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PowerTek XL

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PowerTek XL tones abdominals, waist, arms, back and shoulders.
By rolling PowerTek XL forward and backward you tone the upper body.

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2001 23:04
      Very helpful



      *******Update********* After using it for a month I am very happy with the results. I have lost around an inch from my waist and look toned especially round my arms. I haven't got that elusive six pack but I will persist. The powertek XL for men and women sounds very scientific but what you get is something resembling a dumbbell and a small mat to kneel on. I've seen numerous adds for this piece of exercise equipment with claims that vary. Some say 60 days are required to transform your waistline and upper body where others say a month is needed. It's called a flab buster. It's only suitable for people under 250lbs. I've been using it for about several weeks on and off. As with most new equipment there was a big rush in our house to use it once it arrived. What you do is kneel down and roll forward and come back whilst the lower part of your legs from the knee down are permantly lifted off the floor, your knees firmly on the mat supplied. You only need to do this 5 minutes a day. I struggled to manage 5 minutes initially and lasted around 4 minutes. Gradually I got really good and it was in the second to third week that I noticed my arms were looking more toned and my belly too. Unfortunately for me i've just started a new job and whilst i've adjusted I havent used it for two weeks. This is the biggest problem with any form of exercise - finding the time to do it. With 5 minutes required I havent really got much excuse though. At the moment i'm not that happy with the state of my belly so I will be using the machine starting from the moment I end this email. I will update this op every month so you can hear from the horses mouth just how it works or not. I have had a pot now for 3 or 4 years. I don't drink but I dont get a lot of exercise. Powertek claims to use muscles that become dormant as we get older, hence the flabby sagging look. With some commitment in 60 days a gradual reversal
      can take place with using powertek. I was so impressed with this machine when we got it that I would buy two just incase this one broke down. It seems fairly durable, there is a warning concerning the spring round the middle. When you roll forward the spring pushes you back when you go as far as the guide shows you. The warning tells you not to push the powertek in the wrong direction as this can mess up the spring in the centre. My nephew got hold of it one day and pulled off the plastic guard and pushed it in the wrong direction. I was horrified when he yelled "did (my nick name) look at me I can do it too" whilst he had rolled out too far so he was flat on the floor with his face in the carpet. I quickly took it off him because if he had let go the powertek can roll back very quickly and have hurt him. It's something you have to watch around small kids. It wouldn't kill them just give them a bump perhaps. So it's quite safe to have around the house but best put away after use. I found that my upper body was toned quite well and my stomach did tighten. Last week I had a quick go and found afterwards I had that feeling you get when you do lots of sit ups and can't do anymore - cramp like feeling. It's a strange machine you may think it isn't doing any good or wonder how it can do any good but it seems to push you stomach up and tighten it and I found that my arms looked much better after a week. I'm 30 but my dad who is 56 had the greatest transformation. He is a big man and his chest sags and after using the powertek for a week it lifted and he was doing a lot of posing in the mirror. He looked like he had a new chest. I was amazed at the effect it had on him. I think the greatest gains will be made by the over 30's. I don't think youngsters need to use it unless they are really unfit. Of course it requires regular use everyday. For 5 mins I think its worth it. Unlike other fads I think this one is
      worth buying. For £30 you can't go too far wrong. It's been used by 4 of us in our house and that includes a very volatile dangerous toddler who shouldnt be using it. (His tantrums scare us....it's like those old incredible hulk repeats all over again) I found it better to time myself and leave a clock infront of me and play some tapes whilst I roll away. Normally by 2-3 songs i'm done. The time flies by which is another asset. Without the clock and the music it can be a real bore mind, even though its only 5 mins. You can roll on a carpet without too much problems so you could roll whilst you watch tv. One concern I had was that when you roll you are putting some pressure on you arms but with doing only 5 minutes I think this should be ok. I imagine people with arthritis in their arms won't be able to use it unlike the sit up cradles you can buy. Some people are bound to find this a waste of time but it depends on how serious you are in trying to keep fit. Nothing comes easy and getting that 5 mins in is quite a challenge in itself but I think its worth it and whilst you use it hopefully you will feel as good as I, dad and sister have. Overall worth buying and handy to have around. If you're thinking of buying one check my next update on August 13 or around there anyway. I will make sure I will use the machine for a month on the trot and let you know how it goes. all the best d note: if you do suffer from pains in the hands and arms its not necessarily arthritis, citric fruits and apples/potatoes the nightshade family are said to cause this in some people. So try eliminating this for a month and see what happens. I seem to get pains in my hands and they vanish when I stop eating apples!


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