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Home fitness equipment. Tone and define your legs with the help of this unique lateral gliding motion which works with gravity to work the muscles that other presses don't touch.

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    6 Reviews
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      22.08.2010 21:11
      Very helpful
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      Worth a try!

      I first saw this product demonstrated on a home-shopping channel and the lady using it had fantastic legs.. Normally I wouldn't stop to watch the presentation of a fitness product, the cynic inside me knowing that of course they're going to use somebody to demonstrate it who already looks amazing.
      But something caught my attention, the lady on the machine was the wife of the inventor who was also there for the demonstration and they just kept hammering home that all you need is 60 seconds a day on this thing to see amazing results! Sooo.. I was intrigued at this but in no position to spend the £120 they were charging for the thing!
      I had a root around on the internet and found it in the studio catalogue website for £39, I looked at the official website http://www.legmaster.tv/ and it sounded so good and was such a good saving that I took the plunge!
      The machine arrived.. Very easy to put together, just one screw driver required and it took me all of five minutes. A quick scan of the (over) expansive guide and on I hopped! It hurt after just 10 reps but the guide assured this is normal.
      Anyhow, I have been on this every day since (save for holidays) and it has become quite addictive. I've had it for a month and can do about a minutes worth of reps at a time, I go on at least twice a day. It folds up in seconds but I leave it up if I'm not having visitors because it's so easy to jump onto.

      After only a week I felt my legs were slimmer and I wore the shortest skirt I ever have with complete confidence after two weeks! My thighs feel SO much firmer and I really thought I had lost some weight from my legs. HOWEVER I have measured my thighs today and they seem to be exactly the same measurement as they were a month ago before I started.

      Now I'm in two minds.. I don't know if the results I have seen are just psychological and I only THINK my thighs are thinner because I've been working out so much, maybe my legs have always been this satisfactory? I do know for a fact though that they are firmer so I am thinking perhaps even if they have not slimmed at all they look better just because they are so much more toned than they once were.

      If you can find this for under £50 I urge you to try it yourself.


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        09.08.2010 16:42
        Very helpful



        A Very Good Exercise Machine That Has Helped Tone Up My Bum & Thighs

        I have been meaning to review this for quite some time but seeing that Dooyoo have recently moved it up a category to 600 points it has given me a kick up the bum to do it before it goes back down again! At one point my mom was really into buying things from the shopping channels: jewellery, clothes, furniture everything so it was inevitable we would end up with some kind of exercise machine and this "Leg Magic" is what we got. She even admits she only bought it so we could do about 1 minute of exercise a day and feel dead proud of ourselves but since it arrived it has become an essential part of my exercise routine - along with workout DVDs and I would definitely say my legs look much better now than they did before I started using this!

        Useful Information:
        Now since we bought this there has been a new, improved version released and I'm not totally sure whether the original design is still available. I reckon if you loom around places like amazon and eBay though you might be able to find it quite cheaply - my mom paid around £30 for ours but that was quite a while ago so you should be able to find it cheaper than that now. It may not be as widely available though.

        I would ordinarily mention whether this is easy to set up at this point but when ours arrived it was already set up and ready to use. Even if yours does come in bits it shouldn't be too hard as the design itself is very simple and it can be folded up when you want to put it away. The two feet parts fold upwards so it saves space when you want to store it. The style of this is very basic but I like that because I hate exercise machines that look really daunting and have you thinking "I'm never going to be able to do that" before you have even stepped on the thing! There is a long handle which is for you to grasp onto - that is also padded for extra grip and comfort, two black parts which is where your feet will be and then the silver rails which is the part you drag the black parts up - if that makes sense. There's nothing amazing about the design but it does the job and it quite stylish.

        The way to use this is you step on the black foot holds and then drag your feet into the middle and then back again - that's the best way I can explain it anyway! You are only supposed to use this for 60 seconds per day at the most and that is said to be more than enough to tone your legs should you use this everyday, along with some other exercise and of course the right diet - don't do this and then eat a cheeseburger and you should see results really quickly. I don't recommend starting at 60 seconds straight away though because even though it doesn't sound like too long it will kill your legs and bum believe me!

        The exercise is easy to do and even though it does hurt a little bit that only lasts a few days and you can really feel it working not only your legs but your bum and stomach too. Ive been using this for about 6 months now - admittedly on and off but Ive seen really positive results and I really do think it has helped me tone up especially in my legs and bum and my pins definitely look better in a short skirt these days! I do have one slight criticism about this and that is that it is too damn loud! It is a really loud sound that comes out from this when your pulling your legs in and that means you cant do this when people are sleeping or anything like that which is quite often in our house as people work shifts. Apart from that though I love it and would highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it.

        Thanks For Reading

        x0 Salz 0x


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        14.03.2010 01:26
        Very helpful



        If you want fantastic legs, you'll need to do more than the Leg Magic offers.

        My friend was flicking through the TV shopping channels when she came across the Leg Magic home fitness equipment. It looked easy, the fitness models looked like they were enjoying themselves, and the price was affordable, so she bought it. I'd seen it online, and considered buying it, but didn't. I borrowed hers for a two weeks, and here's my review.

        THE GOOD...
        -It's cheap
        Going to the gym can be expensive. Not only do you have to pay for public transport or petrol to fuel your car, but the membership fees are nothing to laugh at. This machine is the same price as one month at my local gym, so I thought it was worth the cost. At least it'd be mine for life and I wouldn't have to queue up to use it.

        -Works the butt muscles
        If you look at men and women who do certain sports like skating and bob sleigh, you'll see their fantastic buttocks. Not only will this machine work your legs, but the side motion works on your bum as well. You get two for the price of one.

        The equipment easily unpacks and folds away. Unlike the elliptical taking up too much space in my bedroom, the Leg Magic sits comfortably in a corner. It's there when I need it and out of the way when I don't.

        -Exercise whilst...
        I used the Leg Magic whilst watching my favourite TV show. After 30minutes I was done. The time flew by faster than using the equipment without visual stimulation. It's great when you can use equipment whilst doing something else, so that was a big plus for me.

        THE BAD...
        -It gets easier
        Equipment should have various degrees of difficulty so you can bump up the pressure when you get fitter. If gravity works with this machine then the exercise will get easier as you get lighter and fitter. After losing 20lbs- cardio shifted those- the equipment was useless to me.

        -Fantastic legs under layers of fat
        Equipment like Leg Magic work the muscles, but you need to burn off the fat outside the muscle to see your hard work. You'll still have to do cardio to burn the fat. You'll also need to do strength training with weights, resistance bands, and other equipment to work your entire body, or you'll have great legs below flabby arms and abs. The advertised 'Only 60 Seconds A Day!' will not get you the progress you seek. You'll need 20-90minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week to succeed. A minute on this equipment every other day (you're not supposed to work the same muscles on consecutive days because they need to rest) won't make you lose weight or tone up.

        -You cannot 'spot train'
        This means you cannot improve particular parts of your body. The body burns fat and tones up the areas it wants to do. Eventually it'll get to the parts you want to improve, but only when it's ready to do so. For example, you could do the Leg Magic alongside cardio and end up with slimmer arms.

        -Limited movement
        The best fitness equipment allows you to do a multitude of moves for various body parts. If you buy a machine for specific body parts you'll end up with enough equipment for a small gym. It's much better to buy one or two machines that fulfil all your needs. If they work only one body part then they should be able to work them in more than one way. The body gets used to particular movements over time, so the Leg Magic's gliding motion won't be as affective after a few weeks or months. It'll still make a difference, but not as much as before.

        I won't be getting my own Leg Magic. Your mind and body need to keep exercise fresh otherwise you'll get bored and stop doing it, and your body will get used to the exercise and it won't be as affective anymore. If I see this machine at a gym I'll use it, but this won't be a part of my 'home gym'. Side Leg Raises work the same muscles this machine does, and gravity helps you feel the burn there too.


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        18.10.2008 18:21
        Very helpful



        Not a bad thing for the price paid

        I first saw this on one of those shopping channels (i don't just sit at home watching them, honest :D)
        Anyway, it seemed ok, i had been putting on a bit of weight and wanted something that i could use in mu home that would not take up much room and not be too expensive. I did some research on it and a lot of people said it was ok so i found a website (sorry can't remember its name) that had it for a really good price and also came with a free gift so i decided to go for it.
        It did take a long time to come, i emailed the site and they told me they had run out of the leg magic and would send me one as soon as they got more in stock. This took longer than expected but they did eventually send it and they were quite good about it as they give me my postage cost back.

        I took it all out the box and started to put it together, its easy enough to assemble, most of it is already done for you, you just have to put on the rubber feet and put in the handle bar, but this is where i came across another problem, there was no handle bar. I contacted the company and they eventually sent me a new one free of charge after many emails (even though they have quite good customer service, i will not be using the site again because it takes them so long to do anything)

        Ok, now i have the handle bar, i can tell you more about the product. It is very simple to use, you just step on the two feet plates and start to push your legs apart and bring them back towards each other. This may sound boring, and it can get boring. But when you first get it, its a bit of fun. When you first get it, the DVD that comes with it is also a bit of fun and you can follow along doing different methods, but again this can start to get a bit boring.
        It does work though, once you have been using it for a couple of minutes you soon start to feel your muscles tightening.

        I don't think this is for anyone who is really tying to get loads of muscles as it will not really do this, its more to get you moving, and get some of that fat away from your legs so its ok.

        The only problem with it though is you can get bored of it and just store it somewhere.
        Storage is good though, the two leg plates fold up to the centre and the handle bar can be pushed down or pulled out and when it is all folded up it still stands up on its own.

        I can't remember the full price but i think i paid about £30 which i thought was a good price as i also got a free 'Six Second Abs' machine with it but i think the price on the shopping channel i first saw it on was quite high and it was not worth the full price but if you are looking for an exercise machine you can use whilst watching TV then go for this.


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        15.10.2008 15:04
        Very helpful



        do normal exercise, and save yourself a few quid

        Normally I would start a review with the bit about the product description, but today is different as I am going to tell you if I would recommend the product first.

        So am I going to recommend it to you? No not really, If you asked I would say take your money and spend it on something else, or save it for that bigger purchase or holiday.

        Now your all reading this and asking your selves, why is this crazy lady right a review backwards and what's her problem with this product, did it steal her boyfriend or something? .... No it didn't steal my boyfriend! But it did leave me feeling disappointed and confused to how I spend £79.99 on such a lame item, now even year after purchasing the darn thing, I look at it with squinted eyes waiting desperately for it to stir some feelings of energetic motivation inside of me, but it just isn't going to happen.

        Here is how it all started.

        One day I was looking in my studio catalogue when I can across the Thigh Trainer (also know as the Leg or Thigh Master). Standing on it was a young lady with a nice pair of legs smiling like she was having fun and doing a bit of exercise that looked easy and enjoyable on a sturdy device. So now I scan over the product info "Tones, slims, firms and shapes your inner thighs. Use everyday for quick results. Safe and low impact, it uses your own body weight to provide complete workout". Yep this product sounds like it is just for me. The price £79.99 reduced from £99.99 can't be bad £20 off I make my order as I think of myself with nice toned legs.

        Lets jump forward a bit as my life can be a bit on the boring side.... Now week or so has passed and open he door, it's the delivery driver and I have my Leg Master, Hello slimmer legs, good bye wobbly bits. Well no it didn't really go like that.

        I open the brown box it came in and assemble the trainer, I will give the product credit where it is due and say this was easy all you have to do is get the base out and screw the handle in with a large plastic bolt.

        So now I have a contraption that looks like an upside down capital T with a sag on each side of the bars that and now have foot plate on each of them. Right I'm set to go.

        Getting on wasn't as easy as it look's, you have to get the footplates to stay balanced in the middle, whilst you climb on slowly. I wouldn't recommend just jumping on as you'll probably either end up on the floor or crying even both if unlucky ... okay I'm a wimp I just don't like getting hurt.

        The Training

        Oh have I mentioned I can't do the splits, well I thought I couldn't until I was on the trainer. I found that when you stand on it your own body weight push's your legs outwards like Bambi on ice, Leaving the only options to be get off or pull them back together again, and that's it keep repeating this and you will have toned, firm sexy legs and buttocks in no time.
        As you can see this is not the most exciting exercise in the world and this is where the product lacked for me. I had spend a penny shy of £80 on a piece of equipment that if I'm quite frank about it, I could have gained the results from doing plain old basic floor exercises. In fact I do more floor exercises a week than the amount of times I get the leg master out 6 months.

        The Build and Design

        The Design of the machine is okay, but I would say that another thing about this item is that the Build quality is not that great, made up with metal and plastic it could be made and fixed together a bit better to make you feel safe.
        As I found that with the handle only being held to the bottom of the frame with a large plastic bolt that does not go all the way through the bar structure, this could have been replaced with a steal bolt that fitted all the way through to stop it from wobbling giving of excess play / movement whilst trying to pull your legs back into position
        And stand upright.


        Overall the product is okay, but just lacks for me, as I don't find it to be worth the £79.99 I spent on it. Studio still sells these but on offer, now £59.99 instead of £99.99.
        Which I personally think is a rip off as it doesn't perform any special function or create any results that you couldn't get from doing a basic floor exercise.

        I have looked on the internet and seen that you can pick these up for around £30 from other sites, which isn't such a big risk But now I have the experience of the Leg Master, if mine broke tomorrow I wouldn't replace it; even though I could pick one up for £30 or probably less if I shopped about.

        I have had the leg Master for about a year, and even though it is easy to store and only takes up a small amount of space (About 3ft H x 1ftWx 2ftD with handle in place and legs folded in). I can't but help think that people could save a bit of money with not buying this product, as unlike my other items of exercise equipment I own. ...Bike, rower, or ball to name a few, this piece just doesn't have anything to offer.

        There is nothing drastically wrong with the Leg Master, but I get the feeling there is nothing about this product that once in your house is going to draw you to it and stir any motivational feelings in you. Basically it's another thing to hang clothes on.

        And that why I personally would not, recommend The Leg Master, but remember this is only my opinion.

        So i am giving it 1 star.


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          28.03.2008 13:54
          Very helpful



          Exercise for just 20 seconds a day and tone your thighs

          It all sounded too good to be true - exercise for just 20 seconds a day and you will be able to tone up your thighs and buttocks. Well it might have sounded too good to be true but the advertising was persuasive and I can never resist a challenge!
          I don't get much chance to read the newspapers during the week but I do like to sit down on a Sunday morning and delve into the Sunday papers and it was there that I first read a piece about the Leg Master. It suggested that with a minimum exercise time you really could tone up those parts below waist level that generally need it if you are past your best.

          Curious I looked up the website of the company (www.legmaster.tv) and discovered more. Apparently it was developed by Neil Summers who is an Award Winning International Health Care Product designer. His wife Fiona was approaching 40 yrs old and having had four children challenged her husband to design something to stop her body "heading South". She told him that as a busy mum she didn't have time for the gym and she wanted something she could use at home to help with her fitness. It sounded good so far.

          **Buying the Leg Master**

          The price of this machine on their website is £99.99 with free delivery. Alternatively I discovered I could buy it through my newspaper on offer for £89.99 with £5 p&p. Digging around further on the internet I found a supplier on eBay offering them at £59.99 with £9.99 postage. I doubt you will be surprised to hear that I decided to purchase mine via eBay, especially as the eBay vendor was offering next day delivery and I am not known for my patience!


          It duly arrived the following day, carefully boxed and I eagerly unwrapped it to see what it was like. The machine itself once assembled is like an upside down T. In truth there really wasn't much to 'assemble' the side runners were folded up against the vertical and merely needed folding down and then the extension handle to the vertical needs to be slotted into place and then tightened into place using the screw knob.

          On the machine I bought the handle, once fixed in place, is ever so slightly out of square which I put down to the fact that I bought it cheap on eBay however this is marginal and does not in any way impede it in use as the handle is only there for balance, rather than for support whilst exercising, but more of that later.

          ........and now to Exercise!

          To get on to the machine they recommend that you first ensure that both foot platforms are resting in the centre of their tracks. This is important as it stops them from moving suddenly once your weight is on them. You hold on to the handlebar and then place each foot on the platforms and make sure you gain your balance. This is actually very easy but I can understand why they stress the importance.

          Next you need to make sure your hands are lightly rested on the handlebars and draw your feet together. This is where it is important to make sure you aren't putting your weight on the handlebars - if you do you don't get the full benefit of the exercise. To get full benefit all your weight needs to be borne on your feet! As you pull your feet together you will feel the muscles in your thighs tighten. Next push your feet apart along the tracks and then pull them together again.

          The idea is to create a steady controlled movement and to do a number of repetitions. They suggest that you will probably start with about 20 which would take about 20 seconds and that this is sufficient to obtain toned muscles.

          Certainly it is much harder work than it looks. This is because you are supporting your bodyweight as you exercise. I have previously used a scissor action whilst laying on my side to tone this muscle group and this is very easy in comparison however it take a long time to get tone by this method. Using Leg Master you get the results quicker and with less repetitions because you are using your bodyweight.

          They suggest a second exercise which is just to pull your legs together on the machine and hold your feet at the highest point on the rail. They suggest that 10 seconds is a good starting point but that World Class Athletes might be able to do 3 minutes. Believe me 10 seconds is a challenge (although maybe with practice I might eventually make 3 minutes - if so watch out for me in the 2012 Olympics!)

          How does it work?

          Standing on the Legmaster your body weight rests at the lower section of the curved ramp. As you lift your body weight up against gravity you work the muscles of the inner thigh. Effectively you are 'weight lifting' using soft flabby inner thigh muscles. On the inward sweep you engage the inner thigh muscles. On the outer sweep you use your buttocks and outer thighs.

          This is very different exercise from a stepper or a stationary bicycle as you can use these for around 20 - 30 minutes. You would be unable to use the Legmaster for 20 minutes. Most people start with just 20-30 repetitions.

          What this machine doesn't do is to give you a cardio-vascular workout. If you are trying to improve overall fitness you will need some other form of equipment or exercise for this. What it will do however is replace some of the floor exercises like the scissor one I described earlier. It will give you good results for your buttocks and thighs and I also suspect it will help with the pelvic floor muscles as well as you pull your feet inwards.

          Would I recommend it?

          Well yes I would actually, although I do think at full price it is a little overpriced. It is quick and easy which I like and it certainly exercises muscle groups which I do need to tone. It also folds up very easily for storage which is important for me.

          Will it end up going the same way as most fitness equipment in my house? (unused and unloved) - well maybe, I don't really have enough willpower to exercise every day, but it is so easy to use something for just 20-30 seconds each day that I think it might last longer in its appeal than most.

          Don't get me wrong when you exercise on this machine it isn't 'effortless' - it is quite hard work. But most of us can manage half a minute of hard work - especially if it works as well as this machine seems to.

          I have had this machine for over a year and I am still using it every day before I go to work! That is something of a first for me to have a piece of exercise equipment where the novelty doesn't wear off. Because it takes so little time to use it I have really been able to stick with it. I don't use it to build muscle, just to keep my thighs toned and I can see a difference. It seems to have had a name change and is now also called Leg Magic but appears to be the same machine.

          Review previously published by laramax on Ciao (Jan 2007)


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