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Nike Essential Yoga Block

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Brand: Nike / Type: Yoga Equipment

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2013 18:52
      Very helpful



      Useful purchase.

      Accessorising for Exercise:

      To take part in yoga you really only need to be wearing lose fitting clothing and have a yoga mat. In my case the yoga block is more of an accessory, like beads are for necks, though with a bit more practicality. How about accessorising with a brick for yoga, pilates or other stretching exercises?

      Nike has been a fashionable sports name since the 1970s so I bought a block from them. It was purchased in a sale and I can't recall the cost but I think it was not more than ten pounds. I suggest shopping around for the best price.

      Strike a pose:

      (The Gentle Way)

      Improve your posture with a gentle introduction to exercise. Blocks are great for those who are finding their bodies are not so flexible and have a disability. Stretches can improve balance, tone and flexibility.

      Stand on it, sit on it and rest your shoulders on it. For example, you may not be able to stretch enough to reach the ground so use the block, or blocks, to fill in the empty space between your hands and the floor. When the exercise becomes too much I've been known to use the block to sit on whilst I meditate.

      You can place your palms down firmly on this block which is more helpful than on other types of design that blocks can come in. Some people purchase two blocks and I think I might do this, in the future, as it means the heights can be adjusted and the body propped in different places. I'm tempted into buying blocks made from environmentally friendly material and I can use all three.

      Strike another pose:

      (The Harder Way)

      On the other hand, instead of making the stretches easier why not make them more difficult by using the block, as a prop, to stretch out further and for longer. This will increase your core strength further- think of a solid tree trunk reaching skyward - this is what your body can be compared to when made strong. Don't worry it's not nearly as difficult as other block designs, which curve and rock, at the same time, which could be seen as a form of torture!

      The best time:

      I don't use this all the time but on days when I feel ready to push a bit harder. I have also experienced an agonising leg injury from long distance walking and this is when the block became really helpful. I used it to prop up my leg and this did bring relief. I would also add that blocks are great for headstands as we rely on our necks to hold the weight of our bodies. This is potentially quite dangerous because of how fragile our bones are in the neck area. The block can help make balance easier and improves comfort too.

      Material and price:

      Foam is the cheapest type if block. I've seen them available for as little as a few pounds. I believe blocks made from chip will cost somewhere in the middle but wood (which sounds less comfortable) will actually require a higher spend of at least twenty pounds. The wood is much firmer and makes the body more stable when using than the foam blocks which have a little bit of give. This particular block is firm and sturdy enough for me and really does help for difficult stretches. I feel it is ideal for beginners knew to this form of exercise and a huge asset to people who have disabilities.


      I sponge down with a damp cloth which I add a gentle washing up liquid too. The marks and dirt from communal areas have come away easily.


      This block is light in weight and the dimensions are 23.7 x 15.2 x 8.8cm. I have the lavender block but it comes in mulberry and anthracite.

      So if you need to work on your alignment, want to push yourself or need a little propping up than yoga blocks are great. I find that this is perfectly fit for purpose. Four stars from me.


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    • Product Details

      The Essential Yoga Block from Nike is a lightweight, portable and durable yoga block designed to help support the body during a yoga pose.

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