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Reebok Deck Performance

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Brand: Reebok / Type: Stepper

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 12:22
      Very helpful



      A great piece of fitness equipment

      I am a bit of a fitness freak, and I have used a lot of different pieces of equipment over my time and one of the pieces that I have used as of late is the Reebok Deck Performance.

      We have about 20 of these at my gym for use by all members, and it has become a great part of my usual workouts in many different ways. I always just thought that these decks were just steps for aerobics, but when I was introduced to them by a personal trainer at the gym, I realised just how much they could actually be used for.

      The decks are made from a reinforced plastic, and are quite thick, but still quite light and easy to move around, should you need to put them somewhere else. They have a textured top, which I have found helps amazingly with grip when jumping and standing on it for different workouts.

      These decks are actually adjustable too, so they double up as workout benches. You can make it so the deck is lower to the ground, or you can make it so that the top part is at an angle so you can sit up, or sit at an angle and use the deck as a workout bench for things like muscle workouts.

      There is a handy slot at each end of the deck for you to carry it around should you need to move it, and as it is quite light weight, it is easy to transport around. The colours of these decks do vary, and the ones at the gym are two different shades of grey, but I have also seen these in blue & White, Grey & yellow and Blue & Green.

      I have used these decks as aerobic steps, and as centres for jumping on and over during resistance workouts. I have also used them as weights benches, when the main ones in the gym have all been in use and I have found it to be perfectly sturdy and comfortable to use for this purpose. I have seen quite heavy people using these, and there seemed to be no problem with the deck supporting their weight, so I do not see people having a problem with this supporting larger people during a workout.

      A friend of mine uses one of these decks to do pilates and yoga poses that involve lying down as she does not like lying on the floor. She says this works really well for her and it has helped her gain some extra core strength. She swears by one of these decks and won't use anything else.

      Personally, I think that these are great little pieces of equipment and they can be used for so many different things during a workout, no matter of weight, height or workout style. They are very sturdy and supportive, and easily transported around.

      If you have these at your gym, I would recommend that you use them during your workouts, or you can buy these for home personal use, but they are not cheap. The lowest price I have seen them for is £119 which I think is good value for this, but I personally would not pay that out for a piece of fitness equipment.

      You may be able to find a second hand one online for a much cheaper price, so it may be worth having a look around for something and see what you can find. I think these are great, and if you can use or own one of them, it is totally a good idea.

      I give these Reebok Performance Decks a 5 out of 5 and I recommend them.


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