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Pro Fitness Canberra Rowing Machine

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Manufacturer: Pro Fitness / Type: Rowing Machine

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2012 18:05




      Recently, I have been going to the gym a lot more often. The relationship weight is piling itself on and I love food far too much to restrict any so the gym is my only option left to stop me blowing up like a whale. I go to the YMCA gym as it extremely cheap. I'm not the richest of people right now so going to a old and pretty bad gym is all I have. Because the gym is very cheap, this does mean that the equipment isn't that great. There are a couple of these centred in the room and these tend to be what I use most when I'm not on the running machine.

      *Why I use it?*
      I'm not a fit person so I never normally last long on bikes or running machines. When other people are in the gym, this does make me slightly paranoid. I go on these as I can a last a very long time on them without getting to out of breath and giving up. This tends to happen far to often on the running machines!. It doesn't work you too hard but will still give that that aching feeling in the morning to let you know you have done well.

      *The pros*
      The rowing machine, as well as not working you too hard, is very simple to use. All you need to do is sit on the seat with you feet up on the bars in front of you, hold the handle attached with some plastic or rope and pull it while extending your legs. It has a small screen which you can see while sitting down which shows you the basics of your work out. This include how many calories you have lost, how long you have been on there, length you would be rowing etc. This is great help for me when I want to go home knowing just how much calories I have burned. It's great encouragement for you to return and try it out again.

      *The cons*
      There aren't many bad things I have to say about this rowing machine. It slides with ease so have very little trouble using it. The only thing I would say is that they usually have a strap for your feet just for a bit of added comfort. I never find that my feet fall off regardless of the fact that all there is are bars rather than a tilted flat surface. The bar isn't as comfy but as the flat surface but it doesn't stop me using it nor does it really affect my exercise.

      *Would I recommend it?*
      Yes. I think that it's a very simple to use exercise machine that doesn't work you too hard but still keeps you fit. It's not the comfiest one out there but for £70, I don't think this is bad quality at all. It is definitely worth the money. Overall a fun machine I think anyone should have in there gym.


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