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Kettler Ab Roller

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Brand: Kettler / Type: Ab Trainer

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2014 12:36
      Very helpful
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      This really does work, but, like with most exercise, you have to be religious in using it

      I am unsure of the price of this product, so I cannot comment on the value for money, as I was given this off a friend to add to my home gym when she was moving house. She only used it once or twice and didn't really see the benefit from it.
      The worst thing about situps and crunches is the strain it can place on your neck, so the padded head rest really does take the strain off and places your head in the position it needs to be in movement.
      Also, the non slip grips on the handle bar ensure your stability in motion.
      The underneath mat is so thin it may as well not be there. I place this machine over my yoga mat to ensure comfort.
      This really does work, but, like with most exercise, you have to be religious in using it. I do 10 minutes on this and 10 minutes on my ab roller every other day and after just a few weeks I have really started to see a difference.
      Unlike the exercise wheel, with the roller you can do different variations on siups and crunches, working your lower abs and your obligues as well.
      If you have the motivation and want to see results, this product is for you.


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        11.11.2011 03:37
        Very helpful



        Does what it says it will do.

        I have admitted before in previous reviews to my embarrassment, that I have made late night impulse buys while watching infomercials . That is how this Kettler ab roller came into my life.

        "Buy it now the operators are waiting for your call. Order within the next five minutes and we'll through in the kitchen sink."

        Gullible? maybe.
        Hopeful? Definitely.

        Hopeful that this simple machine could make a difference to my life. Make me healthier, both internally and externally. This ab roller cost me 120Euro that's around £102 in today's money as this was years ago. That was an amount I was more than willing to pay for the "promised results". The small print on both the infomercial and the box when it arrived said "results may vary and will only be achieved if the Kettler ab roller is used regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet." That's okay, that's what I expected I'd have to do.

        So it arrives in its enormous box all poles and screws, but it was surprisingly simple to assemble. I have my work cut out trying to describe how it looked as there are no pictures available for this item and it's quite an unusual shape (hopefully you've seen one of these before)

        THE AB ROLER

        The main structure is made of hollow steel tubing This when put together creates a U like shape that in turn creates a "rocker". This rocker structure allows you to lie on the ground and rest your head and neck onto it's padded neck rest in front of you there is a long horizontal bar that is attached to the same bar as your resting on. This bar is joined to it to complete the rounded U-like shape.

        HOW IT WORKS
        In order to start your exercise you must pull on the bar in front of you using your outstretched arms. When you pull on this bar you must keep your head pressed against the comfortable padded headrest. This is easier said than done, as your natural instinct is to raise your head like when doing a normal sit-up. The Ab Roller then rocks by your pulling motion, bringing you head up to do a perfect sit up without the added neck strain you would experience when trying to do the standard version of this painful exercise. The first pull is the headrest. After that the rocking motion makes everything much easier. But don't get me wrong it's not comfortable you really feel it in your abs.

        The one you're going to do the most is the one described above. Though there are more you can do.
        First of all bend your knees, then lie them to the lift so they are flat to the ground. Then begin the rocking motion as above. This will work your internal obliques these are a pair of ab muscles, residing on each side of the torso. They affect body posture tremendously but are not visible to the eye. This exercise will also work the
        external obliques these are another pair of ab muscles that are located on either side of the torso and ARE visible to the naked eye. This rocking motion will work your "side abs" eventually shrinking your waistline and defining your hips. Of course this works for the other side by simply changing to the right.

        Instead of having your hands over the bar, turn your hands around and grip the bar from below so that your palms are facing the ceiling. This is one of the harder exercises as when you pull and start to rock. You are not only working your abs but now you are also working your triceps. Suck in your stomach and OUCH! It works works wonders on "The Rectus abdominis" this is a long muscle that extends along the front of the abdomen. This is the 'six-pack' part of the abs that becomes visible with reduced body fat. This is what every guy and girl wants.

        Again doing the rocking motion, how can I say this? Pull in your bottom cheeks as tight as you can. Again this will hurt, but results come quicker the more of these exercises you do rather than just the standard rock. This exercise in particular is good for your pelvic floor.
        What is your pelvic floor?
        This is literally what supports (along with the deep abdominal muscles) your entire upper body. The pelvic floor needs to be strong, because as we breathe out, the pelvic floor muscles need to lift the internal organs back up. Exercising your pelvic floor means a stronger core. This provides the foundation for you to have perfect posture and that much desired flat abdominal look.

        The Kettler ab roller has a padded head support that takes the strain off the neck and helps address the abdominal muscles effectively.

        The padded non-slip grips help give extra stability and comfort during your workout.

        The Kettler ab roller's integrated computer. The word computer is going a bit far. It's more like a pedometer it uses a magnetic strip to count how many pivots the roller makes during your workout and in turn calculates how many calories were burnt and the duration of your session.


        The simple answer is yes.
        You have to stick to it. You can exercise with this machine for as little as ten minutes a day, five days a week.
        Or if you can't find the time for this, exercise when you can. Just make sure you do.

        Eat healthy.
        In order to have the strength to exercise you need to eat, and eat well.
        Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (if you are fully hydrated you will exercise for longer, be under hydrated and the burn comes faster and harder)
        Do this like I did and yes you will see results and see them fast.
        Within two weeks of training I noticed more definition and lost inches off my waist. And within two months I had the stomach I had always wanted. Sounds far fetched I know but it can be done.


        Ab rolling machines like these have been around since the 90s. They seam old fashioned when compared to the more high tech equipment available today. But it has a simple design because it works. There is no need for bells and whistles when it comes to this piece of kit. These can be bought for next to nothing nowadays, if you stick to it (I know that's the hardest part I have given up so many times with different exercise regimes) it does work.

        If you want a better stomach or just a stronger core, or even just to do a bit more exercise for your overall good health. Please give one of these machines a try.
        I'm glad I did.


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