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Reebok REM-RE-10301I Ice Treadmill

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Manufacturer: Reebok / Type: Treadmill

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 22:24
      Very helpful



      Fair product for the price

      The reebok ICE treadmill is a treadmill that we bought on ebay for around 100 quid used (not including delivery). I think this is an excellent treadmill for that price, but this treadmill is inferior to other treadmills i have used or seen, and i will try to explain this now:

      First of all, the machine is very bulky. All running machines are bulky, but for this treadmill it seems to be unessentially bulky. What i mean by this is that if you look at the picture, there is like a plastic skirting all the way around the treadmill. As far as i know this doesn't hold all the much (i have never actually taken it apart). Worse than that, if you stay on the treadmill for a long period of time, the ?treadmill tracks? get caught in it, and it can cause the device to overheat!

      The next problem with this (or at least my version) is that the instructions are not very clear on how to raise the steepness of the device. I have not been able to raise its steepnes at all! It comes with some weird key device that i gather is needed to raise it, but the pictures in the book do not correspond to what my running machine looks like, or at least not to my eye, my dads eye, etc. This may be because i got this used, they may have given us the wrong booklet or something, but i highly doubt it. If you have had similar problems please let me know, and if you worked out how to raise it, i would also be greatful if you could let me know in the comment.

      Another problem with this running machine is the fact you cannot go very fast on it, and it can be prone to overheating. Furthermore it has a max weight around 100kg, which i am not that far off, so it seems to overheat more for me compared with my very atheletic younger brother. So you kinda get the feeling that this running machine is not for hardcore workouts, or for getting fit, but more about maintaining fitness that you have already got, if that makes sense to people.

      So what about the pluses?
      Well, this was the cheapest treadmill we could find that was electrical, so i guess you kinda expect it not to be as good as the more expensive ones. Furthermore it has a LCD display thing, where you can do various workouts, like speed challenges, time, etc. You can also take various measurements, like what speed you are doing, the number of calories burnt, rate of burning calories, how many calories you will burn if you did this for an hour. There are various workouts you can do, and you can do these at different levels, like easy, hard medium etc.

      In summary then, this is an ok treadmill, kinda get what you pay for. Its good for mildish exercise (for example, its perfect for my mother), but usain bolt wouldn't use one. Its also not suitable for very large people, as they would just cause it to burn out. I know in this review i have highlighted on some negative aspects, but i just wanted to get those across. Overall i give this 3/5 stars. I know it is a long way for being perfect, but at this price i think its a fair product.


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