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Kirsty Leg Toner

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Manufacturer: Kirsty / Genre: Fitness

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2010 17:25
      Very helpful



      not a good choice

      ==Kirsty Leg Toner==

      The Kirsty Gallagher Leg Toner is not overly different to a lot of other leg toners or thigh work out machines. The fact that it is from the Kirsty range doesn't really give it any more or any less appeal than any other items of the same ilk in my opinion, and the only reason I purchased this particular one was that it was the lowest price version of this piece of equipment in Argos at the time.

      I paid around £40 for this item which at the time didn't feel like too much money for a piece of gym equipment which should last a fair amount of time and ideally gets lots of use. Another good aspect of this particular machine was that it could easily be folded down to a much smaller size, making it easy for storage.

      The Kirsty Leg Toner came packed away in a cardboard box which was able to fit inside the boot of my car easily and was easy to open and unpack the items from once I got home. The exercise item wasn't really in too many pieces and took only a few minutes to assemble ready for use. There was a small instruction booklet in with the packaging and if there were any troubles with putting it together there was instructions which would guide you through this process.

      Once the item is assembles and standing ready for use, it does look rather professional and intriguing. The idea of the item is that there are two large foot plates that you need to stand on and rest your hands lightly on the middle handle bar which is there for a light support not to rest a lot of weight on. Then the plates need to be pushed apart and your leg muscles work hard to fit the resistance against a small piece of rubber type banding which is attached to both the foot plates.

      The exercise itself is rather hard to do and I have never been able to do it for long periods of time and found that after 10 minutes, my legs begin to wobble and I have a slight John Waine stance about me. Of course this is a good thing as, no pain no gain so the sliding of the pates apart is working the inside and outside of the thighs. The hardest part has got to be pulling the plates back into the centre again as this seems to work the muscles the hardest. There are different stances you can hold whilst on this machine and having your knees bent and so on makes it more challenging.

      So I have to say that the exercises that can be done on this machine really work and after regular use will probably make for really slender and toned legs! However, the machine itself is not so good which is why I have never really used it continuously and the majority of the time it has been folded up in storage mode!

      The fact that the handle bar in the middle of the machine has a twisting bolt which is meant to change the handle bar height rarely works is a very annoying feature. Add this aspect of the item to the fact that the digital counter on the machine never registers any slides you do and is pretty much (no definitely) useless makes for another annoying fact.

      It does however fold up relatively easy and this means that the item when not in use doesn't take up too much space and ideal for me living in a flat. It is also very easy to unfold and takes only a minute to set it back up ready for use.

      All in all though I really don't use it as much as I thought I would and really I should use it more for this price that was paid for it, I haven't really had my monies worth from it. It's a tricky item to score because on the one hand it does so the exercises well and makes the muscles work hard, which is really what it has got to be all about. But then the fact that the digital counter which should tell you how well you are doing doesn't work at all (and I have changed the batteries but the display just continuously reads 0) makes it a really rubbish piece of exercise equipment too!

      I think I will have to say in all honesty that I wouldn't recommend this particular version of the thigh toner and the Kirsty brand is perhaps not something I would go for next time I am in the market for any more home gym items! (I think I have enough). But thigh Toners on the whole are a good way to work the upper legs and bum so perhaps I may invest in a new one that works better and review that!

      I can only give this Kirsty Thigh Toner a score of 2 stars out of 5 though!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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