair, it wasn't really that difficult, on reflection, and anyone with a bit more brain power would have found it a breeze. It was mainly a problem with the weight of the handlebars and needed two to hold it in place. It took us a while to work out where to plug it in - check out the provided adaptor at the back of the bike!

      2. The bike is heavy, 26.3kg, and you certainly don't want to move it around into different places. I would think about your available space and find somewhere that it can go and stay. Perhaps you only need to shift it to clean the area, otherwise I wouldn't suggest moving it as to dismantle for storage, and then to rebuild when required for use, well, that's not likely to happen in a hurry. Hence, ,my error, two days ago when I decided to tidy up for my party guests and now I can't be bothered to put it back together again! Dismantling wasn't too hard with a little help.

      3. I would have liked a more comfortable seat. I would prefer it to be extra padded and wide as I do get a bit saddle sore. My advice is to use this for ten minute sessions and return later if you require more exercise. The seat is large enough for me but I don't know how larger bottomed women will fare!

      4. I gave up with the manual and worked it out for myself by having a play with the computer.

      5. There is one big bad problem and that's if it breaks after a year there is no redress at all and that means buying a whole new bike. I leave this plugged in but only switch on the power for use. Not everyone does that, you are using electricity, when I get on my real bike I am not destroying the world. You should factor in that electricity bills might go up slightly. I think this is a bad environmental issue but I do realise that this is not the only example of our throw-away society. Premium bikes come with premium guarantees that might last ten years.

      6. There is no water bottle storage on the machine so Kelly Holmes you missed a trick there.

      7. The heart/pulse monitor is a joke but the same can be said for every single machine in the gym that I have used. They all claim that my heart is racing so fast, or that it has dropped down to dangerous levels, that I think if this was true, I would not be around anymore to write this review. If you want to know the speed of your heart beats don't buy this machine. I don't want to know, which is why I only check my separately bought pedometer occasionally now, so I'm quite content that this function doesn't work.

      8. Also, do not expect an entertainment console on board your bike. If you want that you'll have to go elsewhere and pay a premium price.

      9. My warranty is up as I think I've had this for just over a year now.

      On your bike:

      This is definitely not for intensive training which is why it suits me. I like to have ten minute cardio sessions, slowing down to a rest in the last one to two minutes, and returning again later. I think this is good for people who want an indoor bike for short bursts of action, and for a low budget, it is good value for money. Anyone who is afraid to go and exercise in a public space, wants to be in the comfort of their own home, or can't afford gym fees of £300- £400 a year, will benefit from an indoor exercise bike. This costs £192.00 but Tesco currently have a sale on so check it out for £128!

      This one seems like a reasonable one to start with for daily, short, bursts. I hope I get myself motivated to get this back out of the cupboard. Now who's going to help me assemble this bike again - they'll be a free cup of herbal tea in it for you!

      I feel the positives of this far outweigh the negatives. These bikes are suitable for any woman, of any age, but please listen to your body and don't push beyond what it can take. So get fit and get on the Dame Kelly Holmes bike!


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