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Omron HJ152 Walking Style One Pedometer

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Omron / Type: Walking - Pedometer

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2012 14:02
      Very helpful



      a great pedometer

      Did you know that the recommended daily step that you should take in a day is 10,000. When I first read this in an article, I was quite surprised as I thought that this number was quite high. I decided to pick up a cheap pedometer to keep count of my daily steps and have found it a great little motivational tool to taking more steps every day.

      This pedometer has a good range of features that are handy to have on a pedometer. It has a calorie counter as well as a step counter and it also measures the distance that you have travelled in a day. I think that the calorie counter cannot be too accurate because calories burnt depends on your height and weight, but it is still nice to have an estimate of how much you have burnt in a day.

      This pedometer also has a clock on it so you can keep track of the time when you are walking around with it and a 7 day memory so you can compare how many steps you have taken within the last week. I always find that I walk more on weekends as me and my partner would have quite active hobbies and love being out and about.

      This little pedometer is quite light and is designed to be worn on your hip on a belt or trousers. It is circular shaped and looks ok as it isn't really big or chunky.

      This pedometer is really accurate in my opinion, I have tested it by counting how many steps I have taken and then checking how many have been counted by the pedometer and it never really misses or adds in extra steps so I am pleased with the quality of it.

      I find that when I am using this pedometer, I am more motivated to taking more steps because I am recording them and want the number at the end of the day. I find that when I am using this I tend to go on more walks at night time, and that when I need to go to the shop I would be more likely to walk when I am using this pedometer than go by car. I am glad that this pedometer makes me more exercise aware.

      I bought this pedometer in Argos for around £15 a few months ago, which I thought was a decent price as, especially because it has so many extra features than a basic pedometer and it is very accurate.

      Overall I think that this is a great little pedometer, it does not look bad on my hip and isn't too heavy. It has lots of useful features and wasn't priced too badly either. Also it gives me a little bit of extra motivation to get out and walk more when I am wearing it. Overall I would give this pedometer 5 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      18.02.2012 09:19
      Very helpful



      A great device that lets me keep track of my daily exercise

      I think the same thing happens to me every year. I get past christmas and new year and the diet starts, now this year is probably the most motivated I have been as I am going on a holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives so I really do want to look my best and engage in all sorts of exercise to allow me to improve me health and fitness and get rid of some of those wobbly bits that seem to appear out of no-where.

      ***Why Walking?***
      Walking is an activity that I try to engage in every day if weather permits because I find that sitting at a desk all day at work leads to lethargy, so it's nice to get outdoors, get some fresh air and get some exercise at the same time, and I find this kind of activity very relaxing and enjoyable so it makes sense to try and incorporate it into my daily regime. Some people could argue that walking isn't really exercise - surely it's too easy an activity for you to really see any benefits with regards to weight loss and calories burned etc, but there are in fact multiple benefits to be had if you walk regularly including; reduced risk of coronary and heart disease and stroke, reduce high cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of colon cancer, reduced body fat, control of body weight, increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, help with osteoarthiritis, reduce the risk of non-insulin dependant diabetes, help with overall flexibility and improvement in overall mental health which to me all sounds amazing. In todays society people seem to be more focused on vigourous exercise with a give 110% attitude to weight loss and fitness but it doesn't need to be as difficult as this. The simplicity of walking as an exercise is what makes it appealing to me and the benefits of this simple exercise/activity go beyond the basic weight loss goals to provide benefits relating to your overall health and well being which are just as important as seeing the pounds drop off, but I can gaurantee that if you do exercise in this manner then the pounds will drop off too.

      Simply walking for 30 minutes every day can increase your chances of living a longer healthier life and if you cover a distance of 2 miles per day you can burn up to 200 calories and within a couple of weeks will start to notice weight dropping off. I think the issue with a lot of people with regard to weight loss these days is the expectation level with regard to how quickly you lose weight is too high. It's not realistic to say if I start walking tomorrow I'll start to see results by the end of the week because the reality is this isn't how it works. It's also important to remember that the key to losing weight isn't just about the exercise you do but also about the food that you eat so it's essential that you focus on your diet too if you really want to shift the pounds.

      ***Why a pedometer***
      To help me to manage my weight loss in relation to walking I decided it would be a good idea to invest in a pedometer which allows me to monitor how many steps in a day i'm doing, how many calories I'm burning and how much distance I've covered. Obviously as individuals we are all different shapes and sizes so it's ridiculous to assume that we all burn the same amount of calories and even more ridiculous to assume our steps are the same distance apart so the key to a pedometer is you can tailor it to yourself to ensure that you can see the most accurate results from the activity you're engaging in. The recommended step count per day for an average person is 10000, and I have to say, i was shocked when I found out that if I don't incorporate an afternoon stroll into my daily routine I barely meet 10% of this target, so immediately upon starting to use a pedometer I could see that I simply was not moving enough throughout the day. As indicated before the main problem is I work in an office and the requirment to walk about when indoors is very minimal, so using the pedometer and making the extra effort to get outdoors for a walk I can ensure that I meet this 10000 step per day recommendation. I have found that a 35 minute brisk walk takes me just over 6000 steps so it just goes to show that you do have to walk a lot to meet the recommendation for a basic healthy lifestyle, so imagine my horror when I read that for successful weight loss, your step count should be somewhere between 12000 and 15000 steps per day. Without the presence of a pedometer it's impossible for me to tell if I have met my target so it certainly does keep me on track and allows me to see how I'm progressing throughout the day.

      ***About the Omron walking 1 Pedometer***
      When perusing the pedometer market I was quite drawn to the Omron pedometers, they seemed to get better reviews than some of the other branded ones out there and there were a few to choose from, but of course, price was a key factor so I settled for the omron walking style one pedometer which is a circular pedometer which came in black with a clip affixed to the back which allows you to clip it onto your belt or the top of your trousers. When my pedometer arrived I have to admit I did think it was a little on the big side and immediately thought that it would be a very obvious addition to my daily outfit so I deducted a point first off because the product itself is a little intrusive, but not to worry, exercise isn't about fashion it's about feeling goood and getting results so rather than discarding the pedometer purely because I didnt think it was discreet enough wasn't really an option.

      This particular pedometer from Omron has a dual display function which allows you to see the time and the number of steps simultaneously and has a memory function that captures data over 7 days allowing you to view your weekly progress. The pedometer measures your workouts by counting your steps, distance, time, calories and fat volume you've burned during your walk. The pedometer is very simple to use, simply set it according to the instructions, clip it on and start walking and it will count all of your daily steps, but not only does it count your regular steady steps, this clever little pedometer also counts your aerobic steps seperately. The aerobic step counter kicks in when you walk more than 60 steps per minute continuously for 10 minutes or more so you'll be able to see the difference between your standard everyday walking and those areas that were more aerobic in nature where you burn more calories over a shorter period of time.

      Looking at the unit from the front, the digital display is in the centre of the pedometer and there is a memo button located on the top with a mode button located just to the left of it. On the back of the unit is the system set button, the system reset button, the clip/battery cover and the battery cover screw. Before you can begin using the pedometer you need to set the time, personal weight and personal stride length for the pedometer to count your steps accurately, so essentially your tailoring the product to yourself to ensure the accuracy of the results. To get your stride length you should walk 10 steps and measure the total distance dividing it by 10 to get your average....nice and straight forward.

      With this particular unit the battery is alrady installed when you get the product so all you have to do is pull out the little plastic tab, grap the instruction manual that comes with it and your ready to start. You'll need something thin, like a thin stick (a toothpick perhaps) to set the pedometer, preferably one that isn't going to break easily. Before setting the product you have to reset it first and you will see the time display flash on the digital display. To set the time you need to use the memo and mode buttons which will allow you to increase or decrease the number until you get to the correct hour and then proceed to press the set button and it will move onto the minute portion where you just follow the same steps, pressing the set button when you've reached the correct time. The next measurement you need to set is your weight in kgs, where the pedometer accepts a range between 30 and 136 kgs and as before simply press the set button when you've reached the correct value, then follow the same steps to input your stride length and after this step you are ready to go.

      The instructions tell me that for the pedometer to work effectively it should be clipped directly onto my belt or the top of my waistband as if I place it in my pocket it may not measure my steps accurately and to try and position the unit so that the display is upright.

      The unit is very clever and doesn't measure any steps that aren't seen to be part of a walk so for the first 4 seconds of movement does not count your steps, but if you continue walking after this initial 4 second time period the pedometer will proceed to show the steps for the first 4 seconds and will continue counting from there. The pedometer also has a battery saving mode where if no button is pressed for 5 minutes the display automatically switches off to prolong the life of the battery. Pressing the mode or memo buttons does however bring the display back on. To view any data from you daily stepping all you have to do is press the mode button and with each press of this button you will be shown a different measurement beginning with the total number of steps counted, then the number of aerobic steps with activity time, then the amount of calories and fat burned in grams and finally the total distance travelled. If you want to check on your previous days data in any area then simply press the memo button and you will be taken through the 7 days previous where you can view the same data applicable on those days.

      ***My overall thoughts and opinion***
      I've been using the Omron Walking one pedometer now for a couple of months and I have to admit that it has opened my eyes to the amount of daily walking I actually engaged in prior to upping my exercise and I was truly shocked to find that I was barely meeting 10% of the recommended daily step count, but now with the pedometer I can see my progress and make sure I meet the daily requirement and hopefully exceed it to aid my weight loss. So far I have had no problems with the unit, it does what it says it does and measures my daily progress and is very easy to use, I've never had any problems with the secureness of the unit when clipped to the band of my trousers, it remains in place and does not move so the clip itself is very effective and I have yet to have it fall off. I wear the unit when I play badminton and engage in other aerobic exercise and find it to be just as effective in its calculations.

      You basically have 2 buttons to choose from and it's really straight forward and simple to find the information you're looking for. My one product dislike is the size of it....when clipped onto the top of my trousers, even with a jumper over the top it's still quite noticable underneath my clothing which makes it a little unappealing but as far as functionality goes I think I made the right choice. This is a great aid to my everyday walking and it comes highly recommended if you don't mind having a bit of a bulge protruding underneath your clothing and I'm not talking about your wobbly bits :)

      ***Cost and availability***
      The omron walking style one pedometer comes in 3 different colours; black, red and white and costs as little as £10. I purchased my pedometer from amazon for £9.13 which I thought was a bargain price, especially as the unit is more than just a step counter. The pedometer is available from a number of different retailers but to my knowledge currently amazon is the cheapest


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