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Life Fitness Pro Strength Arm Extension

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Brand: Life Fitness / Type: Fitness - Arm Extension Machine

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 02:30
      Very helpful
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      A great machine for the upper arms

      Many a person I know has the problem of saggy skin and loose muscles on the underneath of the upper arm, commonly known as Bingo Wings. This is caused by loose Tricep muscles and there is ways to overcome this problem, as I have thankfully found out.

      There is a machine at my gym which I use, called the Life Fitness Arm Extension. This machine is made specially for the working out of the Tricep muscles. I was quite excited when I saw this machine as I wanted to work on my Triceps and remove those horrible bingo wings I had gathered on my arms.

      Life Fitness is a well known name in the world of fitness equipment for the gym and also for home use. They are known for their well made, top quality machines that are hard wearing and get the job done. Most of the equipment in the gym I use is made by Life Fitness, and it is a name I have come to know well.

      The machine is made up of a welded metal frame, a seat, handles, an arm rest and the weight stack. The machine is black and white, and I think it looks quite classy and classic. The seat and arm rest are thick and padded, so you are always comfortable, and there is a support for your back attached to the chair, so you know that your back is supported and safe when you are working out.

      The seat is also adjustable so that you can the height, and always ensure you are in the correct position for the workout. I think this is very important so that you do not hurt yourself whilst on the machine. The weights stack is in incresements of 5KG, with 5KG being the lowest. You select the weight with a metal pin, which is inserted into a hole through the middle of the block. This is a secure way to lock in the weight you wish to use, and it is very easy to change the weight within seconds. The weights stack is in easy reach of the seat, so that you do not have to stretch and strain to get to it.

      To use the machine, you sit yourself in the seat, select the correct weight for you, and pull the handles towards you. Rest your upper arms on the arm rest, and then you push handles downwards, at a steady rate and bring them back to the starting position. This is repeated between 8 - 12 times, and I usually do 10 repetitions and 4 sets. This is different for every person, so it is best to either seek help or carefully find out what works for you. The handles are thick and well covered in rubber so they are easy to hold, so there is no worry of them slipping or hurting your hands.

      As soon as you start using the machine, you can really feel your triceps working. Straight away I could feel the muscles doing what they needed to do, and after the workout, I sure felt like I had worked them. It was a great feeling, and one that I still enjoy feeling to this day. It is not a painful feeling, but not exactly a fluffy, huggy one either lol. I have now managed to use a higher weight on the machine, and my triceps are looking better, more defined and the skin on my arms is also tighter.

      I am very happy with the results I have seen from this machine, and I continue to use this machine 4 - 5 times a week. If you have worries about your tricep area, or you wish to build up arm strength and muscles, then this machine may well be the one for you. It is a simple machine to use, but in no way is it easy!! It does take some time and dedication to use this for a good while and get the results, but I feel that it really is worth the time and effort I have put in so far.

      I would love to be able to own one of these at home, but sadly they are expensive to buy and they do take up a fair bit of space in the home. They do not fold down and store away, so you have to be able to keep it set up some where in the house out of the way, and sadly, I do not have a lot of extra space in my flat. You can buy this machine from many online fitness stores, and they do offer home delivery and installation, but it will still cost you £3000 to buy this machine for your own use. I am glad they have one at the gym as I could not afford to buy this for myself.

      There is a chance to buy these second hand or an ex-demo model, and these can be found online too, just have a look around and see what you can find. Personally, I love this machine and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you have one of these at your local gym, give it a go and see how it works for you. If you are able to buy one of these and have it at your own home, then even better!

      I give the Life Fitness Arm Extension Machine a 5 out of 5 stars, and I totally recommend it.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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