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Reebok Core Board

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Brand: Reebok / Type: Stepper

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2013 19:24
      Very helpful



      A hard core exercise device that's best for those who know what they are doing.

      The Reebok Core Board is an interesting device, for enhancement of exercise, and for those who love a challenge.

      What is meant by core?

      Imagine yourself as a tree. Your trunk is elongated and strong. The muscles around of your back and abdomen constitute your core area. Exercising your core will strengthen your back and do wonders for your posture. It's fantastic for balance so people with dyspraxia may well benefit from concentrating on the core muscles, and boy, you have to concentrate! The board is meant to enhance exercise normally done on the floor so you have to work much harder by being on an unstable surface.

      Why I want to focus on my core muscles:

      There is one main place on my body where I seem to store the fat and that is in my abdomen - well hips too but always it shows on my belly. I want my body to look toned and I would much rather have a sculptured appearance than concern myself with weight loss. I bought this Reebok Core Board to be able to feel justified in having body confidence.

      Out of the box:

      Okay, I didn't pay the whacking great big full price of around two hundred pounds. Luckily, I had someone willing to sell it to me for £50 so it seemed like good value for money when it had only been previously owned for three and a half months. There was no assembly required and my understanding is that it comes in one piece and ready to use when it is purchased brand new.

      The board has a black stand and a rubber surface with a good grip. I've never slipped off it. The board feels solid enough to hold the weight of most adults. It weighs 12kg. The dimensions are as follows:
      Length 74 cm, breadth 56 cm and the height is 15 cm.
      You'll find the board wobbling like jelly and you'll have to concentrate hard to stay balanced!

      What the core board is like to use:

      Well, it's tricky. The core board is a very strange contraption to get used to. I ended up in a fit of giggles as the person who sold it tried to encourage me. I wasn't getting what I had to do. I couldn't keep up with the very athletic trainer.

      I did something like pilates or yoga. We practiced on the carpet and then took the exercise onto the board. The board makes my muscles work even harder. It is really, really hard and the board hurts. I like to feel that I've worked out but I don't need to bruise my body to improve my core. I came out with a bruise - purple green and highly unattractive. So I realised that this board needs to be for people more advanced than me and I don't consider myself to be an outright beginner for yoga so maybe this is a board for the teachers not the pupils. This was all demonstrated for me and we then went on to something more difficult. I think this was a bad idea! I feel professional dancers might keep up with this but I was all over the place with this interval and step training and most of the time I stooped to lie back onto on the floor. I gave up after a while so she tried to make it more fun with another routine she does. This was slightly less hellish than the other two. I lasted twenty-five minutes of the intended fifty minutes! We did boxing moves as if really playing the sport only hitting air rather than each other (though I was tempted given the intensity of the exercise she was putting me under!) I thought this sport routine more fun but, my, it's tricky whilst standing on this wibbly wobbly core board.

      I seem to remember lying on the floor and declaring my defeat. Good job the friend who sold it to me has the patience of a saint. She devised a workout session which more suits the beginner. We decided on just ten minutes a day to get used to things. I've had the board for a few months and increased now to fifteen minutes. That is enough for me. I do plenty of other exercise to not worry about being a super athlete on the core board.

      What I think:

      I would never ever pay full price for this product no matter how good it may be. It is meant to be scientifically and medically devised by Reebok and an American university. I also cannot tell you for sure that it has toned my stomach because I work out in other ways too. My stomach is definitely firmer these days. I have noticed weak knees and ankles from excessive mountain walking but since using a core board I have only feel the odd twinge but this also coincides with the use of a leg press machine so this might be the reason. Previously, I would lie in bed at night feeling the joint aches. The board is meant to help improve joint strength, posture and tone and these have been better.

      Though I have managed to retain my balance this board could be dangerous. Please consider a soft area to land on in case you fall off the board. I feel this should be a purchase for advanced people who have experience of using a core board or you need someone to teach you how to use this. If I rate for the price I paid I'd give it four stars but for full price it would have to lose a star. Furthermore, there are other, cheaper methods, of gaining strength and tone - yoga for instance. I don't feel I need to push my body more. Therefore, I cannot give this more stars. Indeed, having given this some thought I am now selling the Reebok Core Board as I don't believe I really need something that takes up space and I've got a bit bored with it!


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