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Reebok Z9 Treadmill

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Manufacturer: Reebok / Type: Treadmill

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2013 11:05
      Very helpful



      worth getting especially at this price

      == Reebok Z9 Treadmill==

      It is that time of the year again when everyone and anyone is trying to get fit. I am trying even harder than I usually would due to the excess weight I have gained during my pregnancy and I couldn't wait to not be pregnant and to get my body back in shape again and of course what better way to exercise than by shaking the fat off through running.

      ==Price and Availability==

      The Reebok Z9 Treadmill is usually priced at £999.99 pence in Argos but when I saw it for less than half the price back in September I couldn't help but snap it up as an early Christmas present to myself. The Price of £398.99 was a real bargain and I was sure that if I was to wait until Christmas itself then the price would go back up for all the people wanting to get fit after Christmas and of course those buying Christmas presents for others. Of course typically it is still on offer and has been the entire time however I must say that I am not disappointed in the slightest with the fact I bought it so early.

      You do have to pay an extra £8 for delivery from Argos but even this makes it a really good price and as far as I can see the cheapest one around. When I ordered it online I only had to wait a week or so before they delivered it for me and I was keen to get the treadmill set up as soon as possible. There was two men that delivered the treadmill and it is recommended on the box that two people need to get the item out of the box and put it together to ensure safety and because of the 85 kg of weight this really is a must.

      ==Set up of the Machine==

      It did say that there was some assembly needed and this made me slightly nervous but once we opened the cardboard box that the item came in there really wasn't much to put together at all and it took less than half an hour to attach the handles and put on the feet protectors. There was a small leaflet that gives clear and concise instructions of what needs doing in order to put the machine together and there are also very clear photos to follow in case the clear instructions aren't clear enough for you! Once these simple bits were done the machine just needed plugging in and then it was all ready to use. It really was that easy.

      ==User Manual==

      The instruction manual that comes with the treadmill looked super thick and I wasn't relishing the idea of having to trawl through the thing. However once I picked it up I realised that there wasn't actually that much to it as the book consisted of all the languages in the world it seemed and the English section was literally only two pages long (or short) and was very brief in its description of how to use the treadmill and all the display board programmes and so on. To be fair though everything is pretty obvious and straightforward and although the instructions are limited I really think it does explain all that needs explaining and well enough for anyone to understand.

      ==Look and Design==

      For the price I was amazed at how professional and sturdy this machine was. Thankfully we have a garage where a space was already mapped out for an item such as this and although we have a large front room and this treadmill does claim to fold away I don't think I would want it in the front room at all as it is so large. It looks like a treadmill that has come from the gym and I must say that I was over the moon with the look and general design of the treadmill especially for the more than reasonable price. However this size will of course not be suitable for everyone and people should take note of the dimensions of the machine before purchasing so as not to disappoint if it doesn't fit. The height of the treadmill is 168 cm the width 85 cm and the diameter is 132 cm of course all these details are listed clearly on the Argos website and also in the Argos catalogue itself.

      ==Using the Computer Display==

      The computer board that the treadmill has looked rather complicated at first and I was sure that there would be a section in the vast instruction book to explain what was what but no, there was nothing in there to go through any of the programmes or anything. This is when I realised that the programmes were actually quite self explanatory just as the machines that are at the gym are. There are the different programme buttons, 14 in total, 7 which have different workouts on and there is a block graph type picture on the buttons which gives you an idea of the type of workout which that button will give you with what sort of speed and gradient. These 7 buttons also have different names printed on them such as aerobic, fat burning and the like so they really are simple to understand and you merely need to press the button you desire and then press start for the workout to begin and each of these programmed buttons give a 30 minute work out.

      The 7 buttons under these ones are the speed buttons and they show how many KM per hour you can run at. I often don't press these as I prefer to set my own speed with the increase buttons which are located both on the display board and then on the right handle of the machine. The gradient buttons can also be selected from either the left side handle or the display boards, which ever is easier for the user ( I personally find that using the handles of the treadmill is easier during a session and the display board perfect to start the workout). The handles of the machine also have a silver section on both the right and the left and this is where if the palms of the hands are placed the pulse will be taken. I am not sure how accurate this is but it does give you a good idea of how hard you are working but often when running I won't be holding on to the handles so this is probably only best used for walking.

      Really that is all there is to the display board and the various programmes. IT may look rather complicated at first but it is really simple to use that even a complete novice of treadmills would be able to work it out in a matter of minutes. Of course there is the standard on and off buttons on the machine and this has the added safety of there being an emergency stop button whereby a clip is fastened to your clothing and a piece of string attaches a magnet to the display board and if you were to fall off the back of the treadmill the clip would pull the sting and the magnet from the machine and cause an emergency shut down of it which is a great idea especially when exercising alone in the house as you never know what will happen.

      When running the display board will show the speed at which you are choosing to run/walk at and the gradient, if any, which has been selected. If the mode button has been selected the machine will flash through the calories burnt and distance travelled or you can have it set to stay at either one or the other. All this information is clear and easy to see as the control board is illuminated lightly with a blue colour and this seems to allow the black digits to be clearly seen.

      The only other thing to add about the use of the display board is the fact that it has built in speakers and comes with an attachment allowing you to plug in your MP3 player. This is such a great idea and the speakers are loud although not the best speakers you can get they are more than adequate for my needs when running.

      ==Using the Treadmill==

      Once you choose the speed at which you want to run and the gradient if any you would like it really is just a matter of running with the motorised running surface which can go up to 16 km/ph. The product feels sturdy when ruining on and it doesn't move about at all or feel as though it is going to give way under the pressure of my excess baby weight. The treadmill can take up to a weight of 18 stone and 13 pounds, so I should be okay! I find that all the buttons on the handles of the treadmill are in an easy to reach place and make it easy to selected different gradients and speeds whilst running.

      All in all my experiences of using the treadmill cannot be faulted and I feel this item is just like the ones down the gym and it works wonderfully. The hardest bit is the running itself!! I don't find the machine overly loud when using it but then again I have got the speakers turned on and I am out in the garage. I don't think that it would be too loud for people if it were placed in the front room of someone's house and of course the music through the speakers would drown out any machine noises anyway.


      I really can't say a single negative thing about this treadmill and I am super pleased with my purchase. The price is really wonderful for the sort of machine that you are getting which is easy to install and use whilst still being rather professional looking and feeling. The display is easy to understand and use and gives all the information you would need when running such as the time you have been running, the distance you have travelled and the calories you have burnt. I haven't tried to fold the treadmill away but this is possible even if I am not too sure how folded it would actually be.

      I think I would recommend this treadmill to anyone and everyone who wants to get fit and has the space needed to fit this item in. For the price it currently is you really are getting a lot for your money. I am more than happy to award this Reebok Z9 treadmill a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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